GoDaddy customer service : Advise I pick GoDaddy?? what to do with this trademarked .US domain?

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Ok around a year ago I purchased a domain from ebay, this domain is the name of one of the most popular drugs for pain-relief sector on a world wide level, the domain is trademarked by a huge pharmicuticals company, I don't know what I should do with it I have just had it parked for ages I'm thinking about selling it, I don't know if I shoudl contact the company? they would probly sue me and win easilly becuase they are one of the biggest drug companies out their.

Its a .us aswell, what are your thoughts on this, I have not heard form the company yet in regards to the name yet I have had some one form the UK offer me a low $xxx bid for it.


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Ok, firs of all.....tell us the name :-).

Secondly.....If it is "HEAD ON, apply directly to the forehead,HEAD ON, apply directly to the forehead,HEAD ON, apply directly to the forehead", sue them right away for psychological damages what you suffered because of their commercials......

DONT contact the company, it is always a bad move, unless it is a generic name what could be another whole spiel......

U got a uk buyer? probably someone who is A: not afraid to buy a TM name or B: the company itself :-).

It's your own risk but if you already have an offer , maybe you should sell it then.....let someone else handle the TM headache.......(even tis is not legitimate).

My 2 cents......(conversion rate for euro is 118% right now)= you get 2 euro for it.........



Comment #1

The main company for this domain is in the USA, they also have smaller companes in many many countries in other loctions all around the world.

Domain is:

This is the group of companies which own the TM.

Comment #2

It is not generic, so:.

Dont sell it, don't park it, not even if you have a offer(like I stated in my post above).

Why?- the TM holder could come after you, even after you sold it....

And they are a multi billion dollar company....i would unpark they domain asap and then I would duck, disappear :-).

Just my 2 cents here.



Comment #3

One of the best ways to get caught is posting the name in a forum where you admit to squatting.. maybe you want to change that so it won't be able to be searched.

Liquid, yes, we would all like to know the name, but you have never seen me ask for a domain name to be posted. And in this case, he did not need to post it since he admit to the worst case senario. (company, drug name. is it TMed)...

At this point, it is all a matter of you rrisk/reward factor. If you want to dump it, then dump it. It will not release your liability but the company will more than likely never come after you...

Comment #4

Hey DNQuest- yes you are right, my bad I shouldn't have asked to release the name in public... see I am still a newbie even I learned a lot so far :-).

@connections- maybe edit your post and delete the name :-)(or a mod could do it?).



Comment #5

As far as I know the Legal section of NP is not allowed to be indexed by search engines, so there shouldn't be a problem with posting domains, unless someone from the company just happens to be a member here..

Comment #6

Yes, or some fine upstanding member of this forum decides to inform the relevant authorities because that's the 'Right Thing' to do and heaven forbid that people should break the law.....

Comment #7

How is this "squatting" I purchased the name from ebay, I didnt even know it was trademarked, I no longer want it so I'm selling it to get back the money I lost,..

Comment #8

It is squatting if you own a trademarked name and you try to sell it, especially to the TM holder, which you said you wanted to do in your first post. I wouldn't sell it, I wouldn't even park it, I would just hold onto it until it dropped or if you can, get it deleted. You don't want to be the target of a multi-billion dollar drug company trying to make an example out of a cybersquatter...

Comment #9

You purchased it without knowing there was a product by that name? Then you may need to reevaluate your method of purchase decision making.


Comment #10

Why did you purchase it then? if I were to buy a domain I would at least do an Internet search of the non-generic word I'm buying first....

Comment #11

I see two issues. First is your problem for not doing due diligence in finding out it was TM'd before buying it. However, since you say you didn't know you can probably get out of liability by not making anything off it (including reselling it for any price at all). You can chalk it up to a learning experience. You could just let it drop, or you could offer it to the company with a truthful explanation of you error and ask if they might reimburse your exact expense. If they don't, turn it over anyway.

Issue #2 - The ebay seller you purchased from may not have disclosed it was TM'd intellectual property. In that case you might have a claim to get your money back from them for selling something illegally or against ebay policy. You might need to do some investigating into policy at ebay before going this route...

Comment #12

Taking 2 of these wont get rid of the headache thats coming your way.

Remove the url asap....

You might need to buy valium-dot-us with the problem you`ll have.....drug companies have hugh legal departments to protect tm`s.......

Comment #13

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