Where do you keep your Medifast foods?

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I am never without my Medifast foods. Things happen throughout the day that are unexpected so I must be prepared at all times in case I don't make it home for a meal. Be sure and order a little extra so you have a stockpile in case your order doesn't arrive on time because of a tsunami or something.

My cupboard must be well-stocked. Frantic searches for a meal so it can be eaten on-time is not conducive to mental healthiness..

I keep Medifast foods in my desk drawer at work. Just how many brownies I have stowed in there? A bunch!.

In my Edge in the console.

In my purse I have a couple of bars and a pack of pretzels.

In the F150, in case I go somewhere with my husband.

In my mother's car's glovebox, in case I have to take her somewhere or we decide to go shopping.

Never, ever be without the Medifast meals. It's vital to our success!.

So where do you keep your stash?..

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I keep my food in my upstairs closet (that way I have to walk up and down the stairs at least few times a day).

I have my own cupboard at work so I have a huge stash of everything in there..

I don't keep stuff in my car or purse (too many mishaps) but when I am leaving the house for the day I always grab a few things to take...

Comment #1

Ha oh wow, good for you Norilee! Most of my stock is at home, with the exception of.

1 bar in my purse and.

1 bar in my backpack (i travel a lot, flights get delayed sometimes).

I do a mental check list when I leave the house every morning though... Keys? Phone? Wallet? 5 Medifast meals? CHECK! Out the door...

Comment #2

I work very little and spend most of my time coming and going. So I'm almost always able to be home. When I'm gonna be gone more then an hour I throw a bar in my purse or if I'll be gone all day I pack a cooler. I have my soups all mixed up and in Tupperware ready to micro, I pack snacks and packets of shakes!..

Comment #3

I spend a lot of time in and out of the house, and I schedule my meals around that. Take a bar or pretzels if I'm going to be gone long. All my Medifast food is in the cabinet right next to the frig, near the pantry. MY cabinet. Right next to the blender and microwave. What more do I need?..

Comment #4

Lol, Nori, I love this.

I keep my Medifast meals in a cupboard at home, all packaged in baggies of 5.

Every day, I grab a lunch cooler with my lean and green and put 2 Medifast meals in it. Then, I throw an extra one in there "just in case.".

I plan my meals weeks at a time (must be OCD, because it isn't boredom), then I keep all my "extras" on the counter near the blender. This way, if I'm not happy with a choice for the day, I switch it up with something from the "counter stash." I also know that my mom grabs things from my "counter stash" when she's watching my little one....that is fine by me. She's my mom, she's doing MF, she's watching my little one, those are "extras," and .....she is my mom...

Comment #5

Car has shakes and/or puffs during the hot summer months, bars in the cooler weather. Same in my backpack (I don't carry a purse LOL). Rest are at home, but I work from home. I keep them in the kitchen as a reminder to get out of my office, sit down and eat a meal, not mindlessly nosh in front of the screen. I also count my chews to make sure I eat mindfully as Dr. Beck asks us to. Amazing how much fuller you feel when you eat slowly!..

Comment #6

My major stash is on top of the fridge in containers...labeled no less...breakfasts, bars and puddings, puffs, shakes. Brownies are in their own box, they were too big for my containers so one box lives inside and the rest in the garage.

I have my extras in the garage with the mixing bowls and stock pots.

I have one or two zipper baggies with 3-5 meals in my purse at all times and puffs, pudding and a fruit punch in the car console.

My hubby jokes whenever you leave the house you have 2 days worth of food with you...

Comment #7

My kitchen is full of Medifast and my freezer is full of Medifast (Morningstar Farms lol) I keep puffs in the car and several drinks in my purse, and of course a stash in my file drawer at work. Medifast goes everywhere I go!..

Comment #8

I replaced my kitchen "bread cabinet" with my "MF cabinet" for my everyday meals. I'm a stay-at-home mom. Extra boxes are stacked in the pantry. I also keep a bar and a HM pretzel pack in the center console of the car. I keep a bar in my purse. I keep an extra bar in my tennis bag in case I get hungry during a match.

When the weather was warmer, I kept two packs of pretzels in the car since a bar would have melted..

