witch DLSR Camera helps more a beginner?
Hallo, I'm a little bit confused. Y will buy a DSLR camera..

Is it bether to buy a beginner Camera with good Lens or is it right to buy a good one like a D300 40D and good lens..

Why this question, I play guitar, so if I will buy a guitar and an amp so it is bether spend a little more money to have a good axe and a valve amp. OK? (bether wood, finish, pickups etc) the result is a bether sound..

Now is it wrong to say that a expensiv camera with all the tecnologie can help make good fotos? Without to know all the tricks..

Why this question. If you see the spec of a beginner DSLR camera so you see that it has only the halve of the tecnologie like a D300 or 40D..

What I meen is, why all the tecnologie of a expensiv camera does'nt help me to make good fotos. The chip in this camera make bether works, quicker and easyer or not? Calculat the right light, ISO, EV etc..

Or is the beginner cam who has more tecnologie for a beginner to help make bether and easyer fotos. Not necesary a $$$ question.Sorry if y not explain me correct. Or maybe anybody find this a stupid question..

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If you are an absolute beginner, then there is a lot to learn whichever DSLR you buy. So maybe it will take a few weeks to learn how to use the camera - is that such a big problem? I don't think so..

In some respects the 'entry level' cameras can be easier to learn as they have fewer features. But I would never say that a beginner shouldn't buy, say, a 40D..

The new 450D (available any day now) has a great 'beginner' feature - the "Auto Lighting Optimizer" - the option of a more 'processed' image which looks better straight out of the camera. It's like point-and-shoot processing in a DSLR. The purists will no doubt scoff at it but I think it's a great move by Canon..

Also, the 450D's kit lens has Image Stabilisation. This is not a substitute for good technique, but it will help you get sharp images as you build up your skills...

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Ndf9 wrote:.

What I meen is, why all the tecnologie of a expensiv camera does'nthelp me to make good fotos..

The more advanced cameras can help you get better photos, but usually only in more extreme conditions. So it depends on what you are photographing. For most photos, the entry level cameras are more than good enough..

The chip in this camera make betherworks, quicker and easyer or not? Calculat the right light, ISO, EVetc..

They won't be better - often the sensor and processing are almost identical. They will not be easier, but they are usually a little faster. However even entry level cameras today are much faster than most film cameras were..

Unless there is something specific you need (like 5 FPS or ISO 6400), then entry level cameras can do anything a typical photographer wants to do. Better or additional lenses (and a tripod!) will do more for your photography than a fancy body..


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First off, an amp is way more important than your guitar. The amp is 90% of your tone and it's always cheaper to upgrade your guitar than to a good tube amp..

In saying that, in my opinion, you don't need a very expensive camera, an Xti, D40, D40x, or D80 are great cameras that will give you more than you'll probably ever desire...

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5-10 years down the line you might still be using the good glass you own today... however the same cannot be said about the body you own today....

I always tell people to start out with a cheap body and a middle of the road lens... then work there way up to something like the D300....

If you're learning stick for the first time, do you really need a $100,000 BMW or some cheap thing you can beat into the ground?..

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Thanks for your answers..

I have a normal digital camera. But wen I siting in front o the PC I see that the fotos are not the best. I have buyt last year a relativ expensiv digital Camera. So I thinking why I d'ont have spend more money and buy a DSLR. Then so I have save this money and now I can make bether fotos. Wat I not have is to much time siting in front a PC and youse the software..

So for me is important that the camera make the fotos, the PC Software check, and then I will print..

My first Camera was a Canon APS, with Fuji ISO 200 Film has makes brilant and verry nice fotos. so my idee is to make the same with the digital time. And still this old fotos (about 4 years) look great wen I look back.They are all around fotos, events, Kids, nature etc.Thanks..

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