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Hey everyone,.

I'm currently stuck on a dedicated server that keeps on crashing. My server company just tells me to restart my server. It seems to have problems with MySQL and exim..

Who here has a hosting company that's reliable, and is not too expensive?.

BTW, I have a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz with 512mb of ram, 80gb hard drive, and 750Gb of bandwidth, for $159/mo (with PHP5, MySQL 5, Perl ,etc.)..

If there's a post that already goes over this in great detail, and is current, please paste it's link..


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Did you have someone check the system logs to see if that shows what's wrong? could be something very simple..

Softlayer is a good company for dedis...

Comment #1

Hit me up and I'll hook you up My servers have only gone twice. One time it was my fault entirely. The other time it was the first time the DC went down in the 9 years the company existed. Absolutely impeccable uptime imo, especially considering I'm running these servers hard..

And no, I'm not affiliated with the company...

Comment #2

What host are you on right now? Does the restart solve your troubles?.

Get the server error logs and post an excerpt of them here and one of us could take a look and tell you what's wrong!.

I'd recommend for dedis! And FDC if you're going blackhat..

Comment #3

In a post back in the day I mentioned a backup server going down, and me losing 65k+? That was FDC..

ThePlanet is fast and good, but is blackholed email wise, so don't even bother trying to run anything that involves email off there (forums, blogs with email lists, or even just an SMTP server)..

Comment #4

I don't do any black hat; well, I don't consider anything I do "black hat.".

I'm currently in a hosting company called arvixe..

My MySQL keeps on saying I have too many connections open. I'm not a big techie so I'm not sure how I could possibly fix this. I've restarted a bunch of times but that only fixes the problem for about 10 hours or so..

I don't run any mailing list off my server either. I'll look into the logs and get back posting. Thanks for the recommendations...

Comment #5

Hey XMCP, where you at, anyway (for hosting)? If you don't want to say publicly, give me a PM...

Comment #6

FDC is good for regular blackhat experiments and I use it a lot, it manages huge file transfers etc easily. Though, I would never advice it to be used as a backup server! Not something worth relying on....

I have a health forum hosted on a dedi over at ThePlanet. The crowd is nothing huge, in the mid xxxx range and I send out mails like once every 2 weeks or so and never had any delivery problems...

Comment #7

Don't use FDC through a reseller, and don't get complaints in. They don't let you log back in to get your data if even one person whines...

Comment #8

Arvixe as in Web Hosting and Design Products By Arvixe ?? I doubt they have a dedicated staff working their ass of taking care of your servers. They seem more of a multi faceted company. And they don't even mention dedicated servers on their website..

The too many connections timeout could be due to a limit on the number of connections preset in your MySQL configuration. Do you know how to edit your /etc/my.cnf ??..

Comment #9

I think you lost me there... what does using FDC through a reseller mean?..

Comment #10

Yeah, I know they don't mention the ded server on their site, but they had upgraded me to it since I complained that my site was down for a couple of days. That cost me big..

I don't know how to edit the MySQL config. I'd like to get with a hosting company that would help with the technical stuff, so I can just focus on marketing...

Comment #11

I don't know how to edit that. I could browse to it but I may end up crash my server by editing it. I'll take a look though...

Comment #12

I'm currently downloading extensive backups..

I'm just looking at which dedicated hosting plan to switch to now. The support is horrible at Arvixe. I was down at new years and they didn't answer my messages until about a week later..

And, I had seasonal offer going on at that time which resulted in my profits going way down...

Comment #13

Move to what XMCP suggests. He is one of the few people here who knows his shit pretty well!..

Comment #14

Open /etc/my.cnf.

Under the [mysqld] section, if you see a max_connections setting, bump it up to several hundred. if you don't see a max_connections setting then add it ('max_connections = 500'), save the file and run a "service mysql restart". make sure your custom scripts aren't wastefully using up connections...

Comment #15

I just contacted a dedicated server hosting company asking them what type of server configuration I should purchasetelling them exactly what I intend to use it for..

I've got to say I'm pretty impressed with all of the tips you guys have given me. Thanks...

Comment #16

I'd be interested in knowing what company you use for dedis too, if you wouldn't mind..

I currently have a small dedi with The Planet but I've been considering getting a better server with them or with another company...

Comment #17

Welcome To 15 Minute Servers.

Crummy web site but solid service.

Have been using them for like 6 years, some servers have up time of years.. quick support too..

Comment #18

Big dedicated from SoftLayer here. No complaints, their backend is dope, no problem getting ips, dns, etc.. pay about $350/mo..

Comment #19

Another vote for softlayer here. Excellent service, awesome automated backend, private networks, VPN access... all for extremely good prices...

Comment #20

A lot cheaper than soft layer and really good support (24x7 phone, I think 24x7 web chat)..

Oh, and you can help me accomplish my first goal by purchasing tonight.

A2 Hosting might be just what you need:.


Use the coupon a2startup for 15% off..

Comment #21

Here is the one I use for dedicated servers...

250 Gig H/Drive.

2 Gig Ram / 4 Burstable..

Xeon Quad Core 2.4.

5 IP addys.

DirectAdmin Control Panel.

$99.95 a month.. Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Hosting, USA Servers.

Been with them 6 months now..


Comment #22

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