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I bought to help out a friend start her adult website. sells sportswear for women. Even though we will be non-competitive can stop us from using the .ca extension?.



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They may argue that your use is a dilution to their mark...

Comment #1

Lee, I don't think that's good idea..

You will surely contact your lawyer if you are the owner of .com.

Wouldn't you?..

Comment #2

I dont see an issue here as long as there is no direct competition and it's clear that you are a separate business and are not misrepresenting yourselves. Now if you start selling womens sports wear then you are going to have some issues...

Comment #3

Thanks guys. So Adam I guess that means if starts using an adult theme they'll be hearing from my lawyer lol.

Seriously though, there does seem to be mixed opinions about this subject. Please keep the comments coming. I think the worst case would be a c&d letter...

Comment #4

You may also want to check out

Perhaps you can find more useful information there...

Comment #5

I dont see any issues aslong as you make sure they are no adverts on your site related to theres.



Comment #6

I think they could argue that your domain name is causing damage to the business of the company and damaging the brand name of that company...

Comment #7

I agree with Bobbie. While usually there wouldn't be any problem as long as your website is non-related to their business (not sports clothes or anything like that), they could debate in this case that you are damaging their brand by using it for an adult website. You have to keep in mind that a company usually doesn't care whether or not they will win in court when they sue you... If they are big enough, they'll sue you anyway and force you to pay for a lawyer/attorney until you decide to give us...

Comment #8

A snow bunny is a real northern rabbit and because they're as cute as can be I thought it would be a great name for a cute girl's adult site.

Isn't it generic? Like red squirrel or tropical fish...

Comment #9

It is generic, but, still, it doesn't matter..

Why start with domain that may cause problem in the future?.


She start the site using

.com site notice her site and think .ca is tarnishing their brand..

.com site file UDRP even if they know they may not win..

Does your friend have money to hire good UDRP lawyer?.

Fast forward....

.ca win..

Now, .com file real law suit in real court..

Does your friend have money to hire good lawyer?.

Lawyers are NOT cheap.


Is the .ca domain worth all that time, headache and money?.

Your friend can start with other domain and no problem...

Comment #10

YEP! 1st thing that crossed my mind..

I would rather try to sell the domain to them..

Comment #11

Uh, that's illegal under the U.S. Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

(ACPA). Not to mention that's a ground for making a UDRP claim.

Let's put it this way, though: the OP can do what he asked, and any one can.

Also dispute it. Whether they have a claim or not depends on them.

Given it's a .ca domain name, though, the complainant might have to file a .ca.

Dispute under their own policy (similar to UDRP) or file suit in Canada. If they'll.

File one under their own jurisdiction under their own law and subsequently get.

A favorable decision, they might need some kind of legal agreement between.

Their country and Canada to somehow enforce that.

So far, Lee, what you described sounds clear. Sounds like, anyway, and it will.

Not necessarily stop anyone from preventing you from trying it out.

Good luck to you and your friend. Oh, and let me know when it's up...

Comment #12

Why start a website with a potential problem? Seems like a waste of time, choose a different name and move on...

Comment #13

Why use a potentially damaging name?. try to say no to a beautiful girl that loves the domain name and is willing to take her clothes off for it.

I'm so weak..

Comment #14

That's rather pathetic, but funny anyway! What have you decided to do after all?..

Comment #15

Dave Zan knows the legal biz so I'm inclined to go ahead and use the name...

Comment #16

Good Luck, leegor..

I truly wish nothing bad happen to you and your friend...

Comment #17

Will she be using "snow bunny" as a stage name?.

Here a couple of UDRPs that were denied: (mine).

I may have another one in 2 weeks. I hope I will...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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