What is the best tasting optimum whey protein ?

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Also, what is your opinion on Optimum whey protein?.

Comments (72)

My favorite flavor is Caramel Toffee Fudge. This is my favorite whey protien supplement. I have noticed a huge difference in muscle developement and growth since I've started to use this product. It also tastes great :).

Comment #1

This Protein Powder has been my favorite since I started bodybuilding and I never felt like trying any other Crappy stuff..anyways coming to the flavor I will give it say 6/10 as it tastes kinda alright with a bit coconut kinda wht ive tasted so far is Chocolate.. for my post workout shake I top it up with Glutamine and Creatine.. HIghly Recommended....

Comment #2

It tastes great, mixes great.. In my opinion it's the best protein you can get.

Comment #3

This is THE BEST protein out there it's the best tasting i've tooken. I have seen results with this protein. it mixes easily on the shaker bottle..

Comment #4

OFF - THE - HOOK!!! The taste is AMAZING even with water! (I avoid milk due to the extra carbs when leaning out). It mixes with a spoon and actually blends in nice when added to cereal and my cheesecake crust :-D.

Comment #5

Chocolate Coconut is good, White chocolate is good, Chocolate mint smells great, but taste exactly like chalk bitter and without any flavor! Maybe I got a bad batch I dont know but this stuff is completely terrible!.

Comment #6

I Start taking this powder because my early mega mass 2000 did not work there is no mega and no mass I took it 2 times morning and post work out it is good for me to replenish when I did not take this product I feel tired for all the day and yes I gain about 2 pounds in days and all is not muscle but I think I have to straighten up my diet routine somehow for some better results.

Comment #7

One of my favorites. I always have and will use this stuff. Great taste, great price can't be beat. I even mix it in with my weight gainer for added protein..

Comment #8

Good protein, mixes up fully and easily. This flavor was a little to sweet for my tastes..

Comment #9

Ok. Way too sweet. Has a slight aftertaste of marshmallow. Mixes well. Probably won't buy again though..

Comment #10

Not bad. A little too sweet. Tastes good with milk, ok with water. Mixes ok..

Comment #11

Very good. A good chocolate flavor and not too sweet. Excellent with milk, good with water. Mixes easily..

Comment #12

Great protein best for the value great taste and good results.

Comment #13

By far my favorite flavor of Optimum 100% whey protein. Goes down great, shakes great, everything about it is great. Note: I've tried 18+ flavors. Thanks for making such an Awesome product.

Comment #14

I like this product because it taste good and it goes good with my other workout routines. I tried other products and this is by far better for me and I will continue to use it.

Comment #15

Tastes great with milk and pretty good with water..does what it should and I think it's good for the only complaint is that it's not pure isolate but thats on me for buying it but still a good product.

Comment #16

Take it after my workout to aid in recovery and give me the protein I need tastes ok but is very good nutritional wise..

Comment #17

Excellent product. Mixes good with milk or water. Highly recommended..

Comment #18

Very good product. I use it with skim milk or with water. Both mix and taste good. Highly recommended..

Comment #19

Complete protein supplement. Incorporates essential bcaas along with it's good amount of protein. Works well and will gladly buy agian..

Comment #20

Le Gout est vraiment pas bon ! J'ai meme pas été capable d'en prendre plus de 5 fois ....

Comment #21

AWESOME taste, impressed me a lot. Even better than any other kids stuff to mix with milk (if used with it, off course). And you also get the proteins with minimum calories. I'll sure continue to use it as the results are kinda obvious with the 100% protein..

Comment #22

If mixed with water the taste is very neutral, just a little bit of strawberry and that's it. In case of milk taste quite good, kind of NesQuick or some other strawberry stuff for kids to take with milk. I'm only taking the 100% whey for 2 months now and the results are very noticeable, my girlfriend thanks it, lol..

Comment #23

This protien powder tastes really good and breaks down real nice not like other powders I've tried ..

Comment #24

This review is simply to say that the flavor is not that good. It doesnt mix well with other things like oatmeal. Also, when I added the protein to hot oatmeal, the proteins cooked and became little rubber balls and it wasnt very good. I assume this has to do with the way the protein made which is actually a good thing because it means that the proteins are broken down quite bit so it is faster digesting. I will just have to mix the powder in water before adding it to hot foods. Otherwise it's a great product as we all know..

Comment #25

This is a great protein and my favorite for sure. I have been taking this for a while and it keeps my toned and shrreded body where I want it. This strawberry favor is the best and is the closes to really tasteing like real strawberrys. One down side about this product is the less scoops to mix the less it taste like strawberry, at least 3 scoops because 2 scoops taste watered down. I take it in the morning after my breakfest. highly recommended.

Comment #26

I really enjoy this protein, it's quick dissolving and doesn't taste bad in water. I feel the gains in my muscles, also very easy to calculate the amount of protein I need in a day with this product. Easy to mix, or shake, for a busy person and doesn't always have time to bust out a blender. I love this product and won't work out with out it. Great protein..

