Why do I feel so weak and tired from Medifast?

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HEEEEEEEELP!! For the 3rd time in approximately 6 weeks, I have come down with a sinus/upper respiratory infection which I've taken medicine for the first 2 times but my 3rd one just started yesterday. After the medicine, they seem to go away but a week later, it is back. I think this 3rd one is worse than the other 2 because I'm very weak and just blah! I could sleep for days. I'm wondering if it's not my tonsils because I still have them.

Anyone have any insight on this; I am willing to do anything at this point...

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I don't know if it would apply to you but whenever my sinuses act up, I use my nettie pot before it turns into an actual infection and I'm back to normal in 1-2 days. I think they say you should use your nettie pot like once a week to keep illness away. It's a little weird to pour water into your nose but it really WORKS!.

When I was pregnant, my sinuses would get SO CLOGGED that my upper jaw ached like it was going to explode whenever I laid down. So I was pretty much willing to try anything...

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I feel for you, really do. My only advice is to keep taking the meds as directed. A lot of people stop taking meds after they start feeling better and it comes right back..

I like to put Vick's in boiling water and breathe in the steam. I hope you figure out how to get rid of this. (((((hugs)))))..

Comment #2

Might be time to revisit the doc to see if it could be bacterial, you might need antibiotics...

Comment #3

I really feel for you, I went through the same thing earlier this year and wanted to rip my head off. I second the netti pot! It is fabulous...and in a weird way, a lot of fun! Use it even when you start feeling better to prevent further issues. Steam inhalation too...keep those fluid moving and get em out.

Were you on antibiotics the second time (and completely finished the course)? After they kept coming back I started a large dose and it finally went away. Hope you feel better!..

Comment #4

I know I'm probably gonna get hammered for suggesting this, but the first time I went on Medifast I got sick a lot. My doctor told me to increase my calories (OP calories of course) for a while to get my immune system bolstered up. When your cals drop really low you have less available energy to fight things off..

If I were you (I'm not of course - you have to do what's right for you) I would bump up my calories for a week or so - high quality calories, vitamin rich, etc like tomatoes(Vit C). Lots of rest, hot tea, and the neti pot is a great idea..

Do you run a humudifier at home? I do and it helps a lot..

I hope you feel better soon!..

Comment #5

The first time I was on antibiotics, finished them completely, two weeks later I get a relapse, so then I took a cortisone shot, felt better immediately and 2 weeks later (which is now) I started feeling bad again yesterday..

Jilly, I know exactly what you mean about your jaw. Mine has been hurting so bad that it gives me headaches and I have to take ibuprofen 3 times a day...

Comment #6

When you say "medicine" do you mean antibiotics? I think you should see a doctor if you haven't or go back if you have. And the nettie pot works great but I probably wouldn't use it unless you've seen the doctor. If you've got a nasty infection up there, I've heard that the water from the pot could push it up higher into the sinuses. Don't know if that is true but that is what I have heard. Last time I had clogged sinuses, I was told by the doctor to take Mucinex because it thins that gunk that is clogged up there and makes it easier to blow or drip out. That did seem to help although it took a week or so for it to completely clear up...

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My husband suffers from chronic sinus infections. He did the surgery and it didn't help any. He finally had to go on long term antibiotic therapy, not good, but it finally worked. He uses an electrical netti pot type devise and actually adds some sort of antibacterial gel to the water along with salf and soda.

I once heard a ENT on a radio show say that sinus infections are one of the most exhausting illnesses there is, right up there with chronic fatigue if they get bad enough...

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Have you had allergy testing done? This was happening to me a lot. I went to an ENT instead of my regular doctor, and she said it was ALL allergy related. Now I take an allergy pill daily, and no sinus infections! I also bought an air purifier for my desk at work. The building I work in has the worst air system, everyone is always getting sick here..

I suggest seeing an ENT. They really specialize in this an can figure out what is going on...

Comment #9

Which one did you get? I need to get one for at my desk. (I'm a long time allergy/sinus sufferer & have recently acquired asthma triggered by a bad sinus/bronchial inflamation). My doctor has been great, but I have been thinking of seeing an Allergy &/or ENT doctor...

Comment #10

I went thru this Nov-Dec of ... 2008, I think. After a flight. My regular doc finally said frustratedly, "We're running out of antibiotic options! And if it weren't for you using the Neti pot, I'd swear this was allergies!".

I had been getting such better ability to breathe with the Neti pot that I had stopped my allergy meds. (I'm one of those crazy cat ladies and take three different allergies, which all work differently.) I restarted the allergy meds and the infections went away. So happens, I also stopped the Neti pot. Evidently, I don't entirely understand how to get all of that water back out of the sinuses.

Bottomline - for my money, I'd bet it's airborne allergies...

Comment #11

I'm not a doctor, but from what I figure, as long as I stay in ketosis, I've got about 350,000 units of "extra energy" on my body. It can feel free to use as much of it as it wants! So I don't agree with the "extra calorie" thing. For a normal-weight person who isn't on a diet, yes, 800-1000 calories is not sufficient. But few of us are normal weight, and most of us ARE on a diet......I just don't want the Original Poster to believe, erroneously, that the caloric intake on Medifast will prevent them from recovering. It will not..

Secondly, I'd be really careful about seeking medical advice from a weight-loss community board...

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I called my doctor to see what new kinds of medication she can give me.I went home early today from work cause I was falling asleep at my desk and just felt soo bad. I really think it's the flu. Well she wouldn't prescribe me anything and told me I need to see an ENT so I have an appt with one first thing in the morning...

Comment #13

That's great. The ENT will help you get to the bottom of it...

Comment #14

I am sorry your not feeling well. It could be a combination of many things. Flu/allergies/sinus or even Epstien Barr/Mono, etc. I think going to a specialist is great! Glad you got in fast.

Please update your post with the outcome!..

Comment #15

Haha. Based on my experience, I recommend eating a large pepperoni pizza and then passing out on the couch...

Comment #16

I just left the doctor an I have tonsilitis. He gave me some more antibiotics (a different kind from the first time) and I got another cortisone shot. He wants to see me again in 3 weeks and if my tonsils are still infected I will probably have to have surgery to remove them...

Comment #17

I use a Holmes desktop air purifier. Got it on Amazon. It has made my stuffy little germ infested cubicle MUCH better. I have had it running non-stop for two months now. People are always commenting that the air is better in my cubicle...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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