What Medifast foods do you hate running out of??

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I'm having SADNESS right now! I'm out of Caramel Nut Maintenance bars. My new shipment was supposed to be here tomorrow, but we're so snowed in in Seattle I don't think anyone will be at the office to accept delivery - I know I won't!.

I only order 2 boxes/month to make sure I don't eat one every single day. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

What are you missing, or what do you most hate to run out of?..

Comments (45)

I'm still on my first order but I like my mint bars so those would be hard to run out of. My second order is coming tomorrow. I added in a few things that I had not tried in round one.

So far the only thing I really don't care for is the tomato soup and I can live with the lemon bars but I don't love them...

Comment #1

I hate running out of (or low in) crunch bars...and oatmeal. And pretzels. hehehe.....

Comment #2

Mint bars Mint bars Mint bars!! They are like thin-minty joy.

Also puffs and peach tea. (Sometimes I like something "lighter" and the peach tea with double the water hits the spot.).

I've been yearning for brownies now that I know how to cook them and then make them cold.

Bars and drinks are most portable...

Comment #3

Totally hooked on the green tea calorie burn, cant go a day without one between mid-morning meal and lunch. It is my snack, mixed in a bottle ot water and it is only 5 calories. I ran out once and could not get enough caffeine to make up for that one drink. Now I buy enough for two months, just in case...

Comment #4

For me it's Vanilla Pudding: My morning standard.....made into a shake with lots of ice and a Starbuck's VIA packet...OMG-YUM! AND the Maryland Crab Soup...I grind it up, dry, in my blender and add to 6.4 ounces of tuna with 3 TBSP of EggBeaters for "mock-crabcakes" My new favorite Lean and Green meal! (served over bed of spinach.) I also hate to run out of "nightly, Night-cap!"..

Comment #5

I recently ran out of brownies and cc pancakes - tragic! I have to be careful because this summer I over estimated my obsession with chocolate pudding and stockpiled way too much...

Comment #6

Skinnymo, I can relate...I tend to overdo the things I like and eventually start to dislike them. So I have to keep a good variety on hand so I don't RUIN any other favourites!..

Comment #7

S'more Crunch Bars, Chocolate Mint Crunch Bars, and Parmesan Cheese Puffs!.

I don't like that I don't have any PB Soft Serve, but it's not an absolute necessity...

Comment #8

Toilet paper....

And finding out about it after I already sat down...

Comment #9

OMG do I ever know the feeling! Once it got cold I stopped being in the mood for shakes entirely. I haven't made one in a couple months. I think I have about a thousand shake packets in different flavors!.

My obsessions last a couple months - just enough time for me to increase my order to 4 boxes of something and then stop eating it anymore. Except chicken noodle soup - that's been going strong as an almost-daily mid-morning snack since the beginning. I don't know what I'd do if I ran out of that!..

Comment #10

Can I add EVERYTHING....My order is hung up somewhere due to weather! I've got enojught to get through today. Hopefully it makes it tomorrow! Pray for the delivery drivers! Happy OP day to all!..

Comment #11

Freya- what part of Seattle are you in? I can run a couple over to you. I just got my first boxes of maintenance bars (I was low in carbs, so thought I'd try them). They are GOOD...

Comment #12

I'm out of all my bars and I'm getting tired of the old pretzels already...

Comment #13

S'more crunch bars and oatmeal. I can't do Medifast without them, the s'mores because of their s'morey goodness and the oatmeal because it fills me up like nothing else...

Comment #14

Hmmm.... good question.... I have not actually run out of anything as of yet... but I am quite addicted to my dark chocolate shake, and brownies. I have been going through phases of have to have chicken noodle... and then oatmeal muffins....

My worst fear is a limiting of choices! OHHH MY!..

Comment #15

I love the Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bar and can't do without it. It gives me something crunchy and sweet and I feel like I am having a treat. I also really like the cinnamon pretzels for the same reason but I haven't had the new ones yet and pray that I like them as well as the old ones...

Comment #16

Crunch bars. I like them for traveling or for being away from home for the day..

Comment #17

Pretzels, I am out of all pretzels and puffs. I want to crunch! I need to plan better...

Comment #18

That's adorable. But no, you shall not venture into the fluffy death trap that is the outside for my Caramel jones... I'm sure there's a learning experience in here somewhere. Ha!..

Comment #19

I found out this week when I had my last one and I really want another one: S'mores bars!.

I also only have one packet of scrambled eggs and my next order isn't due until next week. ARGH!..

Comment #20

Love the toilet paper comment! ROFL!.

I really like having the chocolate mint crunch bars and any kind of pancake mix (I also love oatmeal pancakes, so that is included) and when I run out of those, I get antsy..

The new cinnamon pretzels have really grown on me and I can see wanting to have those around...

Comment #21

What is Sbux Via packet??? Might want to try that, I start program next week, as soon as my box comes..

Comment #22

I think those are those little insta-packets that you can add to hot water for an allegedly good of a cup of coffee as fresh brewed...

Comment #23

Excellent answer! I'd have to vote that #1. However, if we're talking about medifast here - then my answer would have to be the flavor infusers. They keep me charged up and they definitely boost my weight loss. Right now, I'm OUT and the stupid UPS says my order won't be delivered until Nov. 30th. GRRRR.......

