GoDaddy review : Recommend I go GoDaddy?? Would be a TM issue?

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I have this domain,, for a while and am wondering if this domain would violate a TM issue if I sell it. Please advise. Thanks.


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If you ran ads or intended to profit on it yes..

If you made it more of a fan site theres aless chance of you getting in trouble. Best advice though is don't use it..

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Then I should not even sale it and should just let it expired.


Comment #2

Eh, what's the worst they'd do, send a C&D? See what happens. I don't think it's confusingly similar unless you dev the site and try to pass it off as though it's owned by google. However, as a site obviously created by a fan meant to teach people how to use different google tools, I don't think there would be a huge problem...

Comment #3

Thank you for your info, but what is a C&D?.

So I guess it is Ok for me just to sell it? I have no intention developing it into a site. I had it for two years.


Comment #4

Don't take my post as legal advice, I'm not a lawyer.

C&D = Cease and Desist..

Comment #5

Thanks Dennis.

Just got this info after your answer:.

A cease and desist (also called C & D) is an order or request to halt an activity, or else face legal action. (From WiKipedia).


Comment #6

I would suggest to develop it as mentioned by Dennis. If it will help promote Google's info I won't think any action will be taken but put a disclaimer to be safe. Basically for reselling it would attract little bidders as generally having one of the most popular TM brand in your domain is not a good idea...

Comment #7

Thank you for your suggestion. What kind of disclaimer can I put in it? Do you have a sample?.


Comment #8

I really doubt there could be a TM issue with that, even if you have ads on it, if you're using it properly (learn people to use Google). You can even sell it...

Comment #9

The bottom line is Google has TM rights to Google. Google is a made up word (the math term is spelled differently). If Google doesn't object you are fine, if they object there is really no legit argument you can make.

Where Apple / Ford / etc can be dual use. Made up terms like Pepsi, Google, Yahoo, etc. enjoy broader TM protection. Since any domain is almost always "confusingly similar".


Comment #10

Good point. "Google" is a unique word so any thing with "google" in it has to be "Google" related. Thanks. Rep add.


Comment #11

Paypal is a made up, unique word - but wasn't determined to not be confusingly similar?..

Comment #12

The precedent on those types of domains has already been set..

As long as you don't try to monetize those domains in general you are allowed to use them.

In general a domain like is not going be confused as being part of Paypal.


Comment #13

Brad, in this case the users aren't confused at all, it's a different situation.

You know how tough is Microsoft when dealing with TM issues, but it seems there are websites like

Comment #14

So guys, if I sell it to a reseller or end user, it should be alight, right? In the end user's case, the buyer can decide on his/her own what kind of content to put up.

The ultimate question is should I sell it or let it expires (or cancel it). It may not be worth the worry and trouble over few bucks (assumming this domain will not be sold for over $100 in this depressed market).


Comment #15

That would be better if You cancel this domain...

Comment #16

Yes, I think I will. I also have which I got from TDNAM. I am letting that one expired too. I mistakenly read it as "" and after I got it and found out, I went back to Goddady to see if I can return it, but they did not let me.


Comment #17

I see. So this disclaimer basically is saying that "we are not part of Google". Thanks man.


Comment #18

Better consult with a disclaimer specialist though to get the best disclaimer GL!!

Comment #19

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