GoDaddy review : Advise I pay for GoDaddy?? Your best undeveloped Domain

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Ok, don't give away any trade secrets, but what is the secret domain name you haven't developed yet but are really stoked about?.

Mine is

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That's very nice. how much did you buy it for? (and are you willing to sell?).

Btw, there is a site there. why would you say it's undeveloped?..

Comment #1

I would rather not the time I was doing a bit better than I am right now =)....don't quite feel like parting with it just yet. Would still like to develop it into some sort of financial portal...

Comment #2

Alright, no problem. if you change your mind let me know.

Great domain though.

Im picking next weekend as the official weekend to either develop all my semi-good domains or sell them.

No need to hold on to them..

Comment #3

My best one is probably Right now it just has some shitty script I was looking at. I'm going to create a simple user's online/hit counter service for it (soon) (hopefully) though...

Comment #4

Um I would say kind of a typo and can be used for another type of blog..

Comment #5

My favorite underdeveloped domain I own is definitely

I gotta build something on it some day. it's just too fun of a domain to pass on...

Comment #6

Hmmmmm...So I got this really sweet domain name forsale. First grand gets it...

Comment #7

What's better than technology + terrorism?.

P/s: anybody who wants to buy it please pm me..

Comment #8

Just a parked page right now, but I hope to turn it into a PS3 Gamer community or something....

Same as above, parked, want to develop it later. Just letting it "season" for now...

Comment #9

Almost all of my domains are underdeveloped..

My top under-developed one has 2 users and has a spelling error in the domain woopie.


Then theres tons more. 100$ in domains were stolen by a host and theres nothing I can do about it..

That includes,.





And about 50 accounts we hosted on a reseller.

Profit = Less money then you have in your pocket at this very second..

Comment #10 ... I've owned it for a few years, not sure of what to do with it yet. I turned it in to a survey page for myspace but it's crap..

Anyone got some ideas? Any porn or dating guys want to buy it?..

Comment #11

Mine would be although I have some shit up I will be ripping everything back down to develop something much better...

Comment #12

I bought, but haven't done much with it yet...

Comment #13

THese are the BEST undeveloped domains out there from WF members? I'm thinking that's not true... these seem like the best underdeveloped domains you own that you're not planning on developing any time soon (keeping your real ones secret)..

Or maybe WF members just suck at regging/buying domains...

Comment #14

Interesting...You're a WF member, so if WF members suck at regging/buying domains, then by default you suck too? Didn't see any of your domains listed. Just an observation...

Comment #15

I have a few ideas but I'll wait to talk about them until they're developed..

Why would someone tell you their best undeveloped idea? To brag about it's potential? roflcopter. I don't think anyone is that stupid...

Comment #16

I'm not much in the way of undeveloped names.. I guess...

Comment #17

You are pushing it...

Alright, here's the best, powerful, mind-boggling most undeveloped domain you will ever heard:.

*drum roll~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.


Well, at least it's keyword rich..and I don't own it......yet...

Comment #18

Oh shit, I just messed up the wicked layout. hope I wont get ban for this...

Comment #19

Recently purchased (motivated by Jon's "Xmas ideas post), not AT ALL developed:.

Hmmmm.. Can I make money developing these websites with GoDaddy's.

Website Tonight? lmao.

Any ideas or suggestions?..

Comment #20

Mine would be - was intended to be a blog..

Comment #21

I have deliveryguaranteed dot com , refifast dot com and dot net, a bunch of adult domains ( dont know why) and a shitload more good undeveloped names..

Comment #22

I have three domain lying around.

Bloggersprofile dot com.

HDRforum dot com (google HDR if you don't know what it means..Tip: photography).

Osscripts dot com (open source scripts..of course)..

Comment #23

I've got 60 and counting (none developed yet), I just started doing this!.

I would like to get jennasclubhouse dot us going though..

Comment #24

Btw these are for sale if any1 wants em....

Comment #25

Not sure if it's my best but it's one of my favourites that I own.. Go Whistler dot com and I'm also liking doodle it dot com..

Comment #26

I have way to many top tier undeveloped domains like close to 200. My best ones are Music, TV, Sports, and Trying to make enough on small sites like these to avoid VC to start these...

Comment #27

I'll take moviearchives off your hands... PM me..


Comment #28

I have crabx dot com, I like it but have no idea what to do with it !..