Comment #27

This protein could hands down be one of the finest I have tried. It truly is a great tasting protein and does exactly what is expected of it. Usually take before a workout seeing as it is not really a meal replacement as it is an isolate. Awesome product and would most definatly buy again!.

Comment #28

Loving the product, have had it for a month at least now, and the bag still has tons of powder in it for probably another month and a half. Taste is great, usually mix it with water. Glad it has some glutamine and BCAA , saves me from having to buy a separate container of those products..

Comment #29

I have been using this product for a good week now, and the taste is certainly great! The powder mixes perfect with milk, and it does taste like chocolate milk. It is quality protein,and I highly recommend it. Reason for the 9/10 is it DOES NOT contain a scooper..

Comment #30

Great calories vs. protein factor. The Rocky Road is delicious and the price was right on. Big fan, I mix it with water..

Comment #31

I'm not a cake batter or cookie dough eater, but with so many highly recommended reviews I had to try it. And guess what, I loved it! I mix mine with milk, a few strawberries, and 1/2 banana...yummy!.

Comment #32

This flavor was by far the best tasting protein Ive tried. It almost felt like I was cheating when drinking it. Mixes easily with shaker or by spoon with milk or water, tastes great with either. My only regret was not ordering the 5lb jug instead of the 2lb. I will be reordering this flavor again..

Comment #33

I like this line of whey alot. It seems to absorb very quickly and makes for a great drink at any time of the day. However, the delicious strawberry is not so delicious to me. It has a bit of a chalky taste. The cookies and cream was very tasty though. The stack that I have been getting this with is perfect. The casein that comes with is great..

Comment #34

This stuff is right up there with the best of them. Mixes beautifully, tastes like damned chocolate milk, yum, and packs in good protein without the unnecessary bull****. You really can't go wrong with this stuff. I don't give 10s easily, really, most good products get an 8/9. This one has earned it on overall and taste..

Comment #35

Simple whey protein that is great before and after workouts, mixes easily and is great to stack other supplements with because it's flavor is so neutral.

Comment #36

Great for mid day snacks and workout shakes. If youre a coffee lover do not pass this up, it's perfect!.

Comment #37

Great taste, great gains. I'd recommend this to anyone..

Comment #38

This product has been great, I have taken a bunch of post workout products and once I switched to this I noticed immediate results. I take a scoop in the morning when I wake up and a bulging scoop after It eliminates soreness, stimulates huge growth and it has great recovery. These types of advantages will even show increases in strength.

Comment #39

I dont know why so many people rated this product so high , for me it did nothing but extracted money from my pocket,i didnt get any boost of my weight after finishing 1 bucket it doesnt worth buying.

Comment #40

Delicious, easy to mix (shaker or mixer), no after taste. There are several good flavors from Optimum and this is #1. Delicious Strawberry is pretty good, the Strawberrry Banana is great, the Banana Cream gets old but starts out good... I didn't like the Extreme Milk Chocolate much - it tasted like really cheap cocoa mix... I mean, REALLY cheap..

Comment #41

CakeBatter is by far my favorite flavor and is the staple I can add to any liquiddefinitely only found here at BBC! I like a variety though and also have the StrawberryBanana for my sweet-tooth kick and MochaCappuccino when I want to splurge. Both very awesome flavors. Adding to the mix is RockyRoad and CookiesandCream. I was able to try all the flavors ahead of time with the variety pack and now I can pick and choose my favorites! Down 10lbs in 1 1/2 months with ONLY the eat every 2-3 hours good foods plan and Optimum 100% Whey Protein is a huge part of that!.

Comment #42

I tried the variety pack and most the flavors were decent. Tropical punch was the worst and mocha cappuccino was the best(BY FAR!!).

Comment #43

I usually hate Optimums Protein, it's usually tastes extremely chemical but this is unbelievable. I feel like I will be purchasing this flavor much more. Out of the 17 flavors I have tried, this is the BEST. Saw very good gains as well..

Comment #44

Probably the best tasting protein I've ever used. Mixes beautifully, not too thick or thin... no clumps in a blender bottle. A little bloated after a week or two of use... no biggie. Best protein I've used..

Comment #45

Great if you are picky about flavor selection. You get different flavors so you know that when you buy the 5lbs. it's not gonna be awful to finish it. Also the fact that it's individually packed makes it easy to grab and go and have a protein later in the day when you are not home..

Comment #46

Cake Batter is one of my favorites. It tastes great and works well in recipes. I mix it in oatmeal for breakfast and I have another shake after I workout. I highly recommend it..

Comment #47

A great protein powder. I mix it with milk and use it mainly as an appetite satisfier. highly recommend to anyone..

Comment #48

My favorite protein, hands down. I loved the tase of this protein shake and the results I got from taking it. I highly recommend this shake. There's a reason why it's one of the top products on and it has received wide acclaim. I tried other shakes but this one was the best and I am going to stick with it. Btw I recommend this over Optimum Nutrition Hydrowhey.

