GoDaddy review : Suggest I order GoDaddy?? What type of hosting package are you guys using? Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, etc?

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Just trying to get an idea of what the user base of this forum is working with.

I personally am on a Dual Xeon 3.4GHz HT/2GB DDR2 RAM/2x73GB SCSI HDs server with WebNX.

How about you?..

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Dedicated Server from HostGator.

Basic Package - 2.8GHz Pentium 4..

Comment #1

We have three (I think) dedicated boxes and a bunch of game servers. I have the specs somewhere..

It always seems like it's time to upgrade, though...


Comment #2

HostGator has worked out well for me. It's managed enough so that patches and upgrades are done for me - but not too much - so I can still play and configure the server the way I want it as I learn new things...

Comment #3

I've got my hosting from a friend who has a $25,- reseller account at

It's handling 3k uniques a day finely (it aint that much too lol), but it's having some downtime lately(2 times in februari)....

Comment #4

I had a dedicated server at 1&1 for a while but I sold the site that needed it so I just ended that though it was ok while I had it..

Right now I just have a starter reseller account at a2hosting since none of my sites are really using the resources to get anything more. Though I'm getting the site above back soon so I'm currently in the market for another dedicated server..

In my office I have 1 IBM eSeries server, 1 sun server and 1 cobalt Raq4i that I use for development and testing though not so much any more...

Comment #5

I'm looking into some managed VPS solutions. is a company that keeps showing up along with a few others. Does anyone have good recommendations for managed vps, as I am a tard when it comes to anything related to servers and the like...

Comment #6

I am a mini site developer for niche markets. Therefore, I use 3 reseller hosts, 1 VPS, and another reseller host on the way (hopefully).

This is all part of my strategy of having different IP addresses in different datacenters to interlink without penalties from search engines..

I collectively pay more for hosting than going with a dedicated box, but for me, when I find something that works, I don't change...

Comment #7

Kind of a newbie question, but what's the benefit of a reseller account over regular shared hosting if you're not reselling?..

Comment #8

Reseller accounts with WHM allow individual cpanel accounts for each domain. They also allow multiple (usually unlimited) domains..

There's also multiple domain shared hosting but it uses ADDON domains via one single cpanel account..

Since I like my domains to be under their own cpanel account for easier stats viewing and marketing reasons, I only use reseller accounts..

VPS is also a reseller. You get WHM and cpanel (when they have that license) but it gives you a dedicated environment with shell access and all...

Comment #9

I just grabbed a multisite account over at site5. I dont know much about hosting plans, but it seemed like a decent deal for the $$..

Comment #10

I use LiquidxHost - Webhosting at it's best and have a custom package, the owner is a good friend of mine. I have a resellers and a lot of bandwidth. He cut me a deal so my price is a bit cheaper than the ones on the homepage..

Comment #11

All 4 of my existing accounts are cut deals. Usually half price, sometimes free. Incentives...

Comment #12

Dreamhost shared. multiple accounts on different boxes/c classes for my blogs. everything else runs off my amd 1800+, 4gig ddr, WD raptor scsi raid0 slackware server here on my home 10mbit. does more in an hour than your p4 windows box can handle over the course of a year. can you say pwn?..

Comment #13

Currently using iHosty.Com, did some work for the owner so he cut me a decent deal on a reseller package....

Looking to switch though, the downtime is killing me, it constantly seems to be going offline for a few minutes at a time, and right now it's been down for about an hour....

Anyone reccomend me a good reseller plan? currently I'm paying 8.99/Month for...Not sure, I cant get into my WHM since my hosting is down....

Its up at this 1 minute in time....

Im paying 8.99 a month for 5GB Disk/120GB Bandwith.

Anyone have a more reliable reseller plan that is close to that, let me know please..

Comment #14

Any thoughts on MediaTemple's VPS plan?.



Comment #15

Hey everyone.

I'm Amy and Jon asked me to help out with any hosting questions around the place. The last thing I want to do is appear contrived, so rather than discussing the plans we have, hit me up with any questions and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them...

Comment #16

Hey amy, are you the aff manager of lunar? PM me plz...

Comment #17

Shared reseller account on resellerzoom.

Been using it since oct. 06 and have only had one downtime when a database server needed a reboot or something..

I like it because I can set up multiple domains very easly...

Comment #18

You got to check out SiteGround, they have so many features it will make you cry. And their support is phenomenal!.

My referral link is:

Some of their 50,000 + clients have so many referrals they have free hosting for life!.

It is more expensive, but, check it out. It might work for you. I'm not using reseller, but do have one site I started with them, and transfered another, cuz they were so good. They did it for me!.

Haven't had any down time yet..

Hope that helps,.


Comment #19

Currently with a shared host + a reseller plan (not reselling).

Planning to move everything to hostgator, I just got an account with them to test their services.

I hope they're a good place to stay, I didn't find a lot of bad reviews on them..

Comment #20

At the moment I'm using 2 shared packages, one on Hostgator and the other on Dreamhost. I think I'll move down the VPS road closer to the summer...

Comment #21

Well I'm at 3 dedicated servers right now but actually consolidating all to one reseller plan at Host Gator, will probably get another plan as a backup as well. Trying to avoid having to worry about managing any servers. I did a lot of eCommerce hosting and application development requiring different platforms that's been dying out as companies collapse.

Had 2 servers at EV1 and 1 at the Planet. Now they are merged. No big problems with either one of them. The host gator account seems fairly sturdy. I also have Exchange hosting with 1 and 1 that seems to be pretty flaky. Definitely not triple 9 hosting from them.

I also tried using Media Temples Grid Server solution for my last eCommerce launch. That resulted in the worst launch I've ever had. Pissed off people, pissed off customers and thousands of dollars lost with a lawsuit headed my way over it. They should put a big Beta sign over it. Lack of telling the customer issues they have as well as multiple issues. PHP, MySQL and SSL all had problems.

Great idea, but it doesn't work...

Comment #22


Have you thought perhaps of a Managed Dedicated Server? Perhaps that would resolve the issues? vs a Reseller account that can be prone to more issues?..

Comment #23

Essentially I had a managed dedicated server as I also paid for EZSM :: EasyServerManagement Inc. :: We Make Server Management Easy! to watch my boxes when I wasn't around. They applied all the patches to my Linux boxes. I took care of the windows box. At this point I only make a couple dollars a day from Internet Marketing and the hosting I do isn't over a couple hundred dollars a month. So to pay $700 a month in hosting isn't as smart as spending $20 and accomplishing the same thing (although I ran out of bandwidth last night!)...

Comment #24

I'd recommend a VPS plan with (VAserve Ltd)... Bought a VPS from them... and am so happy with the support and the site speed! Am all set to move my other domains to them!.


Comment #25

I have identified three VPS hosting co. that I like in the US (must be US based) but I am not sure which one would work best for me. They are Startlogic, WebIntellects and Hostland. Any feed backs would be great or suggestions..

My needs are as follows:.

Linux or Window Server.

Min. of 100 domains hosted (expandable what would be price for added domains?).

Unlimited # of sub-domians.

FTP access with multiple log in options (by group of domains).

Multiple domains grouping.

Web Server php 5.

MySQL 4.xx or higher.

512 mb memory.

20 gig storage.

500 gig bandwidth (option to expand What would be the price for added bandwidth).

Control panel (similar to Apollo Hosting) Plesk 8 or equivalent.

Full access to root directory with option to upload program (affiliate marketing, etc.).

Unlimited pop e-mail accounts.

Min of 10 mailing list.

Weekly server backup.

365/24/7 customer/technical support..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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