Which is better - Nutrisystem or Medifast ?

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Hi, first of all, I'm convinced Medifast works so I'm not going anywhere. However, my mom is torn between Medifast and Nutrisystem. Do any of you have any good advice, facts, figures that support Medifast over Nutrisystem?.

I've been on Medifast for a month and we have different lifestyles, taste preferences, etc - so other input would be good.

I would love to have her join me on this journey. Of course, we will support each other regardless of the "means" we use.

Her biggest concern is the need to "chew" and not "drink".

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Everyone is different. Medifast was love at first sip for me. My husband tried Nutrisystem just before I started Medifast. I tasted a few of his things. NASTY! He switched to Medifast. Other people like Nutrisystem.

Good luck to both of you!.

Comment #1

I was on Nutrisystem last year. It was my own fault that I didn't lose weight with the program but I found the food not very good, it was more expensive because you had to add a lot of extras, and there was some real nastiness on the board..

I like the Medifast food much better, the plan is so simple and I have seen very little discord on the boards. It just seems like a friendlier place to me..

Comment #2

I would suggest she buy a few things fist before signing up to spend big $$$. I tried nearly everything they offered, and couldn't eat any of it other than the desserts. I've given away bags of the stuff to people who wanted to try it, and they have all given it back to me. I finally donated it. Medifast is much more convenient when you're away from home and not near a microwave or stove..

Comment #3

I, too, did both, but unlike many people here, didn't hate the Nutrisystem food. In fact, it got to be that I liked the granola bars and muffins quite a bit, and pretty much any pasta dish with red sauce - of course, everyone's taste buds are different). I lost 14 pounds (within a few weeks) on Nutrisystem and kept it off for a while, but it somehow found me again, hence my Medifast membership. So far in 2 weeks I've lost 7 pounds on Medifast and I like the food. I do think it is quite a bit easier than Nutrisystem in that I don't always have to have a microwave (which is 10 floors down in my office on a very busy elevator). I also think she can get over the drink vs.

I discovered the Shake Cake yesterday and thought I died and went to heaven. There was also a lemon meringue (sp?) pie that I had made of oat meal and Medifast pudding (of which I am not a big fan) that she might find appetizing..

Comment #4

Mothers are always right, but that doesn't mean you have to agree with her. Let her do her own thing, you'll see as you progress with Medifast that it works for you, and you will be facing many nah sayeres, and other obstacles as you go through this journey...but I think for me, I found that I was in control on Medifast, and all the obstacles were just that, I move right past them without comment, and here I am with less than 25 pounds to go until goal. Nobody is stopping me, join the wave.

Comment #5

I can definately relate. My mom is currently on Nutrisystem...while I'm, obviously, on Medifast. She loves Nutrisystem...I love Medifast...and we have very different tastes..always have..

My mom: not picky at all... she says the food on Nutrisystem tastes great..but shes never been only to describe any food as gross or nasty. She also looked at Medifast, but decided on Nutrisystem because in her eyes it is more "real" food..and you get to chew more, etc. She's losing her weight almost as fast as me...and feels's working ..for HER..

Me: In one word - picky. Medifast is perfect for me because it's FAST, and the meals are "simple" tasting..I don't want to say bland..but I'm not a fan of strong it is perfect for me and I can spice them up if needed just to my liking. They also contain all the vitamins I need... I know my mom has to take a multi-vit. I needed to break my addiction to carbs and food in general. My mom didn't have this "addiction" or closet eating....she just ate too much for her activity rate...

so for me the complete break from so called "real" food was just what I needed..

So, basically I think they are both good plans, but very different...and just like people are different one may be better for one person and not another..

Comment #6

When I did Nutrisystem, I was always hungry! Now? Not so

I guess if she's getting the results she wants, "to each his own"..

Comment #7

Wow Sounds almost exactly like us.I'm extremely picky and I wanted to stay away from Nutrisystem because of that. I prefer a simple/basic base that I can work with to MY liking..

Thank you everyone for your input. I know that everyone is different and I do respect her choices. I was just looking for a little bit more experienced advice from some people that may have experienced both..

Thank you again and I'll share tid bits with my mom..

Comment #8

All I know is, someone GAVE me a box full of Nutrisystem food. I tried a few items and they were so unbelievably nasty I gave the whole box to a food kitchen. I would not eat the stuff when it was free, so I sure would not pay $300/month for the privilege!.

