What supplies do I need for Medifast?

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Hi guys!.

My shipment is due Wednesday and I'm trying to prepare now to get started. What supplies do you need? Shake shakers? Tupperware for soaking soups? Food scale? I really have no clue! Thanks for the advice in advance!..

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Hi,lulu. You will get a little shaker in your first order. You will need a blender, whether personal or regular size, if you ordered soft serve or if you want to make smoothies out of the shakes. I don't soak the soups, but you can use any bowl for soaking them overnight or anything with a lid. I have a digital scale I bought at Walmart Other than that, just everything you would need to prepare regular food. Good luck and enjoy!..

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Welcome to MF! I would say get a food scale, scale for weight, measuring tape and if you don't drink bottled water, then a water bottle that measures how many ounces of water you are drinking. Good luck!..

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I would say a food scale is a must. Also id recommend getting a couple sets of measuring cup if you don't already have them. As far as soaking the soups I usually let mine soak for about 10 min or so after cooking them so you wont need anything special unless you don't have tupper ware bowls, then you might want to get a few of them...

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Absolutely get a digital scale. I also got mine at walmart, very inexpensive. I used my cruddy blender for most of my time on Medifast then waited for it to die before buying a Ninja (also bought at Walmart, I believe it was about $40). I wish it had died on day 1, the Ninja has made everything so much easier. The only other thing I can think of is a nice water bottle since you'll be drinking LOTS of it...

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I got a digital scale that can do ounces and grams at Target for about 19 dollars. It was a great deal! I have a kitchen aid blender and it does a great job with the shakes. And tall glasses for shakes. Other than that I just use what I have around the kitchen before...

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Digital food scale for sure - regular digital scale, measuring tape for taking measurements, measuring cups and spoons. I used BF's Magic Bullet and my old blender until I broke down and bought a Ninja at Costco ($46.00 for the "professional" model) and I am thankfully every day for that thing - for soft serves, shakes, etc. I do soak my soups but use a regular bowl or whatever I have around - usually a microwave bowl with a lid so that when I microwave the thing it doesn't boil over. That's another thing - if you're doing soups make sure you have a big enough container so that it doesn't boil over in the microwave. That happened once and it was a bit of a mess. I also like to premix shakes and things to deal with the pasty taste and I just use an old small pasta jar for that.

And I agree with those who said to get a water bottle so that you can keep track of how much water you drink - and drinking water is absolutely essential.

Not sure what else - other than just ordinary kitchen equipment. And welcome aboard!..

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I have a small thermos that I make the soups in in the morning before work. I put in boiling water (after preheating the thermos with hot water, some onion powder, some tabasco sauce and 1/2 bouillon cube (chicken for the chicken soups, beef for the chili and beef stew). I stir, put the lid on and it is all re-hydrated and ready to eat by lunch time. I then dump it in a bowl and heat it a bit in the microwave if needed. The thermos really helps with the soups. I love the Solstic water bottles from BedBathandBeyond.

I have two at work that I keep in the refrigerator there and one at home. I also like that they help keep the disposable plastic water bottles out of the landfills. I have a Ninja blender that I really like and Hamilton Beach personal blender that is more portable for vacations and going out of town. I think that is just about it except for a digital Salter food scale...

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I am envious of those of you who have found such great deals on digital scales!!! The cheapest I have found was 25 dollars at Walmart and 30 at Target. Maybe things are more expensive here (Minnesota)? Who knows. Today is my first day, so this is all great advice. For today I just measured my green in a measuring cup, but I think I'm going to just have to suck it up and spend the 25 bucks for a digital scale. Good luck to you Lulu! We can both do this!!!!..

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I just bought a cheapie non digital scale. I don't have a lot of room for stuff. For Now I just have a magic bullet due to the lack of space. I hope it's sufficient. As of now I don't plan to do the soft serve. I'm really tight on space and money since DH just got laid off.

Is it alright to make a shake the night before and freeze it so you can take it with you the next day and have it cold and ready? I'll check out the digital scales in a week or two! So excited to get started...

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A little whisk!!! (Get one that fits in a coffee cup) I use my whisk for EVERYTHING except the shakes, which I make in a personal-sized blender. Whisk the soups, whisk the eggs, whisk the pudding, whisk the hot cocoa... well, you get the idea.

Jillian, have you tried ordering online? I got a hamilton beach personal-sized blender for about $16 from Walmart, and didn't have to pay shipping since I agreed to pick it up at the store. The blender lasted nearly 9 months, and I used it at least twice a day.

Lulu...I've never tried making the shakes in advance, so I don't know about the consistency, but Nutrition Support says that from a health and nutritional standpoint you can make the meals in advance if you wish...

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I have a digital scale, a little blender where I mix it all up in the same cup I'm going to drink out of (cost about 30 dollars), a bunch of those medium size gladware bowls, and a over the door shoe organizer to hold my food packets..

I soak my non-cream soups overnight, and the peach, blueberry, and apple cinnamon oatmeal sometimes, using the gladware bowls. I like them because they are portable, cheap, versatile, and I don't care if they get thrown away...

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I like to drink my shakes and drinks with a straw, so I would suggest a supply of straws. Best of luck to you!..

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A Magic Bullet, food scale & weight scale are all you need! Make sure you scrub your dishes well after making oatmeal or soup. That soy is better than Super Glue. I soak them in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes and scrub, scrub, scrub! The water bottle with shakes is fine, but you probably won't want to use it with water. The shake glass needs real good cleaning as well and don't forget and leave it in the car. Whew!..

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Oh, another tip. You can buy those over the door shoe holders for your Medifast packets. Works GREAT! They are about $12 at Walmart. Especially if you are low on space...

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I bought a digital scale at Bed, Bath and Beyond - find a 20% coupon somewhere. I think it was about $10. I think I could have lived without it but initially did need it to get an idea of what 5 oz of beef, etc. looked like. I'm not a purist...

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Oh do I need chicken bouillon? I keep seeing that in the threads!..

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Dont' need bouillion but it could come in handy esp with headaches...

I'd say.

1 jar of dill pickle spears, and some bouillion would be handy.

Also not all new shipments come with a shaker jar or bottle.

I have gotten to know what 1.5 cups of veggie fits into in glad containers, and the same with my protein, and or what my salad serving is in those.... and so don't always measure due to that...

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Get the bouillon. Half a cube really helps with the soups and chili as well as the potential headaches you may have the first few days...

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