Which camera should i buy?
Hey guys This is Protik. And yes my hobby is ofcourse photography. the thing is i'm gonna buy my very first dslr camera soon and I wanna know is 400d/xti will be better for me or the olympus e-510. IS is not a fact here because if I buy 400d then I will buy IS lenses and I like to take night pictures. I wanna know about performance of these two cameras and what you think I should buy. Thnx for your answers, any kind of opinions will be gr8 for me...

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Both are good cameras but I beleve the E510 is a better value at least in the US. I don't like the added cost of IS in the lens when I can have it in every lens and I like having live view when I need it. The Canon will generally perform better in low light over the Oly but the oly will perform in low light as well except that at high ISO it will be slightly noisier. If you are not doing giant prints or very major crops you may not notice the difference. If you get the Canon you will be one of the crowd and may be able to borrow lenses etc. If you get the Oly you will be a leader of men and noticed for your independence .

Here are a couple of "night" shots from the 510. One is fireworks, one is under the lights at a tennis match. Both taken with kit lenses. The second is at ISO 1600 and has been run through Noise Ninja..

Both are good cameras. Go to a store and handle both of them, take a memory card with you and take some shots with both and compare and see which is more comfortable for you. Look at your budget and make your own decision..

Good Luck.


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Olympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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If you are new to DSLRs (like me), you will probably want to get the E-510... I recently got it for my first DSLR as well..

If you get the 400D you will most likely get the body only and get the IS lens like you said... which will in turn be more expensive than the E-510 which comes with a very decent kit lens..

Eventhough the E-510 has a smaller sensor than most DSLRs (4/3) it is still much bigger than any point-and-shoot or even those SLR-like super zooms, and will have much less noise at high ISO in comparison if you're moving up from those categories..

Pretty sure the SSWF dust removal feature on the E-510 is surperior to the 400D (or anything other method for that matter) but I don't know about live view. Maybe because I never looked through the viewfinder before and the concept is novel and interesting, I'm sure there are situations where I need to use live view though..

It's smaller, more compact, so it makes you feel less like a geek walking around with the thing (not by much), and it grips better than the 400D (but that's just me). I think the smaller profile lets your hand grab onto it better..

You're gonna want more lenses... trust me. I'm already wishing I got the 2 lens kit and not the one. You are not going to find one lens that will suit all your photographing needs (like those super zooms) so if you want to buy more lenses with IS, that's a big dent in your wallet..

Oh yeah, so get the 2 lens kit... such a better deal. I'm beating my head in with a 2 by 4 for not having such foresight..

Besides all that I think there's also longer battery life and higher USB 2.0 transfer speeds to boot, and I personally think it looks sexier .

Oh yeah, and also, one big reason why I went with the smaller 4/3 sensor... smaller lenses offering the same flexibility or same size lenses offering more flexibility (think about how much zoom you can get with a small lens on a super zoom which has a tiny sensor)..

Ok that's everything I think, hope I helped..


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Do you have many cost concerns, any particular minimum spec requirements, etc?.

I've seen the Pentax K100D at very competitive prices, it is a 6MP camera with built in shake reduction, and due to be replaced fairly soon by the 10MP entry level K200D so i'd expect to start seeing them appearing on the second hand market and taking price cuts new as well. Pentax have lens compatibility going for them, you can pick up old manual lenses from as far back as the 70s on ebay for bargain prices. If price isn't a concern then there's the K10D, though even then it's cheaper than the competition...

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As already mentioned, the Oly E-510 is a much better buy than the XTi..

And Canon's 18-55 kit lens is a piece of junk in relation to all of the other kit lenses offered out there..

I personally don't like the way the XTi fits my hands, so I would never buy one, regardless of the quality photos it takes..

As for the Oly sensor being really isn't smaller, but narrower due to having the 4:3 aspect ratio instead of the 3:2 aspect ratio..

If you do go for the E-510, get the two lens kit..

The Oly kit lenses are by far the best kit lenses available!.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

From my E-510 with- kit lens:.

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Remember.always keep the box and everything that came in it!..

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Nice Shot!!Olympus E-510 and a bunch of stuff to hang on it...

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At first i'm sorry for late reply. I was quite busy with my high school studies..

Thank you so much for your answers. As you said I will try them both first then I will see which one fits better. after your comments I read some more about both cameras and I saw some of them worte about 400d's dust cleaning system which is not that good. is that true? And Olympus E-510 got some problem with autofocusing when it's dark..

If I buy 400d then I will buy 18-55 IS lens then after a few months I will buy my second lens which is gonna be 55-250 IS I guess. Afterall i'm a beginner thats why I will try with a lense first to know better the camera..

About Olympus, if I get that one then ofcourse with the kit lense and thats a bit expensive than 400d (including 18-55 IS lens) here in sweden..

I'm a student and yes money does matter for me. Thank you all for helping a Beginner like me..

And J. D thats a more than great picture. Thanks..


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Thanks both for the comps on the photo!.

I used the kit 40-150 zoom lens on that shot!.

The E-510 is a very capable camera, despite what many of the APS-C naysayers try to convey about the Olympus camera system..

One other thing about having an Olympus..

You will be different than everybody else (Nikon or Canon), so you won't have to worry about your friends trying to borrow your lenses or flash units! LOL.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

Took this one yesterday morning with the E:510 and 40-150 kit lens at sunrise:.

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(handheld at full zoom, IS on, f:5.6 at 1/320 sec, 100 ISO at 7:12 a.m., no PP other than resizing).

Remember.always keep the box and everything that came in it!..

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