GoDaddy service : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? What the honk, someone is offering my domain on SEDO??

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I had to check the whois for one of my domains, I just forgot where I regged it(lol, I did here!) and found out that someone is offering my recently regged domain on SEDO, it is and my questions are now:.

1. How can I find out who is doing that.....

2. Has anyone had this happen before?.

3. I regged this domain without checking TM and Wibro is TM'd (i goofed) but what happens if I get a C&D because this domain is offered for sale on SEDO but I didn't offered it??.



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More than likely - It's an old listing.

Hardly no one un-lists their domains when they expire or sell.

Contact Sedo - they will verify ownership via Email usually..

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Thanks for the ultra fast reply :-).

I will do that right now.



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How is it legal for a domain regestry to sell a domain that is TMD'd? Y does the little guy get shafted cuz the owner of the TD is so stupid tehy dont reg the domain assosiated with there TD?.

Does this mean I can search and search untill I find a un trade marked name.. hten go after a website and take their domain from them?..

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Canada, take a moment to be proud of your progeny... Now that that's over, back to the OP.

Searching sedo is a great way to find domains that were once registered and got traffic/bids but are now expired, so the fact that you stumbled across one that used to be registered should help validate the value of your registration,.

The drawback: if it is a TM-issue-prone name and you weren't the one that listed it for sale... Well, it appears you probably were considering listing it or sale (And that's how you found out it was at Sedo?), but if not, I can't recall a "I didn't list that for sale at Sedo, someone else did!" argument in a UDRP... Anyone else know of one? (That's legitimate would be a big +, not someone with the old "It wasn't me that emailed them the '$20,000 for your domain name back' letter, someone was pretending to be me!" lines....).


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Cuz I would find it very unprofessional for a namepros staff member to be insulting anotehr member.. Please correct me if I'm wrong.. but I find that insulting considering I dont even know wtf progeny means. but I assume it's an insult...

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If you dislike staff insulting you, allow me. If you get into an argument, and you can't even understand when you're being insulted, he is WAY too smart for you. Pick a fight with an orange instead...

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Oki everybody, let's be nice here....

@skrilla-i assume Allan ment "be proud of your roots", right Allan?.....and you shouldn't feel insulted by that....

To answer Allans question, I didn't consider to list that name, don't wanna be foolish....i was foolish enough to reg that name without making sure there is no TM (who is doing that all the time, you just get toooo excited when you find a name that sounds catchy like that, right? ) :-).

And I came across the SEDO listing because I searched with Domaintools and the first what popped in my eyes was " this domain is for sale@Sedo".

As far it comes to the valuation/traffic stats there are none...and the former "lister" wanted to have $800 :-).

So, like Mark suggested, I contacted Sedo to get the listing scraped off....(or does anyone else buy it from me, I would sell it for $799) J/K.



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First of all why dont you read!!!! How did I pick a fight.. I made a commet about C&D and he insulted me...

It was a cheapshot no doubt about it. And I am sorry for saying this in this thread..But I feel I have the right to defend myself...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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