What Medifast foods to eat in morning?

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Oatmeal in the morning, puffs or brownie at night..

Comments (45)

Oatmeal during the week. Pancakes or eggs on weekends. Nights are a mood thing. Maybe pudding, maybe pretzels...

Comment #1

Either pb or mint bar at morning: shake or pretzels at night..

Comment #2

Brownie with peanut butter melting all over it (yum!): at night, it always changes =-)..

Comment #3

In the morning, almost always a dark chocolate shake blended with cold coffee and ice... on the weekends I tend to make a pancake. But then yesterday I discovered the pancake biscuit with veggie sausage... yumm!.

In the evening, I have been doing a brownie with 1T of pb2 microwaved for 1 minute... fudgy yumminess!..

Comment #4

Most of time Waffle for Breakfast. I use my belgin waffle iron on low and spray before cooking. Today I had a scrambled waffle. (it stuck and I had to dig it out) LOL BUT it was still good.

End of day...chocolate mint soft serve or pudding or a brownie...

Comment #5

I always start and finish with a shake. I don't like eating in the morning so a shake is easy to get down and at night I get to have a nice chocolate shake while my husband is having his dessert.

It also helps me keep the calories at the low end...

Comment #6

Either oatmeal or a shake in the morning and a brownie at night...

Comment #7

90% of the time oatmeal and then pancakes or eggs the other 10%. At night it varies, either brownie, soft serve, shake or pudding...

Comment #8

Cappuccino mixed with my 'real' coffee around 8 am and brownie or soft serve around 8 pm...

Comment #9

When I was on the weight loss portion of the program I started my day with oatmeal and ended with a hot cocoa. Now that I am in maintenance, I start my day with oatmeal and end it with a hot chocolate. No creature of habit am I! LOL!..

Comment #10

Oatmeal during the workweek & pancakes on the weekends when I have more time to make and enjoy them. I haven't tried the eggs yet (started 7-days ago), plan to try on Thursday when I'm off for Thanksgiving..

At night I usually have a brownie or a soft serve...

Comment #11

Always a shake in the morning. Pudding, shake cake, or hot cocoa at night..

Comment #12

Oatmeal every morning. OMG! did I just say that?? LOL sounds weird coming from the pastry Queen. Evening is usually a shake cake or choc shake made as cocoa. Violet..

Comment #13

Whatever sounds good in the morning and whatever sounds good in the evening. Try to do no soy in the morning because of thyroid meds and no chocolate or caffeine in the evening because I don't like being awake at 3 in the morning...

Comment #14

Oatmeal during the work week/pancakes on weekends - always a shake at night...

Comment #15

It varies, I love my Carmel Nut bar and coffee, or the scrammbled eggs with coffee, in the winter Oatmeal and coffee...

Comment #16

My health coach suggested a shake for first & last meal of the day so that is what I have been doing...

Comment #17

I like to have my most substantial Medifast meals first. Oatmeal, then maybe soup or puff or pretzel. I need the higher carbs early in the day and then the lower in the evening...

Comment #18

I just realized on my last post that my ticker wasn't updated. Now it is!!!..

Comment #19

When I was on the 5&1 it was oatmeal first and it still is a Chocolate pudding right before bed..

Comment #20

During the spring and summer, I have 3 shakes a day and end the day with a choco or smores bar. During the winter, I will have peach or apple oat meal for breakfast and end with a warm drink or nuke the choco or smores bar!! LOL.....

Comment #21

I got the oatmeal in the morning and the pudding at night...

Comment #22

LOL SunshineDay.

I have a shake in the AM and chocolate crunch bar, brownie or pretzels at night...

Comment #23

Almost aways Hot cocoa in am and hot oatmeal at night..Start hot end hot....

Comment #24

Hahahah very similar to others... I do:.

Oatmeal bar in the morning on weekdays/Pancakes on weekends.

Always end with a brownie!.

Ooooh apparently I am a creature of habit!..

Comment #25

Always a chocolate or vanilla shake. I need coffee in the morning and I feel like shakes fill me up for night. I'm the worst nighttime eater so I NEED to make sure my tummy isn't grumbling before bed or I will definitely fail...

Comment #26

My breakfast is usually a shake or hot cocoa {blended with coffee} & dessert is always soft serve! I love that stuff!..

Comment #27

First: Vanilla Pudding made into a shake with a VIA pack..

Last: Cappuccino.

Unless I'm out, and then it's what ever envelope I grab!..

Comment #28

I add the Hot Cocoa to my coffee in the morning. This is pretty much without fail.

At night, I like to end with a pancake. After reading some of these posts, I may try switching that over to a shake...

Comment #29

In the AM-choc. crunch bar.

In the PM-brownie.

This hardly ever changes. Nothing like chocolate to begin and end the day..

Comment #30

Bfast: Hot Cocoa.

Late Snack: Brownie w/PB2 or Pudding w/cottage cheese..

Comment #31

An oatmeal in the morning and a shake at night. Thinking of trying the brownies next go 'round...

Comment #32

Brownie in the morning and Brownie at bedtime. Done it for months!..

Comment #33

Oatmeal or pancakes in the morning, and a yummy brownie every night!..

Comment #34

Chic chip pancake mug muffin in morning and brownie in evening. Sometimes Cinn Roll Crunch bar in am if I'm in a hurry...

Comment #35

First thing : cappuccino or hot cocoa..

Last thing: Depends on mood - usually s'more crunch or chili nacho cheese puffs....


Comment #36

Either oatmeal and scrambled eggs in the morning and chocolate pudding or soft serve at night! For my next order Im getting chocolate chip pancakes and brownies so that will be incorporated with my morning and night meals..

Comment #37

Oatmeal in the morning and brownie, pudding or cinnamon pretzel at night (something sweet)...

Comment #38

Egg omelette w/ salsa in the AM and brownie or pudding at night..

Comment #39

I do a pancake muffin almost every morning, with SF syrup. At night it always changes - often a brownie or bar. Something light to take my nighttime pills with!..

Comment #40

I always have the hot coco with my coffee first thing, than the eggs or pancake mid morning...

Last thing.. depends on my mood.. bar, brownie, soft serve as a shake...

Comment #41

I have a bar or a shake in that car on my way to the gym at 5am..

Comment #42

And often a bar or pretzels in the evening...

Comment #43

Chocolate pudding or pb soft serve made as a shake in the am.


Brownie or caramel nut bar for dessert..

Comment #44

Shake w/coffee/ shake with water.... Have done this for 1.5 years...

Comment #45

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