Where to buy Optimum whey protein ?

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Also, I am wondering if anyone who has tried it tell me what they think of it?.

Comments (71)

You can buy it either in, or Check their prices and buy it from the cheapest one..

Comment #1

Mixes easily, has helped me develop my muscles much faster than I thought it would, stack this with cheap supplements' Creatine Monohydrate for optimum effects, only downside to this supplement is the taste aint all that, Delicious my @$$.

Comment #2

I've had both Chocolate and Vanilla ON 100% Whey Protein and they are both great tasting. I find that the Vanilla doesn't mix quite as well as the chocolate. The price at is right and I'm sure that the protein is working for me..

Comment #3

You can't go wrong with ON 100% whey. I'm sure everyone knows that it's considerably the best protein on the market. I've heard a lot of people saying Vanilla has a horrible taste but I took the risk to buy it anyways. To my surprise Vanilla ice cream mixed in water tastes like whole milk. I've had double rich chocolate and extreme milk chocolate and both were hard to get down when mixed in water. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to transform..

Comment #4

This is the first protein powder I tried after being severely disappointed with GNC protein powders. Gold standard mixes well, tastes delicious(especially with milk) and has 24 g of protein per scoop. I have tried chocolate malt, double chocolate, extreme milk chocolate and chocolate mint. For it's price Gold standard is unbeatable..

Comment #5

I've used Optimum for years. I occasionally try other products, but this is my stand-by; it's economical and I like the taste..

Comment #6

Good stuff. I think all protein powders taste like s@#$t. But this is one of the better ones. I mix it with water as little as possible, to get it down quicker. Over all not to bad..

Comment #7

Has been a part of my food rotation for six months now, and is an absolute staple. I won't list the benefits of whey here, you will that in many other places. This stuff is convenient for post workout shakes, and tastes pretty good too. Tastes better in milk (duh!)..

Comment #8

Hands down the most cost efficient and quality protein out there. The flavors I have tried are White Chocolate, Cake Batter, Cookies and Cream and Double Rich Chocolate and I'd say Double Rich Chocolate was the only one I didn't enjoy drinking..

Comment #9

I am using this ON whey protein for almost two months and guys it's just a complete waste of money...the taste is really bad and did not see any results at all even after using for four months. I guess it was complete waste of money.....i am not gonna try this protein ever again my life..

Comment #10

Tastes really good mixes well. Highly recommended!.

Comment #11

I used this product for several months to supplement my protein intake, and the amount of pure protein per serving, combined with the affordable price make it a great choice. This being said, I believe most whey protein isolates on the market are very similar and I only buy based on the cheapest/most protein per serving, with no loyalty to a specific brand..

Comment #12

Good amount of protein and low in calories. This product has helped me lose weight and gain muscle. Great product..

Comment #13

I'm using it for 4 years by now, bestwhey protein there ever is, tastes is great too....

Comment #14

LOVE this stuff, taste great and mixes so easy with a shaker and milk..

Comment #15

Pretty much the tried and true whey protein. can't go wrong with ON.

Comment #16

It's been about 30 days since I started with this product and I must say the results speak for themselves. My grip has improved, my waist has reduced by 1 inch and I am much much stronger than before. I could not have reached the level of strength I now possess without 100% ON Gold Standard. I am currently deadlifting 140kg for a 3RM at a body weight of 67-68kg and looking to push into the 150kg+ territory within the next 4 weeks :) I am also incredibly surprised at my immense rate of recovery. Earlier I could hardly get up from bed 2-3 days after maxing out. Now not only is that easy, I can also do some light cardio/tempo work.

I'm much less susceptible to colds/flu/common infections as the glutamine in this product is working wonders for my immune system as well. This is truly a must for every person wishing to enhance his strength, recovery and overall performance. I truly recommend this to anyone and everyone..

Comment #17

ON 100% Whey malt chocolate doesn't taste as good as other proteins I've tried, but I'll take performance over taste any day. Mixes extremely easy, taste good in water, and even better with milk..

Comment #18

Actually pretty good in water, good in milk, disgusting in oats..

Comment #19

It taste really bad...i got syntha 6 and it teast great...sometimes I think that they are scaming us...i though it was going to be great tasting but is snot..i think that they put some of them.

Comment #20

I am a 63 year old diabetic and I use this product to substitute breakfast. It gives me the energy that I need to last to lunch. I find the protein is just what I need to counter spiking blood sugar rates. The Vanilla Chai flavor is my favorite. I recommend this product to all diabetics looking to lose weight and gain energy to work-out..

Comment #21

Excellent protein powder. Mixes really well - but sometimes I guess some kind of brown looking clumps after mixing - which is weird since the powder is white...not sure if it reacting with the mix or something. Taste is pretty subtle - but if you like french vanilla it is good -and it has grown on me with time. Smell is a little chemically for me..