I might have to complain..

I suppose the holiday has something to do with the delay - but really....... 10 days. I might even run completely out of Medifast meals!..

Comment #24

So I'm in my 4th week and just placed my 2nd order (arriving tomorrow, thank you Jesus!) because it's nasty cold here in Michigan and all I have are shakes & chocolate mint soft serve! Sooooo looking forward to the mint crunch bars & chicken noodle soup... cant make it without those!..

Comment #25

They are the little packets of micro-ground coffee. Can be mixed hot or cold. Strong coffee flavor! If you've ever had the little cans of Starbuck's Double Shot Esspresso and Cream....tastes just like that when made with the vanilla pudding, as a shake. It's my favorite-as a coffee snob.

They are cheapest at Costco....$15.99 for 21 packets. I hated the vanilla shakes and puddings at first until I started doing this. I bought all kinds of drops and extracts for flavoring but, this is the absolute BEST!..

Comment #26

I'll definitely have to get some, Mary Lynn! Thanks!..

Comment #27

Oh my gosh you had me laughing!! FUNNY!!!.

Have a great day!.


Comment #28

I'm with you Freya, I have to have my Chix noodle soup, it is my comfort food. Funny thing is, it was the same when I was a kid. Whenever I was sick or had the blues I got Lipton Chicken Noodle in a mug, my Dad, a chemist made me a glass straw to drink it through. I have long since lost the straw, but still have my Chicken noodle soup in a mug, and I am 6yrs old all over again. Thanks Dad!..

Comment #29

Hot coco. I cannot run out of hot coco. I have only one packet left right now and two boxes on order. I may not survive!..

Comment #30

I love the Carmel Nut bars. Sometimes I eat more than one a day, it has slowed my weight loss but worth it. Sometimes I'll talk myself out of eating something I really want and let myself have a Carmel Nut bar instead. I'm sure I'll eat them on maintenance and beyond...

Comment #31

...anything portable. I'm picky about the shakes in the blender, the eggs hot etc..

I ordered a bunch of soft serve and other delicious things that are great, but I didn't even think about the portability issue. Ugh...

Comment #32

Non-Medifast ... Chapstick. I always seem to run out when I need it the most (LIKE RIGHTNOW!).

Medifast ... Bars. They are portable and yummy. What else do you need?..

Comment #33

Hot cocoa, brownies, and parm puffs. I do love the peanut butter crunch bars too...

Comment #34

I hate running out of Brownies or Choc pudding. I have to have one of those at night. And I love the Smore's crunch bars first thing in the morning. Guess I still need my chocolate fix...

Comment #35

I hate that I am almost out of the old pretzels and can't order any more but I ordered some new ones and hope I like them...

Comment #36

No, they have regular Starbucks Via. They also have some new kinds that are sweetened. I almost bought them by mistake the other day. The cheapest Via I have found is at Costco. The box is around $15 for 24 packets...

Comment #37

So far I would have to say - Medifast hot cocoa mixed with a espresso made in my Nespresso machine almost every morning.

I still can't get over how many options we get on the 5 and 1... sweet, savory, salty, crunchy, warm, spicy (I add red pepper flakes to Medifast chilli). Medifast R&D people = genius..

Comment #38

Starbuck's VIA packets ROCK! (and that's coming from a major coffee addict!).

I have one every morning with my Vanilla Pudding made as a shake!..

Comment #39

Did you say old pretzels? I understand these are trading at very high prices on the black market. I'd collect those over gold coins at this point...

Comment #40

Hot Cocoa and Chocolate Pudding! I upped my 2-week order to include 3 boxes of the hot cocoa. I used to have a shake (blended with ice to make a slushy) every morning, but now that it has chilled down I enjoy hot cocoa on the way out instead. I often have another hot cocoa mid-day. Yummy! (and filling to me)..

Love the TP though, I think that wins!..

Comment #41

I think it's so interesting to see the different answers to this question. After 5 mos. I find, like Freya and others, that the things I ordered extra of, since I didn't want to run out, are not so much my faves now. I still like them, but maybe getting tired of them? Although it's cold here in New England, the hot cocoa never did much for me, in taste or filling me up. So I guess my answer would depend on which day you ask me. I would have said the pretzels (both kinds), until they screwed them up totally (in my humble opinion)..

Meanwhile, snowed in in Seattle? My husband lived in Poulsbo, and he says that's unusual. Hope you all get plowed out soon. And that Freya gets her bars tomorrow!..

Comment #42

OK...THIS, sounds genius!! Especially now that we've established that there are non-sweetened ones ('cause I thought they were all sweetened!). I'm getting some TOMORROW!..

Comment #43

I don't find it hard to keep Medifast stocked and find delivery to be within 3-4 days. But I really like to use Walden Farms carmel and marshmallow dip in the Medifast shakes and I find myself running out of THEM more than I like. Delivery to me from WF is something like 7 to 10 days. I really miss it when I can't spike up my shakes with the thickness of the WF dips...

Comment #44

I hate running out of bars and chicken noodle soup. I'm in this predicament now. I have 1 bar and 1 soup left and my package doesn't arrive until Monday because UPS isn't delivering today except for 2nd Day and Overnight packages. My box of Medifast is sitting in the warehouse down the street. It's calling my name...

Comment #45

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