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Yesterday I went to register two .in domain names in Since paypal option was not active, I simply withdrawn those pending orders and decided to register them on But yesterday the site was under some maintainance I was not able to sign up..

When today I sign up to and about to register those domains, they already gone .. How can a guy can register those two domains within a span of 10-12 hours which are never registered before? Those are costly and precious domains which I chose but that scammer registered those domains..

I want those domains.. What can I do now?..

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There's a thing called coincidence..

The title is way too strong, in my opinion..

How can you just call scammers straight off without any proof?.

Any individual was free to register those domains in that 10-12 hour period..

Try e-mailing him and make an offer if you really want them...

Comment #1

Yes it is just coincidence.

I remember when I registered one premium domain.

One of the member was also trying to register the same domain..

Comment #2

I don think it's a coincidence.. If it is the coincidence then why he should register those both domains.. He should have registered only one of them you know.. Those are not expired domains, those are fresh domains....

Comment #3

I believe when a domain is available, then everyone does have a right to register. It's not about the time, it's about how fast can you register it. Don't blame on, since not enough proof about it. I used to have about 100 of premium domains reged from them, I have no problem at all and their support is good too. The only reason I leave them because they are no longer support paypal method.


Comment #4

@marktimmy : you may be right but the thing here is how a other person can think about the same domains which are never reg before.. Since everybody saying it's just a co incidence(which I don agree) I'll remove who is record of that person....

Comment #5

Rocks when you do a whois research often that research can be tracked..

Domain tasters (individuals or companies) have somehow access to the researches. This issue has been raised already here at namepros (if you do a quick search you can read it). Just and advice: do not wait too long before regging a domain..

On the other side check if the same domains are available after the 5 days grace period. The taster might have dropped them. Try also later on because there is also a practice to re-taste for a couple of times more before giving it back to the wild....

2 domains regged few hours later is hard to believe a coincidence (happened to me in the past with 4...).

Nothing to do with wihz that is not a scammer.In your shoes I would change the title as is inappropriate..

Hope this helps..

Comment #6

@thetruman : Thank you. I understood what you said. If that is the case I feel sorry for myself. I lost two precious domains.

If it's nothing to do with then I say sorry to tk. I thought registrar involved in it since those are some valueable names.. Anyways good luck to that guy who grabbed them..

Mods please close this thread....

Comment #7

I dont belive can somehow record your searches because all he has that software application provided by directi and I dont think they would provide such feature to track down user searches. tk wont mess with the application code just to steal your two domains..

Comment #8

Where did you check the availability for these 2 names?..

Comment #9

I not only made a search, I was about to check out.. It showed invoice to add funds my account. While adding funds to my account I realize that paypal facility is not available.. Then I cancel my pending order ie I emptied my cart and went to register from And rest I described in my first post..

May be pending orders are available to all the registrars of directi...

Comment #10

What extension are the domains? .in?.

Did you check out whois to see who registered them? Were they registered by the same person?..

Comment #11

Yeah they are .in.. The same person who reg them.. In whois it's showing that it's reg by a person from Australia...

Comment #12

Yeah Rocks, more likely is "whois sniffing", like thetruman said, this is a problem - any whois search can be intercepted by domain sniffers/tasters and if you don't register your domains immediately, they may be taken by someone else. It happens a lot. It looks like there's nothing we can do about it right now, other than be ready to register good names right away.

I doubt owners had anything to do with this, it's just not a solid business model, to sell domain registrations then steal other people's domains Best not to call anyone a scammer unless there's compelling evidence.

With .com domains at least it is worth checking again in 4-5 days, often the tasters will release the domains again if they have no type-in traffic. I don't know if that works with .in domains...

Comment #13 is a reseller of DirectI. I don't think they have the capability to do what you are suggesting.

Also, it's a bit ridiculous to accuse people of blatant scamming with zero proof...

Comment #14

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