Why is Medifast such a secret??

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So I was a dieter for oh, 18 years before I heard of MF. Was I just in the dark or is Medifast not as well known as WW, JC, and others?..

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Well, I have never seen it advertised on TV or in magazines. Maybe that's why...

Comment #1

I KNOW! Everytime I mention it to someone they always say they've never heard of it. Strange for such a wonderful program to not be well known!..

Comment #2

I've heard of it for years, just never looked into it because I thought it was just shakes!..

Comment #3

I had heard of Medifast because my hubby had to go on a similar liquid diet before his bariatric surgery. I just didn't think I could ever do it, and I didn't realize all the benefits of ketosis. I know someone posted they had never seen Medifast in a magazine - so - you will laugh when you hear that I started because I saw an ad in a magazine!!! There was a coupon, and so I investigated, and they have a gluten-free plan which is SO hard to find! Yay! Now I'm on Day 2 and it is not as tough as I worried it would be, but it is still PLENTY tough!! Can't wait to get past this sugar detox!!!..

Comment #4

Ive never heard of it either until another member posted about it on another forum Im on and I googled it and decided it was for me. Ive never seen an ad for it...

Comment #5

I've never seen an ad either-my hairstylist told me about it...

Comment #6

There have been tons of ads in magazines... I didn't look into it because I also thought it was shakes and I thought the "fast" part of it was about eating hardly anything, not that it works fast...

Comment #7

The only reason I knew of it was because a former co-worker of mine did it back in the 80's. Back then I think it was just shakes. I had forgotten about it until another friend of mine went on it and lost a ton of weight and has kept it off for two years. She's now my coach!..

Comment #8

What's funny is now that I'm on it, I see ads in mags and in my yahoo email account and even in our online newspaper. Before being on it, I would have never given the ad another thought. Funny how that works. I work for a judge who was on it about a year ago and all he ever talked about was soup, so that didn't sound good. My sister kept it a secret but she didn't really succeed so I know why she kept it a secret, but now that it's exploded in our town, everyone is talking about it! I meet someone all the time who is on it. It's crazy. *L*..

Comment #9

I agree with all the comments about people thinking it is all shakes... wasn't this the program that Oprah went on years ago when it was all shakes? I saw ads in magazines and so I checked it out. I was floored, happy and amazed when I saw it was real food, not just shakes. And I'm still kind of floored, happy and amazed it works so well, yet it's not hard at all!..

Comment #10

Oprah did Optifast it was all shakes. Years ago though Medifast was alll shakes too. I think this program rocks!! I love the food especially the brownies!..

Comment #11

I had never seen it advertised before. I heard about it from my husband's boss and my son's teacher. I looked it up after that. Obviously, I liked what I saw...

Comment #12

Thanks, Bella! I knew it was something "fast". Maybe it's the "fast" part of it that connects the two. Most people may think that means starving and fasting, not losing weight fast...

Comment #13

I looked into Medifast because I was interested in fasting to lose weight. I was at a point where I was willing to do ANYTHING to get the weight off. Happily, I learned it isn't actually about fasting! I liked that it works fast and is endorsed by the medical community. So I decided to give it a go. I'm even considered a slow loser because I usually only lose 1lb a week or less, but I am still absolutely enthralled with my progress. Medifast Rocks!..

Comment #14

Their magazine and TV ads have been a little flat and uninterestingeasy to overlook. However, that changed recently when Chris (lealonnie) appeared in the recent issue of MORE magazine. This was the best ad to come from Medifast so far. Now, if we could just get Chris to do TV ads.

With Medifast being #1 on Forbes list of best small companies, I suspect that will generate more interest as well...

Comment #15

They need to utilize success stories far more! I remember hearing the actress from Passions Kristy Swanson (*SP?) was on TV commercials and also Genie Francis from General Hospital (I adore them both!) We lived in Guam at the time and they told me they wouldn't ship there (4 years ago) even though it's a US territory and costs the same. So I didn't think about it again until I got back to the states. SOOOOOOO glad I'm on it now!..

Comment #16

I was doing Nutrisystem and was so sick of the food and struggling like crazy. I "Googled" the best diets and Medifast popped up. Never heard of it either. Took a chance and am so happy I did..

Have seen commercials on TV and radio for Medifast once I was on it. Guess I just never paid attention before. Since Medifast has Health Coaches, I'm assuming they pay them instead of high dollar advertisements...

Comment #17

It seems that although Medifast uses some traditional advertising venues, they get a lot of bang for almost no buck from word of mouth. I feel like I am a walking advertisement. So far my success has influenced at least two other people to give Medifast a try. Of course, this only works when you have a Medifast user who is not shy about sharing the source of their success...

Comment #18

I hadn't heard of it either. My doctor actually recommended it, THANK GOD SHE DID!!..

Comment #19

My Dr. told me about it about 3 years ago, but I wasn't interested in doing anything about my weight than... I've also heard that it wasn't always available to the public, but had to be prescribed by a Dr.... not sure how long ago that was, but that's what I've heard. It was actually my husband that heard about it on the radio. Took him 3 months to talk me into trying it....


Comment #20

A substitute professor in one of my grad classes mentioned it to us. It was a four hour class and she explained why she was eating a bar during class. She told us she had lost 40 pounds over 4 months. Of course, the Negative Nelly in the room immediately piped up to say that amount of weight loss in that time was unhealthy....which it's not. I checked out the plan and decided to go for it. It's a much stronger recommendation when you meet a real person who has been successful with a plan rather than a paid spokesperson on a tv commercial...

Comment #21

I had never heard of it. I saw an ad in magazine on a plane....

I've been private about what I am doing. I did tell two people struggling with their weight about it.

Not many people in Massachusetts have heard about least it seems that way...

Comment #22

I saw it in my doctor's office (he's a TSFL coach) and my mom's friend did it through him. I researched it thoroughly and decided to try it on my own. Only afterwards did I notice ads in some magazines. US Weekly actually consistently has their ads in the magazines. They are always in the back, and also have coupon codes too (the $25 and $50 ones). I'm so happy I found Medifast and I wish the stigma associated with it (WHY?!) would disappear..



Comment #23

I wouldn't call it a secret per se, I see advertisements on websites and in some magazines. I think the reason it's not as popular is because the word 'fast' implies it is a crash diet of some sort, and people confuse it with OptiFast...

Comment #24

I had never heard of it either until around New Years... (you know, when all the ads for diets come out ). I was surprised too because it is made in Owings Mills, MD which was right down the street from my apt when I first moved to MD. Lived there for almost 2 years and never heard of it. Thank GOD I did - if only I had heard of it about 10 years ago.. ah, would have that bikini body (no loose skin!!) by now.....

Comment #25

Hadn't heard of it either...been on almost everything else out there. I was searching on line and it caught my eye. Felt like I would try it at least to see if it would work. I am pleased so far with the results. I am terrified though about upcoming holidays...

Comment #26

I don't think I've ever seen an advertisement of any kind (now they're on every single website I look at!). Looking at them now, if I had seen one in passing, I overlooked it because they do appear gimmicky. Those silly junk food ads are so lame. I only gave it a try after a patient had told me about her success with the program...

Comment #27

It's because now that you've looked at the Medifast website the ads that show up on your computer are now targeted. I can't tell you why it happens.....

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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