Comment #22

Third flavor of ON 100% whey I've had - others are double rich chocolate and french vanilla. Great protein and taste is pretty good - not sure if I like it more or less than the double rich chocolate but the other one smells better..

Comment #23

Great protein! Great flavor! ya get what ya pay for!.

Comment #24

I have really enjoyed this Protien for the past few months, it's ingridients and content provide me with the highly essential Isolates and BCAA's that I cant get enough of. Cant go wrong with this as your staple protien supplement..

Comment #25

Good ingredients with a pretty decent taste. Overall good bang for your buck..

Comment #26

This is my favorite protein powder so far. It mixes easily in a shaker and it taste good. I definitely feel better and stronger. I usually have one scoop before and another after...Highly recommended!.

Comment #27

Good stuff, mixes perfectly, tastes amazing, mixes with ANYTHING and compliments it as well. Can't go wrong with this one..

Comment #28

I ordered the special discounted package of 5 lb. Delicious Strawberry Whey with 2 lb. Casein and free 90 ct. Optimen Although the protein is good I would recommend another flavor unless you enjoy Strawberry NesQuik. I've tried with both water and non-fat milk, noticing mixing in water is not favorable and would also recommend using milk unless unavailable or not an option for your diet.

Comment #29

Really great tasting protein that works good,also affordable.I can drink it as juice thats how good it tastes for me..

Comment #30

Great value and taste. I mix all of my protein shakes with water in a shaker bottle and it works great. I have never had an issue getting this stuff to mix properly. I don't think I have encountered a single clump after going through an entire 10lb bag. Quality protein for a fair price with Optimum's name on it. I will continue using ON's Whey protein in the future. Satisfied customer here..

Comment #31

I like this protein, the taste could be better but I have tried worse things..

Comment #32

This is my favorite Protein. Great flavor and unbelievable gains. I used to use another product but couldn't stomach the taste and had no gains. Switched to Optimum and loved the taste. Within 1 week I put on 25 lbs of muscle and went from 20% to 8% body fat. The downside is that my workout shirts are in tatters....

Comment #33

Great buy with great taste. Not chaulky and mixes well(we use blender bottles another awesome buy not shaker bottles). I've tried lots of whey proteins and always had a hard time with the taste. This one buy far tastes the best (like sugar cookies) and no crappy after taste. Me and my wife tried optimums packets to see which one we would like... had a few that were ok, then we saw their deal on cake batter.

Blows the others out of the water. No stomach problems when we take 1/2 hr before work outs either. No bloating either. I'm becoming a big fan of Optimum products..

Comment #34

I've gained 8kg of muscle in 3 months with Optimum 100% Whey Protein. This particular flavor in terms of taste, is quite possibly the most accurate flavor that I have tried. It actually tastes like banana and cream. It is fantastic to mix with a banana in the blender. This helps provide energy for muscle building with that all important protein. However It mixes just fine with a spoon in a glass and tastes wonderful with light milk.

You cannot go wrong with this one..

Comment #35

I've gained 8kg of muscle in 3 months with Optimum 100% Whey Protein. This particular flavor, white chocolate is my favorite. It mixes just fine with a spoon and tastes wonderful with light milk. Perfect for chocolate lovers. This flavor is so good that I want to take down one of these shakes at times that I do not need the protein! On training days I have one at breakfast and one after training..

Comment #36

I ordered this a couple weeks ago and have been using it and it has been really good. It tastes a lot better than the Body Fortress brand and is just as cheap. It also has a lot better nutrients than Body Fortress..

Comment #37

More than I expected coming from an orange flavored protein. In th end, It was goooooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!.

Comment #38

Love it good with water best with almond milk!! hubby Loves it too. Mixes well, taste just like yellow cake batter.

Comment #39

It's whey protein, end of story. Nothing special about this product other then straight forward great protein and taste great with milk or water..

Comment #40

This is my all time favorite protein powder! It mixes great, tastes great, and delivers. Ive been using this product for the last four months as a post-workout supplement. I have reduced my body-fat percentage and continue to gain lean muscle mass. I usually mix my shake with a banana and almond butter depending on my goal. Could be the best tasting meal of the day! I highly recommend this product. Its in my price-range and it delivers..

Comment #41

Excellent taste!!!! I love the taste of the tropical punch very good!! other than that it needs more protein per grams... I dont think I felt like I was getting enough so I now double the intake..

Comment #42

There isn't a real reason to write a review on it. best whey protein out there. period..

Comment #43

My favorite protein powder. Tastes great mixed in water or milk. I personally use a blender, and it mixes great. In my opinion, Double Rich Chocolate is the best flavor. I've tried the Milk Chocolate and Vanilla, as well, and they were also good..

Comment #44

I love this product. I especially love it in my oatmeal. I put peanut butter and a scoop of this in my oatmeal and it's absolutely delicious. Mixes great in water when taking shake to..

