Why is Medifast so hard for me?

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I am normally a lurker, but find the need to post for support or even try to find some answers to what it is I am doing wrong.

I have struggled with this program since April. I have only managed to lose (as of today 15.8 lbs. I recommitted on the 18th of August and am totally OP. I am low on supplies and awaiting a shipment, but still remain to make do with what I have and stay OP.

My body is still in Ketosis, I tested this morning, yet I have gained weight each day for the past 4 days (4lbs) I don't know what to do.

I can increase my walking I guess, but I can only drink so much water, and eat what is on the program. /shrug.

I am almost to the point of calling it quits. Why this program is so difficult for me I have no idea. I read all the posts and signature tickers and see the weight being lost and makes me so happy for you guys, but sad and confused for myself. It's just not working for me for some reason and I do not know why.

Has anyone ever gone thru the same situation where you are in ketosis, yet gaining daily? Makes no sense to me.

Hope you all have a safe happy Holiday!..

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Don't quit! Give your body the chance to adjust. I had the same problem in the beginning. TOM is my biggest problem. I gain 5lbs each time and it take two weeks to get rid of it. I hope this helps. Good Luck!Stay strong! You can do this!..

Comment #1

I have never checked for ketosis, do you use a ketone stick? Medifast has never asked us to do this. Since you are asking for advice or help........... can you explain "recommited"? I am not sure if you were on plan or off plan? If you can add more information it might be easier to make suggestions. I have followed this plan as it is written, and although the first week or two were really hard once I got over the bump it has actually been very doable. Share with us what you are struggling with specifically please and we will try to help...

Comment #2

Sorry if this is TMI, but have you been going to the bathroom regularly? I am a newbie and struggling with constipation with MF. After taking care of the "problem", my scale went down 2 lbs...

Comment #3

Are you on any medications? Perhaps you should call Nutrisystem and speak with a nutritionist directly. They may be able to find out the cause of your slow weight loss ang give you suggestions to kick start your metabolism...

Comment #4

When I say I recommitted it's because in Jun-Aug timeframe I became so frustrated the program wasn't working no matter how OP I stayed that I lost the desire to stay on it and would go on and off again or use the meals, but wasnt totally OP.

I continued to read all the posts here and try to stay connected and finally decided to give it one last try and recommitted on Aug 18th to stay OP no matter what.

However, it's frustrating day in and day out knowing I am doing all I can do stay faithful to the program and my body won't give in lol. Maybe I am making mistakes that are costly to losing.

I drink all my water plus some.

I stay under 90 carbs daily normally..

I have had no sugar other than stevia sweetner..

I dont always eat all my veggies, but work on it.

I take my vitamin supplements, even a fat burner twice a day.

As for using Keto stix, yes I do and I have no hunger I have to actually stick to a clock to remind myself to eat something every 2-3 hrs.

Maybe I am not eating enough, but I try to stay within 800-1000 calories a day. I even try to use egg beaters at least 3 times a week to stay on the leanest side.

I have about 3 cups of caffene tea throughout the day, maybe it's the caffene interfering?.

Here is a normal menu for me:.

Morning - getting ready for work I drink about half a cup of caffene tea w/5 drops of stevia.

On the way to work and at work - I drink my shake made with coffee and Medifast shake.

Midmorning - sometimes 1 cup egg beaters, if not then a bar or oatmeal muffin.

W/1 tbls whipped cream cheese.

Lunch - because I am not hungry due to egg beaters meal, most times 1 stick of light mozzarella cheese w/17 pieces of Turkey Pepperoni OR 6 slices of Oscar Meyer roasted chicken deli meat(72 cal per 6 slices).

Afternoon - Medifast meal whether it be bar or puffs.

Leaves me 2 Medifast meals for dinner and evening.

Dinner - I normally eat cucumbers, rest of the lean meal whether it be chicken or egg beaters. with Medifast shake most times.

Evening - bar or puffs for what I consider a snack.

Drink my water throughout the day and evening, use 1/2 Walmart brand of Crystal lite to go in a 32 oz bottle of water.

Sometimes I put in a tbls of peanut butter in the shake or have it with celery..

SF jello when no peanut butter day.

Normally comes out to 900-1K calories, no more than 90 carbs a day, protein normally over 100.

I try to not deviate much from menu, because I can get myself in trouble with too many substitutions..

Edit: went back and read the other posts.

As for BMs, not regularly and started taking the Sonne's #7 and #9 daily. It really hasn't done much lol but giving it a few days.

No medications other than my vitamins, fat burner, B12, etc..

Comment #5

Stay strong and do not give up!! You should stop weighing every day and am for once a week. I think you should also add some steak, or lean hambuger to your protein I know seems strange, but it works. I eat red meat 1-2 times a week and I aveg. 3lbs a week. Make sure you eat all your vegies as you only get 1.5 cups so really not much. Do you log all your meals? I have never been over 87 carbs until today when I am having the Medifast crackers with my chili and am at 99carbs not happy about that, but think once in a while will be ok.

You just need to be strong and hang in there don't give up and it will happen. Oh and MOM works good for the bath room. lol..

Comment #6

Yes, I log my meals but will pay particular attention. I will do as you suggest and add some beef and see if that makes a difference. As for the term "MOM" sorry, I dont recognize that. Probably just a brain glitch going on.

I really appreciate you all taking the time to work this out with me. I will also give it a few days and if things dont change then I will call Nutrisystem and see what they have to say...

Comment #7

First, if you're going to weigh daily, deal with the fact you won't see daily losses and you will in fact see some gains. That's normal the body does not lose in a linear fashion. Second, what I see in some of your sample foods for your L&G is a lot of salt. Salty foods will cause you to retain water. Cheese, turkey pepperoni (not on plan) and deli meat (also frowned on but not strictly off plan) all are very salty foods. Snacks will slow your losses.