Comment #29

Not certain what I want to try with it at the moment. I just got it in august..

Comment #30

Both of which I'll probably never do anything with...

Comment #31

I'll prob hold on to it until presidential election season heats up...

Comment #32 (till Nov 2010) , ,

All for sale if the price is right...

Comment #33

I have - dont ask me what I was thinking. I wasnt. I just found it and said...hmmm, I will register that one. LOL..

Comment #34

Not sure if it is for sell or not. But open to offers~..

Comment #35

Well I'm new to all this, but I've started buying a few domain names. I have two that I like the best out of all of them and they are.... (why when I included the www. did it post and advertise that it was for sale?).

I like these the best out of the dozen I own currently. What do you guys think; potential?..

Comment #36

Flomper sounds funny....

I myself own!!! That's right..

Comment #37

I went for the mispelling since the original was taken...

Comment #38

I only own a couple domains. I try to stick to domains that can be put on a t-shirt or something. Must be easy to remember.. (BDSM maybe?).

Comment #39

I always thought was ok.

I also have some other ".Us" ending domain phrases and words that I haven't done much with yet.....

Comment #40

I got

That must be the shortest domain on wickedfire..

Not boasting though..

Comment #41

I have

I have

I have - Posible News Site (abc).

I have - Debt relief.

All undeveloped getting ready once I learn something..

Comment #42 - "computer spy", "counter spy", whatever. - head ceo. - something, but I don't know what. - Image Of The Day. - Virtually Unlimited HQ. - redirects to the UFC store. - also redirects..

Comment #43

I own 12 domains, most of them in .gr (Greece) and some with .eu and .comThe best of them are:.

What is your opiniont about those domains ? Are they good ?

Comment #44

I have

I figured i'd do something with it.. created a sweet layout... then got lazy and don't want to update the blog... Oh well..

I'll let it chill there and install some rss feeder onto it (any good ones you guys use?).....

Comment #45

My Other Email dot com, net, org & info. :/..

Comment #46

I have so many, I don't know where to start. I do a great deal of buying and selling..

I mostly stick with .com's and the shorter the better. Hmmm ... how about this these ....

I'm all over the board, from video to medical domains. Anything that can be branded to some degree. It's all about the brand, kiddies. But unfortunately, I don't have enough time in a day. I need to partner with a kick ass web developer.

PS. I had these parked at Sedo, but I got lots of type-in traffic, but Sedo pays shit. So I got them forwarding to a MFA (already made more in 3 days that I did all month with Sedo - not only these but a much bigger list)..


Comment #47

I have several domains that I have done nothing with.

Some decent names, just lazy.


Comment #48

Its funny, my corporate website gets offers to buy ALL the time because there is an extremely successfull porn website with a similar name..

But I do own a slew of other un-developed domains..

A couple names:. (my namesake). (I fantasize about making this into a response to (I lost a bet and had to buy my friend this domain for his email address). (Got drunk and bought this one....*sigh*).

Thats it...

Comment #49

Drunk enough to think that it was hilarious. I was going to brand it:.

Its a fecal matter.

Whaddya think? It's a

Comment #50

Hey vodooman what is MFA ???.

I also have parked my domains with sedo but it sucks because, do you know any other sites like sedo which pay more than sedo ?

Comment #51

MFA = Made for Adsense.

Check this link it has lots of info on the different parking options out there ....

The PPC Parking - how much do you want to earn today?.


Comment #52

A few years ago I brought,.

I just let it sit for a couple of years then I sold it to some guy for $50.

I wonder what he did to that site...

Comment #53

Here is a few of the names I plan to develop eventually....

XEC.COM (15k + offers only).

CHX.NET (2k + offers only).
























Comment #54

My best ones are probably:.

Have great ideas for them all but no time..

Comment #55

90% of my bought domains were spur of the moment..

The best in lot gotta be:.













(willing to part with most - pm me an offer)..

Comment #56

Mine was until I sold it last week..

I have, and - have ideas for all 3 but can't find the time...

Comment #57

One of my best is

But anyone can have it for 25 dollars and 25 cents..

Comment #58

This is going to sound overly gay, but I own

Comment #59

I've been on a domain buying spree lately, mostly are for "normal" affiliate use and some actual web-based business things, but I managed to score last night, so I'll do something crazy with that...

Comment #60

Such a crap site right now. Are You Broke In College? | Find out ways to save money in college...

