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I was looking through domains on Ebay and came across this listing. Check out the other domains he has listed in the description. It's worth a good laugh... DOMAIN name paypal 3 4 letter llll - eBay (item 180404818671 end time Sep-13-09 10:08:20 PDT)..

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A wonderfully amazing list of TM names, all waiting for c & d letters and lawsuits and tm owners taking the names away. And you gotta love the extensions too, ha. And I love how he calls the a 'two letter'. Scary newbie, this one. Funny find..

Comment #1

It does consist of two letters. Just not two characters, heh...

Comment #2


Isn't this guy just great...

Comment #3

Sad thing is someone will probably think it's a great deal :/..

Comment #4


Even grabbed the Dell logo for the listing image...

Comment #5

Well, at least he has a 100% positive rating for his 2 sales... (of CDs of German "black" metal music bands).

EBay has automated tools that tend to spot blatant TM offerings, so I suspect it will be pulled soon enough...

Comment #6

Yeah, he must have some nerve to use the Dell logo to promote his own products without authorization. Wow, lawyers are gonna love this!..

Comment #7

Can someone explain how this guy can even own a name like this, can't Dell easily take it from them?..

Comment #8

After registration there was only need to let the companies know about it....

And yuppie... he has almost done that thing......

Comment #9

Sad thing is that most people will look at that ebay listing and think....


Comment #10

Some new domainers learn from experience. Perhaps this will be his first learning experience.

Act now! Bidding starts at only $2,300...

Comment #11

My guess is because of his location.

Item location: Transilvania, Romania.

I don't think our TM laws have any effect on people in other countries. Romania, may or may not have such laws.

What amazes me is how Ebay allows this. I still think they are sharing some liability in showing bad faith. Ebay has been getting worse each year in my opinion...

Comment #12

Do big companies like dell really going to waste their time chasing small individuals like this? I can understand if it is developed and earning some cash but just a domain and a guy without a very deep pocket? I dont think they will even bother...

Comment #13

Believe it or not, there are services out there that actually monitor for companies what new domains are registered with their trademark and such. MarkMonitor is one of those services and Google currently uses them as a registrar. In often cases, a simple letter to the domain owner will get the company the domain at little or no cost. So yes, it probably might be worth it for the company to bother. Why shouldn't they? The trademark owner will get a free domain out of it and they won't have to worry about anyone else registering or using it (Brand Protection)...

Comment #14

While it's somewhat "old" and not about domain names, see the Tiffany v. eBay decision somewhere.


Comment #15

Aha, now that's confidence! Or do I mean density of the highest order..?.

"First and only time on eBay...".

Lol, that could turn out to be more prophetic than he realises...

You think that's bad though? There was some joker with a much higher number next to his name asking a cool half a mil for about 200 TM squats, and other assorted cr@p.

Kind of funny and sad at the same time...

Comment #16

I have been selling on ebay for 10 years and couldnt agree with you more, it's the pits right now..

Comment #17


Please don't give up on eBay. There are still some good, solid, aged, high quality, decent traffic, domain names listed on the site...

Comment #18

Dont blame ebay or domainers, it's just some NOOB!!..

Comment #19

Oh I'm sorry I didnt mean to chime in that ebay was the worst for domaining b/c thats not my field on ebay, just in general the changes have been hard to deal with, no negative feedback increased fees etc..

Comment #20

Your entitled to your opinion, so dont be sorry..

Comment #21

Actually, I do blame eBay at this point.

See, I complained to them about this very auction the first day... should be a slam dunk for any moron to see that it was a TM problem.

Does eBay take any action after being notified? Nope. And that make eBay complicit...

Comment #22

Agree, this guy had for sales a month ago (link) with paypal logo too. It was reported to ebay back then, and yet he still has account with ebay and continue to blatantly list TM name for sales...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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