which one to get D30, XT, XTi, D80, D40x?
Hello all,.

Yes, this is another newbie "which dslr should I get?" question. I am debating which one to get between, the Canon D30, XT, XTi, Nikon D80 and D40x..

I realize that the megapixels are the different, but I am trying to base my decision on overall cost and quality. For instance, are one company's lens more expensive than the other?.

Are certain lens harder to find then the other?.

Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated..


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Certain lens are more money than others. But you are buying into a system, not just a camera..

For instance, I shoot Olympus. They have excellent starter kits and nice glass that I have upgraded to, but not much from third party vendors (yet)..

A big thing you should look into is Image Stabilization. I believe Canon and Nikon have it in the lenses, whereas other companies do not. So, if you buy a camera and want to upgrade lenses and add IS to your system, this will cost more..

Out of the cameras you list, I would chose the D80 because I personally do not like the feel/ size of Canon Rebels.Someone correct me if I am wrong in this explanation.Anthony.


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I think you should get either the XTi or the D80 or the D40X. I believe you could use any of those for a long time and never regret your choice. Go to the store, pick them up and play with them. Buy the one that talks to you..

Neither system is "more expensive" than the other. Both have very cheap (read that low quality) lenses and both make very expensive and very high quality glass. You can buy what you want from either. You can take any picture you can imagine with either. You will never regret using either system..

Ignore those people who think they have to switch systems when one or the other comes out with a particularly nice camera body. They are not so much photographers as they are equipment addicts..

The "system decision" is irrelevant for hobby type photographers. Perhaps, if you are a specialized pro, there will be one system that has more to offer (many sports photographers like Canon, but Nikon takes lots of sports photographs too) but for the more average photographer, the system choice is just not that important any more..

Nothing is enough for the man to whom nothing is enough...

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Thanks for your thoughts. What do you think about the 30D vs the XT, XTi or the D40x?.

I realize the 30D may not be a good comparison to the others, but I think since the 40D and the nikon D80 has come out it may have dropped in price..

Also, since I am a beginner, should I opt for the entry level dslr,s vs the 30D?.


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Any of the Canon / Nikon cameras you have listed will take any and everything you wish. as the previous poster stated for the average photog (ie non pro) you invest in a system..

My Advise is to visit a store and handle each camera and then make your choice on what fells right to you. A work colleague and I are always having a pop at each other about camera size, (My canon 20D brick and is pocket sized Pentax 10D) but both take pictures just as good as each other, the biggest limitation is the human behind the lens

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I know someone has 11,000 clicks on her 30D and it still going strong.Can't go wrong with it if deals are out there.Anthony.


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As the others have said go to the store and play with them. Check out the specific forums. I just bought a XTi and love it. I bought the "kit" which included 2 lenses of poor quality. If I would have read the forums first I would have known to buy the body only and lenses seperate. I would suggest the IS lenses(image stabilization) You can get a canon 18-55mm IS for about $170.

Canon just announced athe 450d(XSi) so you should see some great deals on XT and XTi's. Check out costco, BH photo and adorama.Good luck..

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Exactly, you can now add the 450D to your headache as well. Only drawback is you have to wait a few months for it to be available. The upside however is that the new kit lens is the 18-55IS (great reviews so far) and you can later add the 55-250IS. From the Canon line-up you list, wait a little bit longer and then decide what else PMA brings. Off course the 350D/400D will still work pretty well for you. Just really a question of how important the latest features are (and there are quite a few with the latest Canon entry-level cam).

Hope the Nikon guys can also give their point of view in this regard.Cheers SubyMelbourne, Australia...

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In all honesty, it doesnt matter. I really wanted the XTI (thought Canon had better lenses than Nikon) but the xti did NOT feel comfortable in my hands at all. I got the Nikon D50. Im sure the xti would have given me the same results, so dont sweat it..

I would opt for a new D40 (not the D40x) or an xti...

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I was recently in your position debating among Nikon and Canon. I ended up purchasing a Canon 30d (3 weeks ago) from Curcuit city for a great clearence price. I can honestly say I am very happy I went with this camera. I am new to the dslr but hoping to one day be more than a hobby. The size of the 30d is bigger than the xti. But the bigger size is nice (you get use to it fast)..

I really personally like the look if Canon images. I find them to be maybe a little bit more colorful than compared to Nikon..

As for the 8 megapixels, it seems to me good. I mean it's plenty. I hear at 6 and beyond it really doesn't make all that big of a difference but it is nice to have at least 6..

About the images, right away I noticed how much nicer my images were over my A620 p&s. It looks much more professional. I have the IS kit lens that came with the 30D and I love it. Takes really nice shots..

Good luck with your purchase!..

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Need2focus wrote:.

...I am trying tobase my decision on overall cost and quality..

Wrong criteria. There is no difference between Nikon and Canon in "cost and quality". And obviously there's a difference between models within the brand, on cost and features. But not quality..

For instance, are onecompany's lens more expensive than the other?.


Are certain lens harder to find then the other?.


Both companies have gaps in their lens ranges compared to the other, but nothing IMHO that (a) a beginner would worry about enough to base their entire decision on and (b) is not filled by third party makes such as Tamron and Sigma..

Start thinking about features (and your budget). And as others have said, try the cameras in store - start with a Canon and Nikon of comparable price / features, and try them out. You may find a brand preference straight away because the layout / ergonomics is very different..

Your budget is a key factor - there is a big difference between the prices of the cameras you have listed, and unless you uare quite well off (or have more money than sense) you should be thinking about your budget / comfort factor, and not thinking that you might spend a signficant amount more on a given camera because of "quality"..

There is one thing, though - as with any technology purchase, be prepared to stretch just a little bit and get the very "best" (in terms of features and "state of the artedness") so it will last you longer and reduce the chance of buyer's remorse. I bought my D80 just as it came on the market and superseded the D70. I had decided on the D70, but when I realised there was a D80 option, even though it was about 25% more expensive, I decided to go the D80 for that reason. And it was the right decision for me. I want this thing to last at least 5 years..

Personally, I chose Nikon without even looking at the alternatives (Yes!!! I know! Amazing but true!) because I had a Nikon film SLR, I knew the layout, it felt good in store and I had read enough about the Canon ergonomics to know they wouldn't suit me. Not a huge deal but enough (in combination with the knowledge that brand really doesn't make any difference) to simplify the choice right at the outset..

I could tell you to buy a Nikon D80 right now, and be confident that you would be happy. I'd say look at the D40/x also, and understand the difference between them and the D80..

You're wasting your time trying to work it out by the criteria you have stated...

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