The more you put yourself at the upper end of things the slower you will lose too. They seem like little things in the course of a day but day over day they do add up to slower losses. Just my observation...

Comment #8

I assume you mean the peanut butter and the jello as my snacks? I can leave those out yes, not a problem.

As for the salt, I can go to just pure grilled chicken, tuna, and add in the beef Yvetter suggested and leave out the sliced meats. Maybe that is the adjustment I need to do to get on track. Thank you for your help...

Comment #9

I would honestly give yourself 2 weeks doing so. I think you'll be pleased with what you see...

Comment #10

It sort of looks like you're doing it but be sure to vary what you eat. Your body can become used to foods if you repeat them constantly and this slows down metabolism/weight loss. I learned that one when in Weight Watchers long ago and far away and when I changed my diet to include other things my weight loss increased..


Comment #11

Keep us posted! I'm finding I'm losing very slow once I got my 15 pounds off. Yes, it's 20 pounds since 7/14, but I'd like it to be a little quicker. I haven't yet found that magic combination of carbs and calories yet...

Comment #12

I vote that you get rid of the deli meats and turkey pepperoni too, it might have some fillers in it? (whack out the carbs perhaps)?.

I think you're doing a great job. When you see the huge losses some other people have it can be discouraging that yours are smaller...... but my small losses have added up to great success! Don't give up and keep reading here.

I'd still send this post to Nutrisystem and see if they have other great ideas for you. That's what they are there for, the good and the bad days!..

Comment #13

Sorry you are having a hard time with your losses. I know how frustrating that can be. I went an entire month without losing a pound. Ugh! That sucked big time but I hung in there. You should hang in there, too. You are so worth it.

Since I have high blood pressure I key on sodium. To me it sounds like you are having a bit too much of it. The processed meat, especially. They are loaded with the stuff. If you eat them for convenience, why not try the frozen chicken breast which you can pop in the oven or broiler while you're getting ready for work. Try different types of meat.

I would also get a pork tenderloin which would last for a few LG meals. Use the condiments/seasonings you are allowed to enhance the flavors..

Eat your veggies! Find those you like from the allowed list. Try salads. Fewer carbs, more filling.

Dump the keto sticks. I think they can be a bit discouraging. They say you're in fat burning state but you aren't seeing any losses. Not too helpful..

When my losses seemed to slow, and I'm a slow loser, I would keep it simple for a week or two. Just have shakes for my Medifast 5 meals. If you haven't done so already, check out the Capella flavor drops they can help to enhance the shakes without the calories or carbs. Go to If you enter medifast10 as a coupon code you get 10% off your purchase..

Drink lots of water. Leave the Crystal Lite off and stick to just plan H2O. Find a bottled water you like and drink it all of the time. Actually if you can get in 10 cups per day that will help..

MOM = Milk of Magnesia. Might be helpful but check with NS..

Finally move. Walk as much as you can. Take the stairs, walk around the block during your lunch break if you can. Start with 15 minutes per day and see if you can build to 45 minutes. Walk after work if you can't get it in a lunch..

Don't give up! Contact Nutrition Support for help. As someone else said that's why they are there. You are so worth giving it that extra effort. Who knows, maybe a change here or there will be just what you need to kickstart your weight loss..

Most of all stay on plan!.

Best wishes,..

Comment #14

I know the feeling, and I have only just begun this journey. BUT I have noticed that my body needs more protein than I am getting. I have upped the protein & started losing (was only stalled before-lost nothing the first few days). I realize this is not 100% OP, but it is what my body needs. Try 2 lean & green a day & 4 Medifast meals. Also, I can't have a shake in the evening, b/c it makes me retain too much water.

Hope this helps! Stay w/ us!!..

Comment #15

Thank you all for your support! I will incorporate some of the changes you have suggested and hopefully that will do it! You are all good people for hanging in with us that need assist from time to time!.

Hugs all and have a safe happy Holiday!..

Comment #16

Is it possible that you are eating too much lean, as you break it up to 3 different sources - egg beaters, cheese, turkey. I guess if you do that you need to make sure it is only 1/3 of a serving for that type of protein..

I don't think deli meats and turkey pepperoni are on plan, also they are pretty high in sodium. I'm very sensitive to sodium, can gain 1# overnight if I over season with salt..

Since you say your really not hungry, I'd forgo the snacks..

I hope you continue to give it a try - good luck...

Comment #17

I agree with this and what MT Cup said. Cut out snacks, watch salt in lunch meats and the like. I don't eat them for that reason. I agree STRONGLY with mixing it up. Your body can adapt quickly- I read 3 days and it is in homeostasis and you know it WANTS to keep the weight, so it is working against you.

Try doing lower calories/ carbs a couple of days, then throw in a higher day on calories and carbs or maybe two. I say keep your body constantly guessing. If it gets used to one thing, it adapts and holds weight. It is tempting to get into a rut and eat the same thing daily, even at the same time. I struggle with this too, but I strive to be changing things a lot, especially since my losses have slowed. I know my body is onto me.

Don't increase exercise. I think at these calories that will be counter productive.

Also, you may want to change one thing at a time to see what the culprit was or maybe if all these things help. Try just cutting out the snack for 4 days, see if there is a loss, then remove something else or change something else too. If you change all at once you cannot know what did it, right? I personally like to know what is helping me...

Comment #18

While I am new to this program, I do know from what I have read that you should not weight every day but just once a week. Some times our bodies have not flushed out liquids completely and what you see in the scale is just the water weight...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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