What do you do to prevent cheating on Medifast?

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Just looking for some new ideas.

In the actual moment, I drink 2 glasses of ice cold water and then brush my teeth..

I will also send all tempting food to work with my husband. If it can't wait, I dump water on it and throw it in the trash...

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Plan! I have a plan for the things I know will temp me. I plan my evenings so that I get an Medifast meal about about the time I would normally start snacking. I plan meals I have to eat out in advance, so I know what I'm going to order. I plan for being hungry by having go-to meals prepared in the freezer that I can just heat and eat for L&G, if I'm in a hurry. I keep Medifast meals in my purse, my briefcase, at work, in the car, everywhere. If we're having a carry in, I plan in advance and bring something I can eat.

For me, it's all in the plan - if I have a plan, then I do that first, BEFORE I cheat! usually the impulse just goes away...

Comment #1

I like that old Weight Watchers trick: You can eat anything as long as you wash it first. I made Bill throw out leftover mashed potatoes Sunday. They were singing a siren song....


Comment #2

I come here as often as I can. My buddies keep me on track!.

Also, having a coach is great! I can call her when I need to. She's just terrific! I adore my coach!..

Comment #3

Just say "NO". Cheat doesn't even enter my mind. I love it!..

Comment #4

For me, I needed to change the word "cheat" to good choices and off plan choices. I have too many negative food connections to the cheat word. Oddly enough, simply changing how I think about it as helped me make better choices. {{go figure shrug}}..

Comment #5

I just try to focus on my goals. I made a list of reasons that I am doing this, and also a list of things that I look forward to doing, i.e. by January I want to be comfortable enough with myself to sign up for a mom & daughter yoga class with my daughter, by my birthday (May), I want to have a family pic done, etc. There are many little personal goals that are not just for when I reach my goal, but for along the way, and I keep adding to it.

Whenever I feel an urge to "cheat" I pull out that list and re-read it.

And then I have a glass of water...

Comment #6

I agree with Corbie and Lin.

I plan everything in advance, looking at restaurant menus, having my food with me at all times, etc. I find that by not letting myself starve, going off plan just doesn't interest me. It's just not something I do...sort of like I don't break the law. I don't spend time thinking about how NOT to break the law, I just don't do it..

And like Lin, I think of it as on plan or off plan. I think more about the choices and my power to choose what I want and don't want to have. I try align my choices with my goals and that seems to work well for me..

Good post!.


Comment #7

I refuse to cheat I have been working on my mindset more than anything else. Positive reinforcement, positive self-talk, thinking happy thoughts about goal and getting healthy. Turning off that mental switch of food equating with X (pick one - saddness, happiness, anger, loneliness, boredom, nostalgia)..

Fatty, greasy, sugary, unhealthy, junk foods are not my friends... all they did was add to my problems. I have broken up with junk food, LOL. Medifast is my new beau!.

I love the idea of keeping your list with you. I have a mental list but putting pen to paper and using it as an anchor may just help me through the rough patches...

Comment #8

Well this was just the thread I needed to read today! I am not (yet) struggling with cheating, but I am fearing the temptation I know I will be facing later today. I'm headed out to dinner with a couple girlfriends, and a Mexican place was chosen. I am certain I can find L & G on their menu, but the sweet song of the cheese enchiladas will be ringing in my ears, I am sure. This thread was a good reminder to just stick to the plan...and in the wonderful words of Tim Gunn "make it work"!!..

Comment #9

Cteetoo - Fish and veggies or fajita's without the tortillas work GREAT at a mexican place! Also, look at the menu beforehand and decide what you will have before those tortilla chips are put down in front of you. It is so empowering to get through a meal out OP, and to focus on the FRIENDS instead of the food. You can do it!!..

Comment #10

Planning makes my day function. I know what I'm going to eat and when, so I don't get impatient or feel like I can't make it. I drink water- I love the infusers. One infuser in 64 ounces is enough to get some different flavor in and to help feel like it's more than just water. I change my routes. I don't walk past the offices that have candy bowls in them, and add quite a few steps to my day.

I moved all the tempting things either to my garage, a different closet or have had my partner eat all of them- so aside from packets and lean and green there really isn't anything in my house that I can mindlessly snack on. Having a supportive partner makes 100% difference. He doesn't eat things I can't in front of me, he doesn't mind not having any of it in the house and he loves lean and green...

