GoDaddy testimonials : Good idea to sign up for GoDaddy?? What's wrong with 1and1 as a registrar?

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I see people complaining that 1and1 is one of the worst registrars out there.

I've got about 40 domains with them.. am I making a big mistake?..

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I'm with you buddy... no problems here. Their CP is a hell of a lot better than other cheap registrars also... like ipower for example..

Comment #1

I have had several hundred domains with them over the last few years with no real problems. I wish I could say the same for registerfly ..

The only problem is the lack of advanced features, but I don't use that shit anyways...

Comment #2

Canceling domains is a mother fucker. Takes a long time. It's overall pretty good. The customer support can be great, or it can be shitty. I like their prices. I reccomend them...

Comment #3

I've had no problems with them over the last year that I've been purchasing domains through them. Changing DNS is a little slow with them but that's about my only complaint.

I stayed away from Registerfly simply because of all the horror stories that other users have shared...

Comment #4

Other than canceling a domain you no longer want being a PITA, no problems for me...

Comment #5

Same here. I have about 200 domains with them, no problems until I want to cancel..

If I want .coms that's where I go...

Comment #6

I use

I've got a good number of domains with them. I have a domain with GoDaddy and absolutely hate it. Their control panel BLOWS...

Comment #7

1and1 works great for me. haven't had to cancel nor need any tech support from them though. the couple times i've done dns changes, seemed to go pretty quick...

Comment #8

I haven't found a cheaper registrar, but their customer service reps are idiots. The guy I talked to didn't know anything about DNS..

For private registrations, 1and1 is the way to go because they do it for free. I moved all my domains from once I found out their theiving ways with private registered domains...

Comment #9

Yeah GoDaddy is a greedy POS company IMHO..

Switching DNS values on 1and1 takes a long time, but everything else has been fine for me...

Comment #10

1and1 is horriblejust do a google search:.

1and1 hosting reviews - Google Search=..

Comment #11

Well if their business ethics for hosting sucks, then their business ethics for domain services must suck too..

Comment #12

A stupid assumption, those are two completely different jobs.

Almost like saying a good bartender must also be a good chef..

Comment #13

From what I've read for years at WHT is exactly what everyone else is saying - HORRIBLE for hosting, but pretty good for domain registration..

I've never used them, and didn't realize their prices were so low.. I may actually get my next domains with 1&1...

Comment #14

I actually used them for hosting and it wasn't bad. I had the $50 a month self-managed dedicated server though, so I never needed support. That was such a good deal, but it no longer exists...

Comment #15

Ah.. no. i'm talking about the ethics behind the company. now i'm not saying 1and1 are crooks. but, if they are crooks when it comes to web hosting, then why would you trust them for your domains...

Comment #16

I see what you mean about cancelling a domain. Rather than most registrars allowing you to simply not renew, they default auto-renew. Then rather than having a simpy link to the not renew part you have to search the faq's, then got to another subdomain of the site, then cancel the domain, then print out the official cancelation form and fax that to them!.

What a pain in the ass!..

Comment #17

Boy I feel sorry for you lot when you try to cancel those 100 or 200 domain packages with

A) You are required to fax a cancellation form FOR EACH DOMAIN..

B) Customer Service is Horrific.

C) You may be charged auto-renewal of domains long after you thought you "cancelled" your domains. You will only know when you see the charge on your credit card one year after you "cancelled"..

D) Like wickedDUDE said simply do a Goooooogle search if this sounds like BS..

And yep...I speak from personal experience (just waiting for my collection agency scare letter courtesy

Comment #18

I use 1and1 for all my websites.

I've only had one problem with them. One of my sites went offline for an hour or so. I contacted them and they denied the whole thing. "It looks fine on our end, sir.", is what the customer service rep kept saying.

So, after talking to customer service for a while, I checked the URL, and sure enough, my website was back online. What pissed me off is that they straight up DENIED it was ever offline in the first place..

Some of my site readers also sent me e-mails saying the site was down for a while. So, I know for a fact that 1and1 lied to my face..

But, I probably just got a bad customer service rep because I've had no other problems with that company, and I've been using them for quite a while...

Comment #19

Some people must have faced some shit with 1and1 but I think there are no such issues with them and they are perfectly fine, just if they get the features upgraded theyll rock it...

Comment #20

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