GoDaddy review : Recommend I sign up for GoDaddy?? Who do you host with?

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Sorta gay? Are they sending you pictures of their cock and balls, putting rainbows on your sites or what?..

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HostGator ! happy with them even though they change my WHM password without my notice and did not even care to inform me by email !..

Comment #1

That was funny.

I normally use 000webhost. 99% of the time, I'm more than happy with it. It's free as well, with no ads. Of course, you can upgrade for more space and features, but I haven't needed to do that yet...

Comment #2

I host with myself. Any platform, any requirement, any time. All sitting on top of a DS3..

Damn it's good to be king!..

Comment #3

Hostforweb - vps.

Theprimehost - ghetto ass host, but still running.

Hostgator - no problems thusfar...

Comment #4, just switched from resellerzoom cause they suck now..

Comment #5


For the past two days it's been crawling in speed...

Comment #6

I host with myselfI run my own webhosting company..

Comment #7

At the moment I have two hosts.

I just signed up with hostgator on Friday and it's been nothing short of a disaster.

First they screwed up my billing, 2 calls to resolve. Then they suspended my account, which was odd since I hadn't been able to put anything up or even log in. Another call.. Now today my site, CP or anything won't even load..


The other host is 1and1 and I gotta say, I know they take a beating and a lot of people don't like them but I've been there 5 years now and think I've had to call them twice. Once was for a site that I nuked by accident and needed backups and I can't even remember what the other was about. They've been rock solid for me and I've had no issues with them ever..

So far I've been with HG for 4 days and have been able to do almost nothing with it...

Comment #8

Heard nothing but good things bout jaguarpc...

Ordered a VPS through them, and after a couple weeks of sheer hell, cancelled my account...

Comment #9

Heh, what happened?.

(i use them for a vps too)..

Comment #10

Everyday was unable to login to PLESK until a 3 hour game of support ticket tag..

Was annoyed to SHIT that they had sales chat, but not live support chat. Would end up going into sales chat raging, at which point they would get a tech on the issue. After doing this over and over.. Finally said fuck it..

Sales guy assured me before signing up with them that if for any reason I was unsatisfied, I'd receive a full refund.. When I asked for one, they told me they were going to hold $30 of it since it was a VPS.. Ha, I don't think so! Called them up furious.. Needless to say, I got my full refund..

All in all, wasn't a good experience..

I think what pissed me off the most, was I was dealing with a shitload of HostGator billing issues at the same time. Between HG support and this bullshit.. I was about to lose my mind. :x..

Comment #11

Heh, sorry to hear that. at least it was only a problem with a vps and not dedis..

A good hosting company is one with uniform service. a mediocre one has ups and downs (jaguarpc for example)...

Comment #12

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