Which Brand Of Compact Flash Card?
I have a Canon Powershot S200 Digital ELPH camera and am a beginner to digital cameras. My camera came supplied with a 8MB and obviously need a bigger card but am unsure of which brand is best. I am looking to get either a 128MB or 256MB card... Which is the best brand...!..

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Try the following website: It is a Yahoo Top Service Store and their price is resonable...

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First of all you should define what is best meant. In terms of cost, usually bigger the memory the cheaper it is (i.e. cost per MB). There are only few independent reviews on different CF brand

Http:// Both site confirmed that Sandisk is a ripoff in terms of read and write speed, which is more important than with access time.

The only good thing about Sandisk is writing in small files, but is that what you want your s200 to do? that is capturing smaller sizes with normal quality images, where your camera can do SUPER-FINE and largest possible size. Secondly, I don't think even if using the best suggested CF card from these site would actually make a big differences other than if shooting in continious mode as your camera are resonably good at!!! Different CF brand only REALLY affect it performance in SLR camera not compact once. Maybe I'm wrong, but do some info. digging...

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I just purchased a 256mb Transcend 30x card for $65 including S & H from Great to work with, no hassle. Card works great...

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Yes, the DPReview article is probably the best comparison done on the net in terms of compact flash. The most important thing about a CF card is the write speed. That basically equals the amount of time it takes for you to write the data your camera took onto the card. If you go with a slow write speed card, you will have to wait until the writing is done in order to take another picture. The best card to buy is Simpletech. They have the fastest write speed from a major brand. They beat out lexar, viking, and sandisk in terms of speed...

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Fast write speed is senseless! The interface of most cameras is much slower then the CF card. Why write to an expensive 24/32/40x CF if camera does only 8x ! Industry makes fools!..

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How do I determine my camera write speed? I have Nikon 4500. Thanks..

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To be Honest, I have never heard that digital camera were branded with write-speed (the theory of high GRaphic card and low cpu). This is because there are only few ways to take digital images that.

Is CCD, CMOS and super CCD that COULD affect the captured and processing speed performance. Unfortunately, my experiance with 601z fuji super CCD (interpolate) and A40 (normal CCD) captured speed are about the same. Though I could be wrong?! Second issue is the build-in buffer on each camera, but from what I have know the buffer are always large enough to store a single (or more) image/s at one any point in time before transfering to compact flash. Thirdly, what different from CF and SM card is that CF card have build in controller, therefore those Cameras who only compatible with CF card does not have a controller inside the camera (controller determine the speed). Thats why different CF card have different read and write speed and SM card doesn't (pure silicon metal). Therefore, cameras should have very similar capture speed.

Anyway, what important is write speed especially continous mode on high performance camera...

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With a 5.0 megapixel camera, are you better off having a few 64-128 or less 256 cards. Is it better having MORE smaller memory cards rather than one larger.


Comment #8

Yes and No!!! What's makes you think so 'Howard F'??? I don't know exactly what you are on about, but from my knowlege it has nothing to do with read and write performance in terms of the mb size capability in CF card. Higher the Mb in a card are cheaper than 2 smaller ones. (e.g. A single 256mb CF card for example are cheaper than having 2 128mb). But for insurance like going out for holiday, most would prefer to have 2 CF card (i.e. use your CF card that came with the camera as backup) where one of your CF card could be damages/ need formatting/ lost all the images taken previously/ realizing one of your cards are missing when you want to take some precious images like fireworks as it only bang ONCE...

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What's makes you think so 'Howard F'???.

What I posted was a "question" no a think so...

ARE you better off with a few smaller memory cards rather than less larger of loss, failure or perhaps leaving a card to be printed(photos).


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I bought a large CF card and obtain the one that came with the camera. To have 2 CF card just in case, because as you may or may not aware that files in CF card could be lost in any moment of time on any brand (but never experianced myself for several months). But firstly I have to say from what I have read on this site that CF is hard to get damage with, which mentioned in the "photo lesson: Learn to Shoot Photos for Your Kids" Anyway, since you are using a 5mp camera and if you are a keen photographer (takes lots of movie clips and photos) then I suggest you use 'Image Storage Devices" on this site: Using 1 - 50GB hard drive is a real solution to those who takes TONS of quality images as it SHOULD able to use 'photo rescue' or normal pc software for recovering lost files...

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I have a Simpletech 256 meg and Kingston 256 meg. card. The Simpletech is slower when writing a Tiff file in my camera by 5-6 seconds than the Kingston card. But it's not really that important since I seldom use Tiff mode...

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Yeah I like the scandisks, but if you are looking for pretty good quality with a low cost go with PNY. but the card I really suggest is the scandisk 256 ultra..

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Could someone tell me if they've ever heard of IO Data Compactflash Card 256mb? I found this to be one of the least expensive cards but is it fast like the others?..

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Howard F, how on earth are we to know if your rambling is a question or a "think so..."??? Have you heard of a nice little thing called question marks? (That's a question, not a think so, albeit a retorical one...)..

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