which lenses would you recommend?
Hi all.

I would like to buy a D300 and I don't know which lenses I should buy.I'm a beginner:First I want to understand the cam a and then I'll join two beginnner courses!.

I would like to use my cam mailny for:.

- portraits- sports (soccer & icehockey)- landscapes.

Which lense(s) you would recommend?.

Thanks in advance!..

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Hi all.

I would like to buy a D300 and I don't know which lenses I should buy.I'm a beginner:First I want to understand the cam a and then I'll join two beginnnercourses!.

I would like to use my cam mailny for:.

- portraits- sports (soccer & icehockey)- landscapes.

Which lense(s) you would recommend?.

Thanks in advance!.

The standard 18-55 Nikon kit lens is pretty good and not expensive; it will do fine to get started with portraits and landscapes. For sports it depends whether you are indoors or outdoors... if there is plenty of light something like the Nikon 55-200 VR or 70-300 VR lens (f/4-f/5.6) would be fine. if indoors, you will need something with a wider maximum aperture which adds a lot to the price..

For example: Nikon 55-200, f/4-f/5.6, 180 (UK).

BUT Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, 1150 UK. You pay a lot for the wide maximum aperture on tele lenses..

One question... why a D300? Was this your informed choice based on reading comparative reviews etc., or the salesman's recommendation as the 'best' new Nikon? If the former, fine. If the latter... it is an expensive, highly-featured semi-professional level camera and far more than you need to get going on (and far more than you may ever need). You could spend less than half the amount of money on a D80, an excellent camera which would have been pro-level not many years ago, and save the change for lenses when you know what you want..

Bear in mind that camera bodies are like computers: they depreciate and become obsolete very quickly, and there will be a better / faster /cheaper one along next year... for the amount of money you have, I would seriously suggest getting a cheaper (but still excellent) body but some good lenses. It is the lenses that make the photos after all..

Best wishesMike..

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Hey .

First of all, what's the budget here...?.

I think Nikon D300 sounds like a bit of an overkill, if you're beginner and don't want to spend a large amount of money on photography. Especially since the image quality of D300, deserves some nice glass... .

Well, but here goes....


- Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G ED N is an excellent choise, but it comes at a very high price (~1500 USD if I remember correctly).

For something less flamboyant but still very good quality, consider the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 SP XR Di LD II. This is a quite cheap lens, but make no mistake - it's very sharp and, at it's price, certainly delivers!.


The primary thing to look out for, is the aperture. You need a fast lens - especially inside..

The Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 is an obvious high quality choise, but once again, the price is quite high. The Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX can be acquired for somwhat less, and quality is still very high here....


Assuming that you buy one of the two portrait lenses I've mentioned here, you could use that one for landscapes..

If you need a more extreme wide angle, buy the Sigma 10-20 it's a very good ultra wide angle lens, with surprisingly good border performance, in spite of it's low price..

As you can see, none of the mentioned lenses are what you'd call really cheap - which is why I'll suggest Nikon D80 + better lenses, or maybe the Sony A700 + better lenses, if you should find the D300 + lenses too costly..

Do NOT buy a semipro/pro cam like the Nikon D300, and then put bad quality glass in front of it. That's like buying a Ferrari F50 and put bicicle tyres on it....

Hope you could use some of the info. .

Larlf wrote:.

Hi all.

I would like to buy a D300 and I don't know which lenses I should buy.I'm a beginner:First I want to understand the cam a and then I'll join two beginnnercourses!.

I would like to use my cam mailny for:.

- portraits- sports (soccer & icehockey)- landscapes.

Which lense(s) you would recommend?.

Thanks in advance!.

Http:// << tutorials, guides etc. << my portfolio..

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I agree with you mike. As a beginner, I would buy myself a beautiful D80 and some higher grade glass. D300 just might be too much for a beginner...

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Perfectly right. Invest in lenses!.

I wouldn't even use a D300 with their 18-200mm lens (fine lens, but with a D300 I would want to have better glass)...

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As I am a beginner, I thought that it's the cam that is really important!That's why I found the D300....

But as you see I'm learning/reading, that's why I'm asking here .

As I would like to make good pictures, I would like to have both:.

A good cam & also good lenses, specially as I can use the lenses with other cams....

I'll think again about the cam, but I'm happy to know now more about the lenses you recommended & thats the most important for me..

Do you think a D300 has too much features for a beginner, even when I will join courses?(I wanted to join a "beginner course" and also a special course for the D300.)..

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You'll find my answer above... (as I think that you've had the same arguments as mike703...)..

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If you are a photographer with experience in SLR cams (film), then it might be usefull to buy the D300...only MIGHT be usefull..

I've shot with quite a few SLR's (film that is; Nikon FM2/ F4s / F100/Leica), in the past. Now I've got the Olympus E-3 (maybe comparable to D300),and it's a very steep learing curve..

If I wouldn't have any experience in photography at all, I would never buy myself a D300 as a first cam. As I and others said already; choose the very best glass your money can buy (and in the case of Nikon many of that is above $1000,-); maybe even non-zooms. Disadvantage is ofcourse: hight weight and high costs!.

If money is no issue at all for could buy a D3 as well then (but don't pressume to get better pictures than anyone having experience with maybe a Nikon D80 or Olympus 510 or Canon 450D or....).Best lessons are in practicing (shooting pictures that is)..

That said, I think the latest wide angle Nikon zoom is supposed to be very good as is the 70-200mm/2.8...and many many more...check prices before you order:-)Good luck!..

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What I don't understand is: why you all recommend the D80?.

I thought as the D300 is the newer modell of D200, I'd like to buy the D200:.

Do you think D200 is also too much for a beginner or is the D80 better than D200?.

I think there is plenty I have to read/learn, before I'll buy the cam.....

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Well compared to the D80 I would say that the D200 is also quite a step up in learning, though not as much as the D300. Maybe it's a good idea to wait for a D90 (rumours go this is a model people are waiting for)..

Now if you are prepared for some very steep learning (being a beginner) the D300. I think it's a wonderfull camera. At the same high quality / "professional"/ fast glass with it to get the max. out of this cam..

The D80 has been around for some time and it's a versatile camera, capable of high quality results..

Again, if money / weight / steep learing curve is of no D200/ D300/ D3....or Canon 5D or po series of Canon....or Olympus E-3. All these cams are highly capable, but there just might be a thing or two you will not use at all...

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For me the most important is, that it's a camera which is "capable of high quality results" because I don't like to buy just a "beginner" camera because of my beginner status....

But it helped me a lot, to (now) know that it's probably better to (first) spend my money in a good cam with even better lenses instead of buying a semipro cam with "bad" (normal) lenses...

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That's right....investing in lenses will help you getting the best results. In the right hands, many cameras are capable of very good results. I'm convinced that a good photographer can make great pics with most (all?) cameras. And a D80 (or Oly 510 or Canon 450D or...), will do this very good..

I wish you good luck with choosing the right cam for yourself. One last thing: actually hold the cameras you are thinking of and try to use it if this is possible. It has to fit YOUR needs and YOUR hands...

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