Where to buy Carlson Fish Oil ?
I'm looking to buy Carlson fish oil. What vitamin stores sell it? Also, what do people think of it? What are your experiences?.

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This is a wonderful product. My doctor suggested I take one tablespoon of fish oil per day for inflammation. It is delicious and I believe I have also benefitted by taking it for my arthritis in my ankle. I am now not just walking my eighteen miles per week, but jogging eighteen miles! I feel wonderful..

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I had a five-way bypass two years ago and at the time I had borderline high cholesterol. While performing a triathlon, I had a heatstroke and one week later the Drs. did not want to release me stating there is something still wrong. One week later I exited the hospital with my bypass and all they could think was that my clogging was genetic. With that in mind, I researched many different methods to lower my blood inflammation (homocysteine) which apparently causes oxidation of the LDLs apparently leading ultimately to clogged arteries. I had full blood tests done every three months and my cholesterol levels were 25% lower but my inflammation was still too high.

Not only did my LDLs drop to 32 my triglycerides dropped to 88. As well, my inflammation levels dropped to acceptable levels - FINALLY! Now my wife takes it for her joint pain and already has relief after one week..

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Definitely a palatable product, but I'd like more reviewers to state how it is helping their health. My son is taking it for eczema and when he remembers to take it, his skin does better. 2 Thumbs up on this one..

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I have trouble taking large pills and so have used liquid fish oil for about 4-5 months and have tryed several brands (even tryed opening the pillsyuckkkk) This brand is by far the easiest to take, I dispise a fish taste and this doesnt have one. I have borderline cholesterol levels and my doctor wanted me to take one of the statin drugs, I didnt. so I tryed fish oil and in 4 months I dropped the bad cholesterol level by 54 and increased the good cholesterol by 33.I see a marked improvement in skin condition and my joint pain seems better as well. If taking fish oil is important to you, I think you will like this one.

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I searched around quite a bit looking for a good quality flavored liquid 'salmon' oil with maximal amounts of DHA, EPA and, chose this as my next best alternative. Several people commented on the 'great taste' Admittedly, it is not bad but, cannot compare to Coromega [and for some reason, the Vitamin Shoppe 'supplement facts' for Coromega are much less as compared to the Coromega box]. That being said, I am satisfied that it is a good fish oil and will buy again. UPDATE: 2/2010 unfortunately, the bottle no longer contains the verbage "contaminent-free"..

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I have enjoyed using the fish oil, Using it on about anything, even those baked or mashed potatoes that you like to slather on the butter. The lemon fish oil gives the potatoes just a taste of lemon and gets rid of the dryness. The disappointment I just noticed is that they add vitamin E (soy source) which has estrogenic effects associated with the genisteen in the soy. What a let down on an otherwise great product. Way to go Carlson, helping to neuter the male population..

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I stock up on this as much as possible. I love it when I order a big box and it gets delivered at work. All my coworkers stand in awe and I believe get just a little jealous! I have found that Fish Oil combined with Activia is the perfect light meal or snack/pick-me-up..

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I have been using Carlson fish oil for many years and each lab test states my entire cholestrol profile is so low and the HDL high my primary care doctor cannot believe it. Naturally he is strictly main stream medicine and I always impress him with the value of all supplementsI use two tablespoons per day..

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My GP recommended this fish oil. He takes it himself. He also gave me this site to order from as his research indicated this was the best value. I have been taking it for about a year now and have found my nails and hair are growing much faster. It also seems easier to lose weight. With the better nutrition, I do not crave sweets like before the oil was added to my diet.

per day. I would like to hear from other folks on specific benefits they have found..

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Probably does the job that fish oil is supposed to do without having to swallow large pills, but make no mistake: this does not taste like lemonade and I would not ruin yogurt or salads by sprinkling this on food..

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I've tried a few different fish oils. Iceland Health was good, but I would have to say this one is the best of the bunch. It taste great and the qulity is one of the best. Also you can't beat the price for the amount you get here at Vitamin Shoppe..

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Omega 3 fish oil is important to your health but who likes the fish burps that can happen when taking this supplement? Carlson's Fish Oil truly IS the very finest fish oil I've ever taken. I detected no fishy taste at all and just a whisper of lemon with the dose. But the best part is that I experienced no fish burps! I am utterly delighted with this product and utterly pleased with the price on Vitamin Shoppe. At my local health food store the very same 16 oz bottle cost more than twice the sale price online. Give it a try!.

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I'm ordering my second bottle. Be sure to keep it refrigerated. I found mine in the back of the frig with a couple of tablespoons left in it - THATS where all the fish taste was, ACKKK - but of course, it WAS a year old by then. Carlson probably woudn't recommend keeping it that long. I hate any fish taste and (when it's fresh) I can take this without a chaser. ~ I have to wonder what kind of fish have oil that tastes like lemons?? Any way, it's the best way to get those doses of EPA and DHA. My skin really needs it!.

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Just took my first dose with a meal and it was incredibly impressive. Didn't think I would feel results, but believe I did. Tastes great and it has made me a believer in it's potency and freshness. Quality does matter and I will continue to take this product..

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Not only is this the best quality and tasting fish oil, but it is also an amazing price here at Vitamin Shoppe. My sister works for Carlson Labs and has told me the inside story regarding the high quality standards that the company owners insist upon. The V.S. price is BETTER than the price she gets it for! Stock up, I did!.

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I have been taking fish oil for some time now, to include the prescription variety. Carlson's liquid is the strongest OTC I have been able to find. I actually like the orange flavor. No fish burps! This is a high quality product that I have started recommending to everyone. I was a little hesitant to start with about LIQUID fish oil, but it's great. I definately stock up when it's on sale..

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My husband flat out refused to try this stuff - I can't blame him. Fish Oil on a teaspoon sounds repulsive. However, he finally broke down and tried it when he got his blood results back and he had high cholesterol. He was amazed! This stuff tastes great and at no point has a fishy taste at all. I even give it to my baby - I call it a "lemon drop" and she actually comes running when I ask her if she wants a lemon drop. Hahahaha.

It is much more economical than the softgels. I have no idea how Carlson's does it, but they do a bang up job of it. I am loyal forever....whatever you do Carlson, don't change the formula!.

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