I strongly agree that staying OP means keeping a stash in several places, especially your car and purse! I also think that you need more than just one as your backup. For instance, I took my child to the children's hospital unexpectedly (no worries, she's fine) and it could have easily ended up being an all-day thing if the ER was very busy. Luckily it wasn't but I was prepared anyway..


Comment #9

Similar to Nori.

I have some in my desk at work and I found A little black case (similiar to a makeup bag) to keep the packets in that I use in my purse to avoid accidental powder explosion.

At home I have a dedicated shelf in the pantry..

I loved the shoe holder ideas for the pantry closet door but I have a spice rack there...

Comment #10

Ha! NOW I read MT Cup's post about bars in the car in COOLER weather! I used to keep bars in the glove box as my stash...til I had to resort to one, and it was a melted mess! It's cooler now, so I'll keep it up, but come warmer weather, I'll be pulling out the pretzels for the glovebox.

Tamazon, your hubby's comment made me laugh! It doesn't take much to have two days of food with you, does it?..

Comment #11

Obviously the majority of my food is neatly put away at home.

I keep a lot of Medifast food at work, "just in case" I bolt out of the house without my meals, get weathered in at work, or whatever other just in case scenario you could possibly think of.

I also keep a box of cinnamon pretzels and a box of honey mustard pretzels in my trunk for those just in case scenarios...

Comment #12

I keep mine in the kitchen cabinet. I have a drawer full at work and usually bring in a week's worth of shakes, soups and bars on Monday mornings. I keep a bar in my bag in case I get stuck in traffic on my way home from work. I also will toss a couple bars in my purse whenever I go out, just in case...

Comment #13

I keep some in a drawer at work, in the car and in my purse. Sometimes in a coat pocket. Once, I got caught in a meeting away from work and realized I didn't have anything with me. Now, I definitely keep one or two. I don't want to be tempted to grab something else because I'm hungry..

For some reason, I initially read this as "F-15," and I was like, "Wow, where does her husband work?!..

Comment #14

The main stash is in the kitchen. I also keep a box of pretzels in the car, bars in four different purses (some of those look kinda bad already), my briefcase, hidden in a pocket in my son's backpack (you never know), packets in my desk drawer, glove compartment and husband's car...

Comment #15

I work from home so have all mine in a shoe bag over the door. Bars and soups are in the pantry...

Comment #16

I have some in the console of my car. Since it could be HOT any day of the year in Texas, I keep pretzels and shake packets there. I also have a couple of bars in my purse. When I leave the house I grab 5 Medifast meals, even if I've already had some for the day just in case..

I keep a basket on the kitchen counter with an assortment of Medifast meals, and a box of brownies atop the fridge. The rest of it is stored in a box underneath the printer table...

Comment #17

I keep a stash at work in my desk drawer. A couple of bars in my purse. Pretzels in my car. Bars in my gym bag. A bar in my briefcase...

Comment #18

A kitchen drawer holds my "in rotation" boxes of Medifast meals. Overstock is in a closet cupboard. At work I have a shelf with assorted meals in case I'm too rushed to pack stuff that day. In my purse or bag there is usually a bar and/or a cold drink mix because those are so easy to mix in a bottle of water if needed quickly...

Comment #19

I always try to have 4 meals in my school bag (a rolling locker type bag, plenty of room there), 2 meals in my purse (usually a bar and a bag of puffs or pretzels), and I keep about 5 or 6 meals in my van (usually a mix of both flavors of pretzels and parm cheese puffs because they don't melt). I also have extra bottled water in the van, and I always put two extra half-liter bottles of water in my school bag as well..

My "at home" food is stashed on some shelves and in one of the cabinets. DH and I are both on MF, and we have almost 2 months of extra food so we have a nice variety of choices available to us. I just placed an order today though, since we are low on our favorite "all the time" Medifast meals...

Comment #20

I work at home so I home A LOT! I got this suggestion from someone else (cannot remember who, but thanks so much for this as it is awesome).

