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I've just bought a Canon G9, I would like to avoid the auto settings on the iso and progam dial, so where do I start. Do I use shutter, aperture, full program mode etc?? If I start changing modes between pictures I know that most shots will be binned..

I read somewhere that aperture priority should be used, but I may be confusing this..


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Until you understand what each mode is good for, you're just going to be guessing but the nice thing is that film is free now  so you can experiment to your heart's content..

In many cases, Aperture Priority is preferred since that controls your depth of field. But in fast moving action, you'd want Shutter Priority (Tv) instead..

All the variables (ISO, aperture & shutter speed) combine to affect teh look of the finished photo..

Sounds like you need an introduction to basic camera operation...

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I need something:).

I have a rough idea of the effects of the various settings, shutter speed etc, but not what the corresponding values equate to. ie is there an average shutter speed that I should be using, can I try and force the camera into 1/60 by using the other settings for everyday non moving shots?.

I suppose Im trying to keep some of the variable settings fixed so that I can fully understand the effects of say changing iso, in which case which would be the easiest variable to get to grips with?.


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Thanks Mike,.

I think I may not be getting my query over correctly..

While I'm slowly getting the hang of the various settings and their relationship on each other, I'm also looking for a camera mode that will allow me to more readily spot the effects of any change - am I making sense?.

In other words what camera mode will allow me the quickest route away from automatic mode..


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I usually start with shutter priority - for outdoor dog shots etc I either have it fast enough to stop the action, slower speed for a still shot, a good speed to get a blurred background of a moving subject or enough speed to avoid a blurred picture from camera shake in wind etc + obviously allow for the amount of zoom I'm using..

Then half press the shutter release to focus and the G9's monitor will show you the brightness of the shot you'll take - if too dark, increase the ISO (higher no) or decrease the shutter speed. If in "Manual" rather than "Tv" mode you could obviously increase the aperture (lower no) as well as/instead of changing the ISO or shutter speed..

If you want to start with aperture priority obviously set that first then see what settings you have to use for aperture & ISO to get the shots you want or use manual mode to bring shutter speed into the equation - as an earlier poster said "film is free now  so you can experiment to your heart's content".

So, yes you can force the G9 to take non moving shots at a 1/60 - however, that might not be fast enough to prevent a bit of image blur or give you a bright enough shot if you've got the zoom out to 210mm to photo something quite far away and it's windy/dark early evening. On the other hand you could easily take a shot at a slower speed when it's sunnier and you've got the lens set for a shot at say 35mm etc..

One final piece of advice - I see you live in the UK so, like me, you may want to change the G9's white balance from "Auto" to "Cloudy" for at least the next couple of months for outdoor shots!.

Good luck......Caster.

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Take the same shot (perhaps a portrait or still life) in aperture priority and vary the aperture through it's entire range. You'll see the depth of field change in the series..

Then go down to the highway and put the camera in shutter priority and shoot the cars moving at a full range of shutter speeds. you'll see the cars go from a total blur to less of a blur to no blur..

Again, the mode change will be obvious only when shooting something that tickles what that mode is sensitive to..

Shooting a flower in shutter priority mode wont show much of anything change...

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Thanks for all the help - especially white balance:).

I think I'm going to keep the camera in either shutter priority for the little one and aperture priority for any other shots - hopefully just using these two setting and leaving the rest for another time will help me learn more quikly - even though it appears there's no real short cut - just lots of practice....


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