What 'serious' compact digicam would you recommend?
Hello, what "serious" compact digicam would you recommend?.

Things that are important too me:- fully articulating monitor- full manual control, if possible with manual flash settings too- spot metering- not too bulky (no Fuji 9600/9100)- about 4 times zoom range- image stabilization- unobtrusive sounds.

- high image quality with little to no noise reduction effects (within the natural limits).

Nice to have, not obligatory:- zooming and deleting in instant record review- face detect.

Things that are NOT important:- raw output- stunning hi-iso performance- scene modes and other auto stuff- 10 times zoom range- many megapixels (about 6 mp would do)- optical viewfinder- which kind of memory card.

Until yesterday, when it nose-dived down a flight of stairs, I was quite happy with my Canon Powershot G3 (4 years old). Except for the slow autofocus, I had little complaints. Menue and handling was very compact, and the pics looked mostly great (i always use spot metering and manual time/aperture)..

My first move was to look what Canon has to offer as an replacement. But those with an articulating monitor either have that very small 1/2,5 sensor (SX100 IS, S5 IS) or ridiculous 12 megapixels (A 650 IS). Is there anything  from Canon or else  that would fill my need? (A DSLR is no option for me.).

Thanks for your hints and opinions!..

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As I was reading your priority list the A650IS I thought was a perfect fit except for the Mp category..

You should wait until the official DPR review comes out before judging it's high Mp output..


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Forgo articulating LCD, and few more options will pop up. Canon G9 (for Raw & IS), P5000 for Value for money, LX2 for Wide Angle..

Henrik2000 wrote:.

Thanks - any other ideas?.

Best Wishes, Ajay

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I'm looking too, try this post for ideas

Articulating LCD is not too common..

Fuji F50fd except for the amount of megapixels they crammed onto the CCD...

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It's a hell of a camera and it is in fact smaller than the FZ-50.Fuji Film S9100s9100/s9600 Flickr Group:

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Hi, thanks for some ideas! I really love the articulating monitor, many of my nicer pics depended on it (special viewpoint), besides it is just very convenient..

Fuji S9100/9600 (in Europe) I had tried for some weeks. For me too bulky, very confusing menues (for deleting, Raw etc.), saves Raws without compression (18 MB), no options like deleting or zooming in instant review. In manual mode (by far my preferred) the live view monitor and the live histogram do not show the resulting pic including maybe a completely wrong exposure, instead monitor shows what the camera's automatic would make of it, so you get no idea beforehand how the pic will get, except for a very small over-/underexposure scale...

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What about a used/refurbished G6? The high-end compact cams today have slower lenses - the F2 to F3 lens was really beneficial sometimes in my dad's G3. In terms of cameras you can still buy new, maybe an A630? Some reviewers have noted that it applies less noise reduction and smearing than higher MP cams such as the A640 - and it's cheaper...

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I am going to agree with a previous poster, you should be able to find a new or refurbished Canon G6..sounds as if it would quite right for your want list.A picture is the expression of an impression.If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?Ernst Haas..

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion towards the G6. Yes, I had my eye on that too, as on the A630. Just would like IS and maybe face detection. Just sad that there is no really uptodate model fitting...

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If you shoot in manual then I assume that you already know in your mind what the picture would look like, and that you are metering yourself in the sense of Exposure compensation. I have Fuji S6000 and I do understand what you mean by artificially brightening the LCD, it is good in that you can compose and select your AF point, it is bad in that you do not know what the exposure would be. However, LCD monitor are not accurate enough to be used as live preview. I think people are too reliant on a tiny little screen to judge final image capture. Would the histogram be enough, Fuji isn't very good with their histogram either..

I have an Oly C8080, in manual, in low light condidtion, the lcd is basically dark, the AF beam emits, I see a little bit of the scene, if I don't use flash it will brightened as I get close to proper exposure, but in flash situation, I see nothing..

So, it is good and bad. I wish there was a switch that would allow you to choose..

If I made sense, I'm sorry..

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Good camera but....

Current sensors are more sensitive than G6 so F2 lens is only good for bragging rights. Also, 35mm is as wide as it goes. The shot and burst rate of G7/G9 are much better as is the download speed. If you can afford the newer camera then why not..


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Nikon 8800 wow what a lens.

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Http:// Rudge..

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Thanks for that, that photo has been the BUT(T) of many a joke in the past ha ha Rudge..

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