Comment #45

This product works great and tastes even better. The Extreme Milk Chocolate tastes awesome and works great with water but even better with milk and it works great with a shaker. I use this product within 30 min after every workout, and after using this protein powder after just one month I have noticed a significant increase in my muscle mass and muscle density..

Comment #46

Its protein. That's about all I could say here. Mixes okay, seems to work marginally well. Taste is mediocre. I'd take a shot at Myofusion or Syntha 6. You probably won't go back to Optimum. I didnt..

Comment #47

This protien powder taste good. I use it for cereal and smoothies. Sometime just water and whey. I have gained 4 lbs of muscles and was able to recover quicker from muscle soreness. I will be using this product for long time.

Comment #48

This is fantastic! Honestly I've used a lot of protein before and I've never loved any but I love this one..

Comment #49

Grat stuff, mixes great with water! Tastes great!.

Comment #50

Does not taste to good, I chug it but it definitely is a good protein.

Comment #51

Love it! When it comes to protein, there's no other name that should be trusted than ON. I'm on my 2nd container of cookies and cream, taste is great!.

Comment #52

I have been taking this protein once in the morning, and once in the afternoon post-workouts for a few days now. So far, So good. The caramel toffee fudge tastes delicious even with water in a shaker bottle. My favorite flavor of protein so far and definitely the easiest I have ever mixed in a shaker bottle..

Comment #53

I've gained 45lbs of muscle over 6 months using this product. I know it works!.

Comment #54

This protein is personally the best, the taste, the amount of protein per serving, the profile that is contained in each scoop it has it all. Basically it has worked well for me and I love it, whether in milk or water, it still tastes great..

Comment #55

C'mon it's optimum your getting what you pay for! Dont think I will ever attempt another brand of whey protein powder!.

Comment #56

I've seen great results taking optimum protein with gains in mass and strength. Double Rich Chocolate is the best protein powder I've ever tasted from any brand, it tastes like hot chocolate and mixes well..

Comment #57

Optimum 100% Whey Protein is with no doubt one of the best protein supplements there. However, I found this flavor to be too sugary. well, this is my taste. I don't like sugar in my nature, and I noticed also the sugar quantity in this is as double as other flavors; 2g/scoop while others 1g/scoop. Also, it contains caffeine. So, just be aware of this if you try to avoid caffeine, especially, at night!!.

Comment #58

Pretty tasty protein for a "chocolatey" kind. Also, mixes very nicely with the protein shaker..

Comment #59

I just started using whey protein like I should be using. it's been four days now. I have not seen any results but the taste is awesome and I can actually drink it without gaging..

Comment #60

Been using my son's. He doesn't know though shhh lol. But it is a very good protein and nice for on the goe..

Comment #61

This flavor is great for a breakfast shake and it's still by far the best protein on the market-its number #1 every week for a reason, fellow iron-annihilators!.

Comment #62

Mixes awesome, but taste is Sh!t. I have been disappointed with every ON protein I have tried. Time to change companies..

Comment #63

My first optimum product, the taste is amazing. I have tried a few other proteins and this ranks very high taste-wise; it mixes with any liquid like a dream.

Comment #64

Best protein for your money..... doesnt taste as good as some of the more expensive whey but does the job just as good and in some cases"nitro-tech" even better...i like the chocolate coconut, chocolate mint, and the cookies and cream is ok... was disapointed with strawberry banana... mixes easily and doesnt upset your stomache.

Comment #65

This is my second tube of optimum whey protein, I have to say that in my opinion they have the best whey on the market. it taste good even n water. I plan on sticking with optimum when it comes to my protein needs.

Comment #66

I love ON Whey Protein and Extreme Milk Chocolate is the latest flavor I've tried and it is very good...I'd rank it right up there with my current favorite the mocha cappuccino flavor...I highly recommend. It happens to be one of the more tolerable flavors when mixed with water instead of milk as well (more so than the cappuccino, double rich chocolate, chocolate mint, or caramel toffee fudge). On a side note...this is the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered form and I'm consistently blown away by the fast service...I put in an order at 7:00 PM ET and the package is waiting on my porch when I get home from work the next day...and they like to use those single serving protein sample packs as packing material...I've gotten them with every order so far. I had a dozen of them in my last order! guys kick ass!.

Comment #67

This product tastes INCREDIBLE. If you like chocolate malts, you won't be disappointed with the taste...and if you like large muscles, you won't be disappointed with the results..

Comment #68

Best protein drink there is. Perfect amount for pre and post workout. Too many post workout protein drinks with too much protein that you're body doens't use. Optimum Nutrition is perfect. Great taste too. Love it..

Comment #69

The taste is GREAT! When I drink it, I'm wondering " is this really protein, b/c it taste to good" I have tried others out there but I will buy this again and again.

Comment #70

Wow! Yum! Yum! I love this stuff!! I feel like I am giving myself a treat whenever I drink it, not just because the flavor is awesome, but because it works so well! The BCAA's help me recover quickly, and the protein gives me that boost I need!.

Comment #71

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