GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to use GoDaddy?? What host do you personally use? Do you like it?

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I know this is similar to the last post but instead of recommending one, what hosts are everyone here personally using and do you like it?.

I've been using powweb for a while. It sucks in my opinion, the site itself goes down every once in a while, and navigating the site is slow. The customer support is not bad, but it is the type of site where the number of little frustrations due to a slow confusing interface add up to just absolutely hating it over time..

I am thinking of switching to either site5 or 1and1 - I am looking for sites with either large or unlimited domain pointing and extremely reliable, good interface, customer support, basically what everyone is looking for in a hosting service. Do you know of anything better than these?..

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I use.

Reseller Hosting with Failover - Cheap and Affordable Reseller Web Hosting from Reseller Zoom.

PowerVPS :: Premier provider of Windows and Linux VPS Hosting - utilizing Virtuozzo and Windows Virtual Server Technology.

Both have excellent uptime and support. I've been with RS for over 2 years with no problems and PowerVPS for about 3 months. They have been EXCELLENT at helping me with server administration...

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Don't use 1and1, their support is horrible.

Never tried site5 though.

I mostly use hostgator, for both shared and dedicated hosting...

Comment #2

I use 1and1 (yes it sucks and lately has been down) and am trying out an hosting ... we'll see..

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I have 10 servers and a hardware load balancer at Softlayer and I'm really happy with them. The support ticket system works great and they add new hardware in a few hours if it's during business hours. They are the only webhost I've ever been completely happy with...

Comment #4 - Absolutely, fucking LOVE those guys. Very soon I might be needing Dedicated Servers and there is no way I am going to move away from Defender Hosting. Their support is absolutely top-notch...

Comment #5

I've only used hostgator, so I don't have much to compare them to. But, I've been with them for probably 2 years now, have a shared and reseller account, probably getting a dedicated soon..

Never had any problems with them. That's why I'm still there after all this time...

Comment #6

HostforWeb - Pretty good for VPS.

FastNext - sucks balls for shared hosting...

Comment #7

Site5. Been mostly thrilled with them. Course I'm comparing against a previous employer and '' Had a fit this past weekend when I logged a support ticket saturday morning and it sat until monday, but overall they've been great..

1and1, not so much. And by "not so much" I mean "they suck the eggs out of birds.".

Maybe someday I'll grow enough traffic to need a vps..

Comment #8

Dedicated from Managemybox (could be a good name for a porn site too no??) Support is decent but I haven't had too much of a need to use it. Pretty happy with these guys..

I've been with Hostgator - for the most part they were OK but I ran into some major trouble with support.

Also been with Host for Web - Took down my VPS without notice ( I will add though that they did refund me in the end and honored their money back guarantee ) who knows maybe they are better now, their support was actually pretty good and knowledgeable, probably moreso than the above..

Comment #9

We have servers from Theplanet and there service has been good...

Comment #10

Layeredtech - no problems, you can find sweet promo deals in their forums...

Comment #11

Are these guys good?.

$3.95 WestHost VPS Hosting - WestHost Inc. Virtual Private Servers.

They seem much cheaper from others. (I have zero experience with VPS)..

Comment #12

$3.95 for a VPS seems too good to be true. You must get like 16MB of ram or something? That said I had a look and didn't see many negative reviews except one saying they kept ended up on blacklists for spammers and that his mail kept failing..

As the old saying goes though, you get what you pay for and for $3.95 I doubt you get much...

Comment #13

I have a VPS with Knownhost. They were the cheapest I could find at around the ~$20/month range and plus they had pretty decent reviews.

They've been good to me so far...

Comment #14

Wow, it sounds like you could run ebay on that..

If you don't mind my asking, is all that hardware to host one blog or one site use for affiliate marketing? Or do you have many sites but still prefer to have one hardcore setup and put them all on it?.

I am just curious what kind of hardware I might need to use down the road, if all goes well in this field..

A general question: as it is good to have different ips, especially if one site links to another. Do you guys have a bunch of basic shared hosting accounts, one per site. Or don't worry too much about the whole unique-ip-accross-the-globe-thing?.


Comment #15

I use a reseller package from Hawk Host - Shared, Reseller and Dedicated Web Hosting.

They used to be called Devoted Host - I cant even remember a time when ive had downtime for longer than a minute or two, even then, those have been few and far between..

There support is often available via Live Chat and respond promptly to email. Overall, they are the best host ive ever used..

I do plan on switching to a VPS or Dedicated box(With Managemybox) at some point, but for a reseller package, Hawk Host ftw..

Comment #16

Yes $3.95 seems too cheap but they also have intermediate plans ~$15..

Comment #17

I personally like Web Hosting UK - Windows ASP PHP MySQL Linux cPanel hosting Service mainly because of their support as it's always up and friendly and also of their packages which are very competitive in hosting...

Comment #18

I appreciate the mention, and I'm glad your experience has been a great one since you've been with us..

As for VPS and such one thing you need to always keep in mind is a VPS does not mean you may have better performance than a reseller or shared package. To run a control panel and all the services there is a lot of overhead in ram and CPU that will drag a VPS down big time. So if you're on a reseller that is pretty lenient you may not see any performance increase at all when switching to a VPS. All it'll provide is the ability to install packages the host may not do. That's a huge reason why we haven't done VPS although with the ever increasing amount of requests for it I have a feeling it's coming...

Comment #19

Even that seems too cheap for a decent VPS setup. Plus they don't tell you how much of a server you get so they could have a ton of them on one server and your performance will suck for anything over a basic site. Like I said before, I didn't find anything really bad(and recent) but that would definately worry me..

As for the original question..

I use A2Hosting for most of my php sites, Never had any problems with them except I don't like their rails hosting. Used them for years too..

I use speedyrails for rails dev, great service(I've never waited more than 20 minutes for a support mail and I mail at pretty random times)..

And I just started using for my main rails hosting. So far seems pretty good. Fair price decent features, nice admin interface. I've only had them for a month though so can't say for sure...

Comment #20

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