Comment #61

Geez, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I know I have dozens others...

Comment #62

I recently created:.

And for a bit of bandwagon jumping:.

Obvious enough what I'm gonna set up with both lots, I'll probably get round to it within a week or so!..

Comment #63

I have a short one as well (, L is a letter, N is a number)..

-edit, deleted underdeveloped domain... too personal-..

Comment #64

I picked up some adult domains I was excited about:.

Comment #65

I have witch right now isn't really developed. I wanted to make a deals site initially but I wanted it fully automated so now I'm building a new system for it (witch will be ready very soon, and I will let you know when I finish so you see it and tell me your opinions)..


02-16-2007: OK, I uploaded it. Is not really 100% finished but is pretty usable. Shopping cart and other features under development...

Comment #66

$ixFigure$ that's really a cool domain man. Is there a .me domain extension out there?..

Comment #67

I have 6,500+ domains now...but these are the ones I'm not doing anything with... (make me an offer)....



















Comment #68

Ok hi my name is Logic. My I do not know if it is our best but we always remember it from our inventory here Viper Logic Corp. - Domain Name Portfolio so I will share it. It is To me it needs a fun site to go with it. If you have thoughts about it we would love to here from you..


Comment #69

YachtExcursion.Com (Was thinking of a Cruise Affiliate).





AdvancedAutomobiles.Com (Thinking of Alternate Fuel Site).



Comment #70

One that comes to mind real quick is (drum roll please ).

Comment #71

The Best: (semi-developed though).

Other good 'uns....


Comment #72 going to be a bullet for my valentine site)\. (missed connections/review site?).

Those are two I really want to get around to doing something with but just haven't had the time, I have a bunch of other semi developed sites that I need to finish that are taking priority right now...

Comment #73

I would have to say eather or are my two...

Comment #74

I got a whole bunch of domains that need some work done - some are quite good and would do well if I only had time to work on them. Last one I registered that I thought sounded cool and had potential was pimpyourford .com..

Comment #75

I registered it years ago with the intent to run I guess a complaint style site where this masculine fairy who literally doesn't give a feck hands out in your face advice. I have a stack of domains I've done nothing with.. kinda like shoe shopping really...

Comment #76

Oh! OH! You just gotta check out Guy Kawasaki's panel video with 6 of the most successful website guys and how they started..


One of them started the site

Does that sound familiar? similar?.

It took off like a rocket!.


Comment #77 - bought it to piss off my wife since she thinks I have a porn addiction...

Comment #78

Lol. Someone once said "Men marry because they are tired. Women marry because they are curious, and both are very disappointed"...

Comment #79

GI > U. haha thats mine.

Also got:.

Ehhh ive got hundreds most of which I actually want to develop... lol. domain name information..

Comment #80

Well, I think that my two names cPanel and are personal bests.I also have a bunch of pronounceable names that I am thinking of developing...not quite sure though..


Comment #81


The one I wish I had developed the most is which is currently wasting the 4000 uniques it gets per month. Any offers/ideas for devlopment?.

Was an affiliate site before if you look at

Comment #82

My best probably are.

Sexyfucks. com.

Comment #83

Mine are definitely:.

Own satellite

Own cable

I think one day when I get my shizzle together, i'll build sites for them or I might sell them. not super sure, yet...

Comment #84

Hmm in terms of dot coms then

Although my personal favourite is

Comment #85, thinking I could ride the train with explorer7......

Comment #86

Muahaha............ -_-'.

Mabye promote a nice Adult site.. Got it from some dummie a while back.. never got around to changing much of it..

Also. / / / / /

Just to name a few which I haven't gotten around to fuckin' using!!!..

Comment #87

I met a dude in Washington state who owned that domain like 7 years ago. He was trying to run a hosting business through his DSL line..

Are you that dude?..

Comment #88 baby going to try and have it released by the end of next week and for the company blog because it was CHEAP. haha...

Comment #89

Never tried that, guess ya have to dry it out a lot first... do ya mix the turkey with tobacco or smoke it straight?.

Got a few sitting around going nothing, here's a couple:. - kinda pissed of the guys at my old host, when I got that!. - for sale... any eB**k sellers want it?? lol!..

Comment #90


Heh think I was drunk during this one.....

Comment #91

And a few Spanish domains we'd all die for in English...

Comment #92

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