I took my basement door that is right off the kitchen, and I hung a shoe holder on it, the kind with seek through pockets all facing forward, there are roughly 26-30 of them, never counted. It hangs from top to bottom of my door with the hooks it came with, very simple.

Then I took the tops off each box that I get in my order and I put it in the front of the pocket, or you can tape it to the outside, or what have you. And then I shove my meals behind the corresponding labeled pocket. Some require more than one pocket, and I just cut off the top label and do the same. Love it this way. My own household pantry is not organized neatly, but my Medifast foods are looking gooooood. I just love whipping open that door and picking out my meal from such great organization.

Try it...

Comment #21

I do not have a stash - Mine are in a shelf in the pantry in baggies of 5. I get up early and grab a bag and log it on here then make what I need in the shakers and throw it in my lunch pail and off to work. I am someone who stays well organized in a few areas of my life and medifast meals is on the top of the list..

I make family meals at night....every night so I venture out of my 5 mile radius only when necessary..

I am going away for the weekend and I will be packing all meals needed for my roadtrip.

Although I have to say that it is gonna be really hard at the Jelly Belly Factory visit to not try the awesome flavors and you can taste for free...

Comment #22

I have a spread out house, so my medifast food is in my bathroom closet. I need to move it, however, because sometimes it is too accessible...

Comment #23

I stash my stash of Medifast in the kitchen cupboard, in my bedroom dresser, in my car's console, my purse, and my hubby's car. Yes, some of us are still eating 2 Medifast meals per day in Maintenance in tandem with 4 regular small meals each day - it strengthens and reiterates my OP commitment and keeps me very structured in Maintenance.

I cannot, absolutely cannot, live with my Medifast shake every nite at 9:00 p.m., nor my Medifast brownie at 2 in the afternoon (the Medifast brownies are to die for!).

Take care all,.

Have a great OP day/week,.

Many blessings to all,.

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

Comment #24

I keep my food in my pantry normally. I don't like keeping the food in my purse, so I have a little blue gift bag that I will put it in when I am on the go. Maybe it looks silly, but the gift bag is the perfect size for the little packets...

Comment #25

Between my booze and my unregistered fire arms of course!.

Actually, I put a box of oatmeal raisin bars in my trunk the last time I got stuck out of the house longer than I expected.

Whenever I go out to do errands and stuff, I throw two or three things in my purse.

My house is all messed up, it was a fixer upper, BIG TIME. I have been renovating a little at a time, the kitchen, my last project is up next. It is a disaster in there. Once the kitchen is done I can unpack my stuff, and put things away, and put furniture where I really want it and hang up art, and finally really move in after all this time.

Right now, I keep everything in the Medifast boxes, but I do consolidate them as I use them. I keep my pretzels and Medifast snacks on top of the fridge, my soups on top of the microwave, and my microwave cart has a shelf under the microwave. I keep two cookie sheets with edges there next to each other, and organize the stuff into rows, two rows per cookie sheet, one row is bars, next row is breakfast stuff (oatmeal, cocoa, cappuccino, chai) another row is shakes, and last one is desserts (pudding, brownies).

My brandy newdie kitchen is going to have a set of four drawers in the base cabinets. I am going to use the top one for silverware, and the rest for Medifast stuff.

While my current kitchen gets smashed to smithereens and the new one gets built, I am going to put my fridge, microwave, electric griddle, electric frying pan, and George Forman grill in my basement, and cook down there. I think I will get a toaster oven for that project too. (I am getting all new appliances, so all that stuff will stay in the basement, and I will sell it.) I use one of the bedrooms in my house for an office, I am going to stick my Medifast stuff in my lateral files for the kitchen project, along with all my other "dry goods".

Wow, I am glad I wrote all this out, I feel better about it now. I have been procrastinating about this damn kitchen forever, I have commitment issues.....

Comment #26

KiKi you are living large....hope your kitchen turns out beautifully. we have been renovating for some time. it is a hassle, but worth it in the end....the very end..

Comment #27

Under a cabinet in the Kitchen in Gallon size ziploc bags, some with a picture of the products in the front torn off from the box. Overflox goes in the basement. Bars have had to be doled out to me like two a day in case of emergencies from my DD who hides them, lol!..

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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