Which photo hosting site do you recommend?
BigBen08 wrote:.

Seems like some really like zenfolio. Any others?.


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It depends on what you want to do by putting your photos online. Some people go for community, some people go for price, some people go for control of their own pics, etc..

I want complete and total control of my own photos (file size, resolution, copyright, security, etc.). I own numerous domains both professional and personal. For posting my photos, I just use JAlbum (freeware) and then upload each album it to one of personal websites. It's not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, running your own photo website, but if you can figure out a digital camera, post processing software, etc., then the learning curve really isn't too bad..

If the reasons I listed above aren't important to you, then just about any photo site will do Flickr, SmugMug, etc. I just didn't like how limited most of them were in satisfying my criteria, but ultimately it was cost and control that resulted in me doing my own thing. I didn't feel like paying for limitations..

However you go, I would advise checking out JAlbum. It's a lot of fun, and if you don't use it for a website, you can always use it for putting photos on a DVD/CD..

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Pbase Smugmug and Flickr are popular. No experience of Flickr or Smugmug. There have been a number of problems with Pbase - enough that I've abandoned them in favour of Zemfolio...

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How do you like zenfolio? Any advantages over Pbase? I think zenfolio charges a small fee...

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Thanks, I give your suggestion a try..

Like you, I'm also interested in file size & resolution. I'd like the site to show exif data as well. Since I'm a dp beginner, I'm not concerned about security or copyright - at least not now...

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Zenfolio features are listed here:.


The big difference bewteen Zenfolio/SmugMug etc and others is that you upload the original image. No need to downres for the site..

Chris Elliott.

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Chris Elliott wrote:.

Zenfolio features are listed here:.


Is there anything about zenfoilo you like over the others? I think the site is somewhat new...

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Most of them offer a free trial, this is the easiest way to assess what you are after and how easy they are to work with. For me I just liked the look of Zenfolio and it was easy. It will do for my needs for the moment and possible a few years yet. As for the fee I do not think it was an issue for any of them when you consider you get 12 months and they are there as a back up if you really want to..

Have a look and play around that is the best way, if you decide to go with Zenfolio I have a code on my site that can save you $5 on joining totally up to you..

Good luck and enjoy..


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If posting images/video for personal use and to share them with others, consider Phanfare. Yes, they take full res photos and they can be downloaded easily (or a whole album in one click) by anyone you choose. They support embedding of photos (here for example) and videos 10min or 2gb at 4Mb/s..

I'll keep going. Your site can be completely open or secured, different albums viewable by different groups (friends, family, poker buddies). iTunes integration to allow any of your MP3s added to a slideshow. There are no ads. Been in business since '04 and doing well. They have a free account for up to 1gb (does not expire), beyond 1gb it's $55/yr for unlimited uploading..

They have the best support structure; responsive and active in their user forum (CEO, Mktg Dir, QA Dir, Developers and Cust service reps all take part frequently), like nothing I've seen in any industry. Been a customer for two years and gone from doing my own webhosting using html editors and IIS in the mid-late 90s, tried .Mac when it came out, used Gallery (1 and 2) for a couple years on Solaris..

Smugmug is good, no issue there. Zenfolio is too, especially for professional photographers..

Here's a list of features. I suggest a free account to try the sharing features. Oh, they don't spam either!

User forum is at, come say hello. ..

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BigBen08 wrote:.

How do you like zenfolio? Any advantages over Pbase? I think zenfoliocharges a small fee..

Both Zenfolio and Pbase charge a fee after your trial period expires - trial is about a month. One Interesting thing about the Zemfolio trial is that the trial is at their best package level. This means that you can upload images during your trial of any size you like whereas if you sign up for either of their cheaper packages you will then be limited to images of 12meg (I think...). But your bigger images that you might have uploaded during the trial do not get reduced!!!!.

Pbase has a few niggly irritants. For instance, if you replace one of your images there with another image it fails to replace the 'full exif' information although the brief exif information is updated! See here

That image WAS taken with an Epson 850Z as the displayed info says, but if you click the 'full exif' tab you see details of the replaced image's exif......

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Ausnapper wrote:.

...Have a look and play around that is the best way, if you decide to gowith Zenfolio I have a code on my site that can save you $5 onjoining totally up to you..

Everybody has a code on their site if they have half a brain to advertise it there. Advertisng it here is a breach of the rules:.

No promotion codes - We will not tolerate the waste of our resources and clogging of forums with 'advertising' promotion codes either in the message, signature or your plan. You will be banned..

Chris Elliott.

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Forgot to mention one of Phanfare's best features. Original photos are kept intact while still allowing editing online so at any time the original or edited version can be downloaded. Images up to 20MB are supported..

Also, videos can be part of any slideshow playing in line with photos and background music..

I wish I could tell you how to save money on an unlimited account, but Phanfare only relies on testimonials via word of mouth..

Ausnapper, thanks for the tip. If anyone else knows of other ways to save money on photo sharing accounts, please share them. I'm interested. Price is a big factor in choosing a site and that's what this thread is about...

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