ETA: I am NOT a picky eater. I will almost never throw food away once I have made it, whether I particularly like it or not. But I threw away the Nutrisystem food after one bite..

Comment #9

ROFL! I did exactly the same thing! Only I got a free week for filling out a survey. I have never had such nasty food in all my life. Makes Medifast stuff taste like gourmet!.

Comment #10

I've done both. Nutrisystem worked great for me in HIGH SCHOOL so when I gained 30 pounds after losing 100 I went back to it. I hated it. TOO much food to eat. Plus, it was $300 a month PLUS you had to buy extra stuff in addition which was pricey. It was just too much of everything..

Medifast, for me... SIMPLE. NO thinking, no lugging around boxes of stuff to work and such. The packets are small and convenient and just need water. She has to find what works for HER. If she prefers to "eat more"..

but for simple and easy... Medifast wins hands down.. and I think even after buying L&G, Medifast Is way more cost-efficient !.

Comment #11

I have also done both and I never minded the taste of the Nutrisystem food. I did it in college, so maybe that is saying something! However, I feel that Nutrisystem had no real plan of T&M. I didn't learn anything on that program, except how to unwrap a carton of food and nuke it! I am learning so much more on Medifast, especially since we have to get creative with our L&G's. Lastly, many think this is a liquid diet and I couldn't disagree more, only b/c I make so many of the recipes.

Either way, I think it's great your mom is looking into a weightloss program. Different things work for different people, as many have said and hopefully she finds the one thats right for her! Of course, secretly we know Medifast is the best!! he he.

Good luck!!!.

Comment #12

I tried Nutrisystem - to me, it all tasted like Chef Boyardee - that overly salty (and I do think it has a lot more sodium) flavor that tastes very canned. Even the freeze dried stuff you need to add boiling water to tasted like watery Top Ramen (Shan maybe that's why it was tolerable in college).

For the most part, I don't think I lost anything on it, because it was like small portions of pretend food. I didn't learn portion control, I was hungry all the time, I didn't learn to make healthy choices, I didn't feel compelled to eat every few hours to keep my metabolism stoked. So, I would never go on Nutrisystem again or recommend it to anyone..

And that's my two cents!.

Comment #13

I was on Nutrisystem last year - food was ok (as long as no mushrooms!!!) HOWEVER, I struggled to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks! I lost that in the first two weeks on Medifast! Also, I love the ease of having my little packet with me - it can go anywhere I can - microwave...not so much! I found out the hard way last year when my mom was in hospital and I had to stay with her round the clock - I ate nothing because I had nothing - wish I had been on Medifast then - at least I had bottled water I could have used! Also, with Nutrisystem you get used to the desserts (which are incredible) it didn't teach me they were a no no - so, if I can have this dessert - I can have that dessert.....WRONG!!!!! Medifast is TEACHING me lessons I so badly need to learn not only to have control of what I eat - but how much I eat - and there's no wiggle room for cheating. My big cheat is to eat over a cup of salad!!! Ohhh bad girl!.

Comment #14

Well I have never been on Nutrisystem personally but my aunt went on it and lost 16lbs in 2 months. She has gained most of it back because I don't believe they teach you anything about eating healthy. She ended up eating all their desserts and bars or whatever they give you first- and she said that all their main dinners had like 3000 gms of sodium? ( I dont know how thats possible) and that it made her blood pressure sky rocket..

The point is- I feel like the nutritionists with Medifast tell you how much fat, cal, carbs, sodium, protein etc you are supposed to have and WHY you can't just have a peach one day on a lark...where as - as far as I can see with nutrisystem- they are like,.

"Here's this pre-packaged food with a ton of sauce on it! Just eat it and you will lose weight!".

But there's no transition as far as I saw- or back up plan or support system the way Medifast has? Medifast is not a picnic- but if you stick to it- it's the results that will be long lasting and make it worth your while. I wouldnt' want to lose only 16lbs in 2 months and be depressed because I don't get the math or science of the product???.

That's me. I hope I helped at all???.

Comment #15

I did Nutrisystem in 2006 for 2 months and lost 15 lbs but then I got pregnant .

They claim 10.00 a day but with all the extra food you had to add it was more like 20.00 a day. Nutrisystem is no where near being easy to follow and they food is- less then satisfying. There were only a few items that we tolerable. The muffins were like cardboard and some of the dinners were just down right disgusting.

