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Hi, I have recently purchased my camera which is a fuji finepix s5800 and am now hoping to get started on taking some quality pics!! Where do I start?? I Have two lovely dogs which I hope to use as a subject but am also interested in countryside, seaside and potrait pictures. Any advice or suggestions will be very much apprichiated!.


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... read the manual while the batterys are charging and then go take some pictures?.

GaryPhotos at who wander are not lost!..

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Just go take some photos. Lots of them. Read a book about composition and exposure. Learn about post processing on your computer with Photoshop Elements or something similar. Bu mainly, go take photos! Take ten or twenty photos of everything. Eventually you'll get a good one!Androo

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As said above - go and take lots of pictures!.

Joy of the digital is you don't have to worry about film costs - you can always delete anything you don't like - so when you see something, experiment! Try lots of angles and perspectives, try zooming in close to subjects, or taking wide shots..

The other joy of digital is feedback is much more instant than in film days. It may be looked down upon by the pros but "chimping" (checking the picture on the LCD after every shot) can be really useful in developing your skills. If a shot hasn't worked out, you can see immediately and alter your settings, or the way you took the picture, to correct. And if you have taken a great shot, you'll be more likely to remember what it was you did right...rather than flicking through prints a few weeks later and thinking " did I do that!".

Someone suggested reading the manual - which is good advice. I'd add to that by saying don't just read the manual while sitting on the sofa. Do it when you're out and about with your camera and try changing each setting you read about. Take pictures using the different features and settings described in the manual and see what the different effects are. It's the best way to really understand what the camera can do..

Get used to carrying the camera with you as much as possible and get into the habit of taking lots of pictures, for no better reason than you can! Perhaps think about setting a challenge, like posting a "photo a day" to a website like Flickr..

You're in a nice part of the country, so take advantage of the landscape. Think about buying or borrowing some books on landscapes and try to use some of the technique and compositional tricks detailed to get more than the standard "tourist" shot. Maybe think about subscribing to one of the many photo magazines available - which are usually stuffed with tricks and tips..

Take a look at the work of other photographers. If you find a style or approach you really connect with, see if you can reproduce the shots in your own area - and use this as a spring board to develop your own style..

Loads more, I'm sure, but running out of time and space! Last thing for now...take photos for you, rather than just for other people. Even if you're the only person who appreciates a photo, it's worth taking..

Cheers - BT.


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Much apprichiated BT. Thanks for taking the time to give me this advice! I have now registered with flickr and have upload three pics of my dogs which I took last night!.

My flickr is

Thanks Again!..

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Matthew Sims wrote:.

Much apprichiated BT. Thanks for taking the time to give me thisadvice! I have now registered with flickr and have upload three picsof my dogs which I took last night!.

Took a look at your dog pictures on flickr. I like the middle one best (#0004) b/c it is a closeup without as many other distracting elements in the frame. I would like it even better if the chewy bone weren't in front of his/her face. Your dog is beautiful and apparently doesn't mind posing, so you have one reliable model that you can photograph over and over in different situations. Enjoy your camera. You're off to a good start..

Carolyn in NE Ohio.

My photo galleries can be seen at

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Those are nice pictures of your dog. You're off to a good start. Take a look at other dog pictures and portraits to get ideas of interesting ways to photograph your dogs. Here's a link but there are many others including in these forums..


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Hi Mathew.

I will take a slighlty different approach. Firstly you have a couple of decisions..

1. Do you REALLY want to do something in particular ie: Dogs..

2. Or you just want to take some photos of say sunsets, macro portraits etc.....

Either way does not really matter with what I am going to say. For me and where I wish I was in your shoes work on COMPOSITION tell a story relay a vision or a message. Don't worry about the technical yet that will come, such as the flash shadow with the dog, forget the shadow for the moment but perhaps think how may this shot have done differently. There are plenty of reading and google it etc... to find this out, rule of thirds..

Technically you will improve with time anyway if this is your goal. But even if you have perfect exposure fantastic PP the subject or composition may be terrible and it just will not stand out..

If you fall into the trap of taking hundred of shots then all you will do is take snaps and get the occsaional wow. It is correct for the cost so don't be shy in taking plenty of the shots you want just focus on something perhaps..

I have put a few from my gallery that I am working on that may relay my message and might be of some interest, now of course these are only what I like and they may not be technicaly correct but that does not matter to me..

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window.

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window.

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window.

Best of luck with everything I am sure you will do well..


Please visit my gallery at -

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Thank you Mary, not sure wether people would like them or not..

Take CareAusPlease visit my gallery at -

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Just one tip for landscapes: get something interesting in the foreground. Rocks, flowers, a fence, etc. Shots showing only distant features can be boring...

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Hi Greg.

I agree with that comment for most however the "blue mountains" shot was taken out a plane window at 20,000 feet so that option was a bit hard to achieve. Also this shot appealed as a contrast rather than a landscape even though it is a landscape ?? Go figure..


Greg Nut wrote:.

Just one tip for landscapes: get something interesting in theforeground. Rocks, flowers, a fence, etc. Shots showing onlydistant features can be boring..

Please visit my gallery at -

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Great start - and lovely dog! Would be nice to see you and him enjoying some of the Welsh countryside, if the weather ever gets any better!.

I often take the opportunity to do photo "projects" for no-one other than myself, photos on the link below, for example, were taken when I spent a morning in Edinburgh waiting for the wife to finish an interview a few years ago:

And keep looking for different angles and perspectives. With your dogs you're taking photos from above - which is where you always see them from. Try getting down to a "dog's eye" view or lower and get some interesting dynamics. We've got cats, so they often find themselves as models for me....

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window.

And perhaps have a play with posting photos from Flickr into DpReview, it's useful to be able to share an image if you want particular advice on a problem. If you go to "all sizes" when you're viewing a pic and then copy the URL link which will appear in the box below, then paste into your message on DPReview (use the preview button to check it has worked and the size is suitable)..

Cheers - BT

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