what is the best 5 megapixel camera? should I go with sony or someone else?
Which camera is the best on the market right now? Just want a nice point and shoot camera. Looked at sony, HP and Canon so far. Any suggestions which is best? thanks!..

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There is not "best" digital camera, at any mp range. There are however cameras that are more suited than others for certain situations. This is because all of the cameras from the major makers are similar in build quality. The difference is in the features.

     If all you truely want is just point&shoot, then it doesn't really matter which 5mp camera you get, as long as you stick to the major manufacturers. If however you want to be a bit more specific as to your needs, we can probably suggest cameras more suitable to those needs. Otherwise, just get a Sony and run with it.... PhilR...

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Are the HP cameras pretty dependable cameras? When I think digital camera I think sony, minolta, kodak, etc. I'm not real familiar with the HP series. I'm really looking for the best price I can find that is easy to use. We mainly use it for home use, ebay and for kids pictures. rarely due we enlarge so mostly it' is just used for the internet pictures of the kids to send on line. that and printing 4x6 prints.

Those are always fun on vacations...

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I would put HP in the category of a major manufacturer, and IMO they would be comparable to any other in terms of build quality and potential reliability. I would not hesitate to buy one, as long as it was a good buy overall. As I don't do video, I have no idea if the lower priced HP's (or any of them, for that matter) does good video. However, I can tell you that for less than $150 at Wal-Mart (I was there last night...), you can buy a 3.2mp HP w/3x optical zoom. This would take care of your needs quite handily, with the possible exception of the video mode. (They also had small 3.2mp Olympus w/3x optical zoom for the same price. This is the one I would get, as I like Olympus a lot.) hth,.


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Is there any of the sony's you recommend? I had heard the memory runs high on them but they take good pictures. I noticed on the sony website they also are offering a rebate right now on one of their cameras but I haven't had a chance to check out the camera they are offering it on. (w-1). Just curious if you have had any use with their products...

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Julia, Despite I'm linked to HP, I would not put it's camera in the 1st place. My "Top-3" in point&shoot category are: Canon, Minolta and Sony. Choosing the latest, be ready to over-pay a bit for memory cards as they are proprietary Memory sticks. You can find more info and options at:

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Vlad - Memory Sticks are no longer proprietary. My wife has one made by Lexar in her Sony. The prices of memory sticks are coming down to a point where I would not consider this to be a factor when investing in a digital camera. YMMV. Julia - As for recommending a particular Sony can't really do that until I know how many mp's you need, how much or how little zoom you want, etc. Then again, one could just determine these on their own and consult the many internet reviews for Sonys, and then match the specifications to those needs.

Both my wife and daughter have them. Within the extended family we also have HP, Kodak, Panasonic, and Fuji. PhilR...

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There really is no "best" camera. There are good cameras from a variety of manufacturers and depending on the size and feature set, you might find the right one from pretty much any of them. There are some very simple ones on up through pretty sophisticated cameras allowing a lot of control and growth while still performing well in automatic modes. Part of the choice will come in with deciding the size range or zoom capabilites. A very small camera may be easily carried around but too small to easily work with or hold steady. Ease of use and readability of controls and/or menus is important.

I'd probably put Fuji in the next ranking, then HP. HP isn't bad but they seem to have more engineering and business committee design feel and have had some less than cutting edge models. Kodak has some very good cameras for the person who is interested in ease of use. While Sony has released it's specs and design for other manufacturers, the Memory Sticks can be somewhat more expensive and aren't widely used outside of Sony products. That said, if it's a Sony that you like, it's hardly a reason to reject it..

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I'm looking for at least 5 megapixels and compact. those are the two main features I want in a camera. that and a decent video mode should I decide I want to use it. I have studied a lot of the sony's, in particular the W-1 as I like it's size and right now with the $50 rebate they offer you can get it for less than $300 on But that's just a option I have looked at. I also looked at the canon powershots as well but it all comes back to what cost less to keep in memory and does the job well...

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Mainly 5 megapixels, 3x zoom is fine and compact. that's the biggest thing. Something easy to slide into my purse and go when I'm out with the kids. I've looked at both the P93 and the W-1 as well as the 4 megapixel P73. In canon's I have only seen a few but not really had a chance to see all the options they offer. I also looked at a 4 megapixel nikon 4200??(maybe 4100)but decided to go on up to 5 megapixels since later down the road I may regret it if I don't get it while I'm buying a camera now.

Is it true you can only use the Memory stick Pro when doing the videos with the Sony's or any memory stick will do? Ever used the sandisk memory sticks? Are they all compatible to sony? thanks for all your help!..

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As of this date i.e. this latest newsletter and the specs would recommend the Olympus C-7000 [U.K. version - C70]as the "Best".

But again it can only be your choice - see it,feel it, Certainly if it had a larger & more useful Optical viewfinder I would most certainly purchase one immediately.But who am I say to say GO...

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Have a Sony W-1 and Nikon 5400, both 5mp. On some shots I can find no difference. On others, Nikon looks a little sharper, so I use the Sony at high sharpness. Sony is easier to use in my opinion. For more of the point and shoot type photos, I'd go with Sony.

For vacation shots where more wide angle is needed, I'd use the Nikon...

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