GoDaddy review : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? What if your social security number dot com is taken?

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What if your social security number dot com was registered or being used by a company online?.

Does the social security number holder have any right to open up a case in court to have it shut down? After all it's a social security number, ONLINE, for all to see. It sort of invades the person's privacy, doesn't it? or since it's just a a bunch of random numbers to most, will it not hold up in court?..

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I would sue the company for millions of dollars...

Comment #1


By suing, you would make your SNN even more public.

A dilemma.


Comment #2

If the site is not related to you, or social security numbers, I doubt you would have any claim...

Comment #3

It is entirely a waste of time to go after the company if it is not doing any business in 'social security numbers'. You may end up paying huge bill if you lose your claim, which is most likely the case...

Comment #4

As long as it's just a number, keep it that way. You don't want the whole world to associate such number with a SSN..

Comment #5

If you can sue for $1000......sue them now....

I will give you or anyone know( Not using it) about social number for $1000 ?

Comment #6

Unless the domain name's site (if any) explicitly says it's a SSN, how does one.

Even know the domain itself is such? Just wondering...

Comment #7

Aren't most 9-digit numbers the social security or employer ID number for some person or some corporation?.

All anyone sees is a nine-digit number.

Until they have reason to associate a particular number with a particular person there's no security issue.


Comment #8

More than one person can have the same social security number.

Some SS numbers have been issued to more than one person. And in more recent times, many are also being shared by illegals, etc who applied for jobs with them. Unknown to many people, the SS Administration and the IRS, in particular, have made allowances for shared numbers; they can track data of each person sharing the number separately.

Also, such numbers may potentially be recycled after a period of time.

You don't own "your" social security number any more than you own "your" credit card number(s) or "your" Nampros user id number.

If the domain owner of "your" social security number publicly posted your name, address, etc on it, you might have a legitimate cause to get it taken down under various laws, such as stalking laws. But as a practical matter, unless the domain owner goes out of their way to target you, they'd have just as much right to the domain as you would.


Comment #9

So long as you have a protection service such as LifeLock, which protects you with millions of dollars of coverage, your SS number should be fine. No one can open up an account, credit card, loan, etc without them personally contacting your cell phone number or however you have it set up.

As far as going after someone who has your number, I wouldn't recomend it. Just like I wouldnt recommend Apple go after, although they can, anyone can sue for anything... just a matter of who you have on your side and if your lawyer knows his stuff.

This is also why I don't fear TMs like most people do. "OMG it has X trademark in it"... it's all in how you use it...

Comment #10

I'd let it go. It's just my number. It'd be a different story if they had my social security number, biography, photos, etc. on the site though...

Comment #11

That would give you a very good reason to sue them for billions..

Comment #12

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