Save your money and get a bigger tub of Optimum Nutrition Whey because it's the best stuff out there..

Comment #49

Great tasting protein. never has clumps when you mix and it's cheap and one of the best selling protein powders in the world!.

Comment #50

This shake is awesome!! I'm a runner and don't do the big workouts so I'm not looking for muscle gain but help with recovery after runs and core workouts. The protein helps beyond belief. Recovery after workouts and runs is faster if I didn't use it. The only negative I have is Double Rich Chocolate has to be mixed with milk and not water. With water it's always watered down and gross. The milk makes it the best. Great product!.

Comment #51

I love the taste, In my case I gained 8 pounds after being put on some med's, tried eating less, eating more fruits etc – Nothing helped. It dawned on me that my Protein levels were low, so I opted to try the Optimum 100% Whey, after a month I did nothing different except have scope of the every morning – I lost the 8 pounds and have more energy. Great stuff!.

Comment #52

Best flavor next to Cake Batter for sure! I only drink it with milk. Everything tastes like crap to me in water..

Comment #53

The taste of cake batter isn't that good going with chocolate next time, Overall 10/10 did the job for me by helping recover and build muscle.

Comment #54

This is a good protein, it work grate you can notice the change in recovery and gains in your work out..

Comment #55

This is the only protein powder my husband and I use. We both love the flavor and the results are undeniable. We are able to easily blend it with our blender bottles. I would highly recommend..

Comment #56

Très bonne protéine avec une quantité non négligeable de BCAA! Saveur déjà testé : Cake batter 7/10 trop sucré a mon gout mais quand même bon! Tropical: 2/10 Ça goût l'arrière goût après avoir vomit parce que t'as trop brossé. Rocky Road: 8/10: Bon goût assez spécial!.

Comment #57

Optimum nutrition is the best whey on the market! The chocolate mint actually isn't my favorite flavor. I taste almost no sweetness. I have had a lot of great flavors from ON whey though. I recommend Cake Batter, French Vanilla Creme, and Double Rich Chocolate. People should not complain about their whey tasting "bad" you are eating raw protein with ~1 gram of sugar and .5 grams of sat. fats. You really can't complain about taste with a nutritional profile that exceptional!.

Comment #58

Mmmm....tasty tasty. I really like this flavor. I intend on trying all sorts of flavors of whey over the next few months, but this flavor is SOOO delicious..

Comment #59

So far this protein shake has not met my expectations, my previous one was serious mass and I had more results from that one..

Comment #60

Taste is alright. Mixability isn't too bad. I get some clumps. Decent price though. I prefer Myofusion..

Comment #61

It dissolves easily, has a decent taste and gives me some of the protein I need..

Comment #62

I always use Optimum whey because it taste great, it's great quality, it's low in calories and most importantly IT WORKS! They don't give you all that other useless crap in it, just good protein. After spending a year with extreme chocolate milk (tastes like chocolate milk!), I had to switch it up with coffee flavor. It is super delicious and I'm back to enjoying my protein shakes!.

Comment #63

Favorite powder! Mixes well with the shaker and tastes great. I stack with cratine, glutamine and mens vitamin. I drink a shake, and take supplements after my morning and evening workouts..

Comment #64

This is the best Whey Protrein I use !!!! I'm using it since 4 month now and I really can notice the difference. In addition the double Rich Chocolate is delicious. Other aspect I really appreciate is that I don't need a blender anymore !! this whey is incredibly soluble !! I use it with breakfast, and immediately after workout. Highly recommended..

Comment #65

Honestly, the Cake Batter flavor sounded disgusting, but everyone on here said it was awesome so I decided to give it a try.....They were right, it's amazing! And I have to add that the mixability is way better than the Double Rich Chocolate which is what I bought previously. For some reason though , this flavor gives you 5 servings less than the chocolate. Other than that, it does what whey is supposed to do, no complaints..

Comment #66

I absolutely love the taste of this LIMITED EDITION flavor. I hope to god ON does not discontinue it! It tastes 5/5, mixes 5/5, and performs just as well as it's other 9000 flavors of 100% whey. This is the best one yet, TRY IT! I am locked in as a repeat customer for this one!.

Comment #67

This was an EXCELLENT way for me to taste test each of the flavors and decide which ones I want to order in a larger size. This product is excellent for taste and for ease of preparation. No shaker bottle is needed, powder dissolves quickly and completely. I could not be more satisfied with my purchase..

Comment #68

I have to admit, this product is vastly superior in taste comparing to other companies. I did notice some changes after using this product. The one bad thing about this product though, is that it doesn't mix very well with low-fat milk..

Comment #69

On my 25th LB of ON whey, mixes easily, tastes awesome with water and amazing with skimmed milk.. Low in cals/fat/carbs... Relatively cheap... Perfect protein especially for someone cutting..

Comment #70

Awesome product, taste great and works. I have taken two, two lb. containers and have lost weight while gaining muscle. I use 1 and 1/2 scoop after each workout. Recommend highly..

Comment #71

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