Also I couldn't eat the same food as everyone else. I like that I can have dinner with my family without having to prepare 2 different types..

Medifast is so convenient, great tasting and affordable. Adding just 1 meal extra a day is easy. You still get to have 'regular food' once a day. You don't feel deprived.

On top of that you lose weight quickly. I've been on Medifast since June 16th and as of this morning I've lost 40 pounds!.

It doesn't get any better than that!.

Comment #16

I tried Nutrisystem before joining Medifast..

Nutrisystem food is LOADED with sodium and preservatives. There is so much sodium in the food that it aggravated my already high blood pressure. I felt dizzy and ill all the time..

Also, Nutrisystem food is loaded with carbs. Which meant I was hungry ALL the time.

Yes, a few of their foods were delicious, but again the amount of sodium, preservatives, carbs and the tiny portions offset the taste of the food..

The portions were TINY. Like microscopic. Which also led to me being hungry all the time..

Also they claim you get to choose your foods, but I never got the foods I selected - they'd send me all the random gross crap food that no one wanted..

With Medifast, the food is loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. The system puts you in ketosis so you're not hungry. The low sodium and fat has helped my high blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as weight..

Hope this helps..

Comment #17

Oh yeah Vie when I switched to Medifast, I gave away ALL my Nutrisystem food to the Salvation Army for free. I gave away about 3 boxes of food - close to $900. Makes me cringe to think about the amount of money I wasted. I was on their "autoship" program..

I feel sorry for the poor soul who is going to eat all that crap..

Comment #18

I'm want to put will you be my friendship in my profile now.....

Comment #19

Do it! Dee did it and so did I!.

Comment #20

I tried Nutrisystem a summer or two ago. Could not eat the food. It was too slimey... I ended up throwing it away. I thought the old Nutrisystem of years ago was much, much better..

Comment #21

I have tried both Nutrisystem and Medifast. Years ago I tried Medifast and regained all of my weight as soon as I started eating real food. Medifast back then is like Nutrisystem is now it didn't teach you what to do once you went back to regular food. But Medifast now teaches you how to slowly add back real food with T & M. Nutrisystem doesn't. With Nutrisystem I was always hungry, and the weight came off so slow.

And I just couldn't get past the hamburger that had to be re-hydrated. And the rolls they send last for a whole month. What kind of roll will last a whole month? Only ones with tons of preservatives. I love Medifast. I lose weight so much faster on this plan then on Nutrisystem.

Comment #22

I tried Nutrisystem before Medifast.

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the idea of eating a meal each day that I prepared! Real food. Microwaving and boiling "mystery" foods, got old real quick. I only found 2 or 3 Nutrisystem items that I really enjoyed, I tolerated the rest. I could only do Nutrisystem for about a month, never ordered the second. I find I can stay on Medifast for a longer period of time.

Good luck to her, whatever she decides..

Comment #23

I tried Nutrisystem two years ago. Like others have said the food is just absolutely disgusting. The chocolate (or as I like to call it 'chalk-lit') is horrible and awful and just everything that is wrong in this world. But that's me. I'm sure others have found it tasty. I am not a particularly picky eater, I don't think, but I can't think of a single thing on Nutrisystem that I actually looked forward to eating..

The cost is what really got me. Sure it was only $300/month for the Nutrisystem 'food' but it was all the other food that you HAVE to eat that made it so outrageously expensive. I was also always hungry. I lost my gallbladder. Gained all the weight back FAST plus a few extra pounds for good measure. I couldn't make it thru 2 full months.

I ended up giving the food to my husband to take to work and he literaly threw up at work when he tried the pretzels..

Medifast works great. I'd also add that Jenny Craig works well, tastes a heck of a lot better than Nutrisystem and costs about the same as Nutrisystem. So, if she were going to go with something other than Medifast I'd suggest JC. However, with both Nutrisystem & JC even tho I lost weight there was no real transition or learning how to eat properly once off the program. That alone is what makes Medifast stand above the rest..

So, if after reading all the replies on here she still wants to do Nutrisystem have her buy a couple of Nutrisystem things on QVC and try it out before making a big commitment. Seriously, there is nothing quite as nasty as their lemon poppyseed muffins..

Comment #24

I was torn between the two when I researched diets... and my summary is as follows.

Nutrisystem food=yucky.

Medifast food= yummy.

There ya have it!.

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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