What's the one Medifast food that triggers a binge??

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For me it's the brownies. I'm not sure why, but I figured it out the hard way. At first I didn't even like the brownies. After figuring out a way to make them really good I just had to give them up. I love real brownies too. Maybe that's what triggered the binges.

A bad one at that. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar problem...

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I haven't had that problem, but I know the pretzels were a huge trigger for my mom. She had to quit ordering them. I knew the brownies would trigger her too so I warned her not to even bother ordering them!..

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I think mine might be the chocolate mint crunch bars! I ate too in one day and commenting to hubby that this is gonna be a problem. He thought I was talking about the addiction to them being a problem, but I was really talking about the fact that they are gonna run out! Haha. Love them!..

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None, because the one or two times I ate 2 Medifast meals (recreating binge days) it didn't feel good nor taste the same...

Comment #3

For me, it's the regular chocolate crunch bars! I can NEVER order those again!..

Comment #4

I haven't had a problem (so far) with the Medifast meals causing me to crave junk food, but I am very worried about what I'll do when I reach goal and have to give up the Medifast "goodies" like brownies and such.

Before I started Medifast I lived on junk food, and in some ways I think I've fooled my brain into thinking that I still am. Frosty for breakfast, brownies for lunch, pretzel sticks for dinner....

Peanut butter is definitely a problem for me. I have to be careful to really limit my intake; I could probably eat the entire jar right off the spoon if I let myself..


Comment #5

Bars - cant have them in my house..

The snack crackers - also, can't have them in my house.

Mustard pretzels can do this to me, but not as much as the others..

This is such a great question. It is wonderful to know others have this challenges..

Trigger is the perfect adjective for it, isn't it?..

Comment #6

Chocolate mint crunch bars.. I could eat a whole box without even thinking twice..

Comment #7

I agree with the snack crackers. I spread a little laughing cow cheese on them and want more immediately! I wouldn't let myself order them for a while but I'm going to try it again now that I'm in my 4th week and feeling very steady..

I also have a rule with myself that I can't have an Medifast brownie more than once per day. Now that I've discovered the joy of putting sweetened cream cheese on top, watch out!.


Comment #8

For me it's actually the opposite. This week, I've had to cut the bars and pretzels to detox from too much soy and it's been extremely difficult to not cheat (which I haven't). I find that having the bars and pretzels keep me from craving chips and cakes. This week I'm going to slowly start re-integrating some into my diets, I'm already sick of shakes...

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I hear you on that, which is why I don't do any doctoring of Medifast foods to "improve" them. I don't want them to be super yummy. I'm done with super yummy and I'm about what is edible, tastes decent, and is fuel. Anything else gets me focused on flavor, and tasty treats, and it always ends up extending past Medifast sanctioned foods...

Comment #10

How do you make the brownies taste good? Please let me know so I can eat what I have left!..

Comment #11

For me it's the bars, any of them. I can't have them at all. Also the soy crisps, can't have them either..

When I first got started on Medifast I had several really bad days with the bars, one time ate 6 of them, talk about expensive!..

Comment #12

I can only do the fruit and nut or lemon bars. The rest are triggers for me...

Comment #13

I would have to say.

LC cheese.


Cream Cheese.

Cool Whip..

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I'm a bit scared because I just ordered some bars ... didn't order any in my first shipment, because on WW the bars were a trigger for me. I ordered soups and shakes mostly, with a few brownies (not a trigger). But I'm finding I really want some more easily portable foods that I can have on hand for shopping trips, car trips etc. If anything the vanilla pudding is almost TOO good when I doctor it up with some almond extract, Splenda and cinnamon. I haven't binged but I do REALLY love the pudding!..

Comment #15

Brownies with the spoon of peanut butter. I have to discipline myself to only eat those about 3 times a week. And they are always the last Medifast meal for that day!..

Comment #16

The plain pancakes did it for me. Was a total shock as no other Medifast food does that for me...

Comment #17

Well I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone! The choc. crunch bar can send me on a binge.....your right Potterylady it is expensive as well! I felt a little silly reordering when I just had a delivery! I do like the convenience of them, so I think my DD is going to have to hide them and be the bar warden!..

Comment #18

No Medifast food has triggered me yet, but if they add popcorn, I'll be in big trouble...

Comment #19

I've never had any Medifast product trigger a binge...

Comment #20

Medifast food and binge??? That's an oxymoron ... in other words the two words are mutually exclusive. NO Medifast food could ever trigger a binge in me...

Comment #21

NO Medifast food has ever triggered a binge in me. And I had a major binge eating problem..

I think the pretzels and brownies are super yummy and I guess if there were more in the bag I'd just eat them and eat them til they were gone, BUT, I am always ok to stop eating them and I forget about them a couple minutes later...

Comment #22

So far, I'm grateful that nothing has triggered me to want to binge. One of the things I've wondered about, and would love to know what you guys think, is does making the food into so many different things cause anyone to have a problem? I have not tried to make the muffins, or add stuff to the brownies, etc. I feel as if the reason I'm using Medifast meals is because they are easy and already prepared plus, I've taken a different approach this time and I'm "eating to live" instead of "living to eat." Some meals I don't like at all and after one bite or sip, I toss what I've mixed and hold onto it for another try later on, possibly mixed with something else that I've read about. However, I find myself having trepidations about making the food into something else..

Anyway, I am very grateful for all I learn on these boards and thank you for asking the question about triggers.. it really made me think!..

Comment #23

Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this!!! I have always hated, hated, HATED my vanilla pudding and was wondering what to do with it. I just made this and it is so simple and DELICIOUS!..

Comment #24

I'm with you Tadpolet! I have boxes of the vanilla pudding, and have been saving them for when I absolutely have run out of other Medifast options! Stacylou, I plan on trying your recipe when I get home..

As for the original question, I really haven't had a trigger food on Medifast yet. Sometimes I wish there were a bit more pretzels in the bag, but I haven't been tempted to open a new bag to compensate...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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