Comment #11

AND we have eliminated dining out completely. Mostly because of budget (wedding) but I don't think it is worth it to spend the money dining out, can't weigh or check out my food and I've worked in restaurants for years and know that even with great intentions, you can't control everything you order. If I cook it I know EVERYTHING that goes in from whether it is a half 1/2 t of salt or 3/4 t.

Budget is the easiest thing to blame when I can't join my friends in going to a restaurant or happy hour. I can meet them for a cup of tea or coffee during a non-meal time just as easily...

Comment #12

Another way to help (for me) is looking at this.....

*warning* food p0rn ahead it's makes me sick to look at but I can't speak for others. if you are not in a fat burning state yet and/or strongly tempted by greasy fattening overly sweet foods - don't click!.


Comment #13

OHMIGOD... If nothing else would keep me on plan that site will.


Comment #14

Think about how disgusting fat people look.

Think about how I'm obese and thus a fat person..

Think about how by cheating I'm wasting $70 worth of Medifast to get back into ketosis..

Think about the growing jealousy of my skinny friends who are always trying to lose that last 10 pounds when I tell them I've lost near 40..

Think about how I'll be justifying people's views of this as a ridiculous "fad" diet that can't be kept up with..

Think about how I'm not going to be able to get pregnant if I stay at this weight, and if trading my kids life for a plate of cheese fries is really worth it.

It's just food. Don't eat it if it isn't on plan...

Comment #15

I need to get into the mindset of saying no to cheating.. it's very difficult I dont know why,,.

Im having a hard time starting over and not eating anything extra... I'm not gonna lie I have been totally off plan for a few days now I dont know what it is about dinner time. but I seem to loose my focus.. ;(..

Comment #16

Telling myself that one little bite can throw me out of ketosis and waste three more days of headaches and a lot of Medifast food to get back in..

Comment #17

Planning is very important to me. Also, a variety of Medifast recipes I have found has helped. Keeping things interesting help me from become dissatisfied with my L&G meal and my mind wondering off to something unhealthy. I have just stood in the mirror and said to myself the changes I have noticed of my body and that I am proud and that I want to see more. Excited about changes to come...

Comment #18

Well, my last weigh in I was .2 from goal and decided to add another 5 lbs. Then I finally went shopping for new clothes as I had cinched my pants to the point of ridiculousness. I bought size 10's & 8's!!! I have never been a size 10!!!!! Now when I think about "cheating" which is only something I have even considered for the first time this week, I think about the fact that I have gotten rid of my bigger sizes and can't afford to buy new clothes at this point!!!! Then I go and find something to do!!..

Comment #19

I'm the same. I don't even think about it. I won't be "cheating" in the world where I'm not on Medifast anymore, so I won't "cheat" now. Food is food. My whole outlook on it has changed. I think that has been the biggest key to my success thus far. Let's talk again in a year, though.....

Comment #20

I haven't been tempted to cheat but if I were, I would remember the first 4 days on program and how crappy I felt. I wish I could bottle that feeling (and take a sip) for when I am in maintenance. All of the posted suggestions are great. I also try to remember that cheating ourselves is so counterproductive. Usually cheaters cheat others for their gain. When we cheat ourselves we do not benefit...

Comment #21

Great thread!! lots of great insight! I'm making a list on what I feel when I go off plan.. and what motivates me to eat right.. and I plan on looking at this if I get stressed or have that evil off plan thought.. hopefully it will change my mind; )..

Comment #22

I rely a lot on mental images. This may sound weird, but the one I go to most often is a scene from a reality medical show that I saw on TV several years ago. There was a very over weight woman who was brought in with cardiac arrest. Her husband and small children were standing near the trauma area while they were working on her. Watching her husband and kiddos huddled together outside the curtain and just holding each other and sobbing is an imagine I have never forgotten. It really stuck with me.

That story broke my heart on several levels.

I do have another image which is a little more positive. I picture myself standing butt neekid and almost like a fast frame movie of the pounds melting off of me...

Comment #23

I didn't struggle at all with feeling tempted to go off-plan the first six months. I was very much a "just say no!" person and the thought of going off plan really didn't enter my mind. Boy, did I think I had that licked!.

Much to my surprise, the last week and a half were a huge struggle for me. I couldn't pinpoint it, but man, I wanted to go off plan. How stupid would that be?? Things I'm glad I had in place for when that urge hit:.

- I don't have off-plan food in my house, or at least any I would like. I do keep some granola bars, beer, etc for guests but they're not food that I like. I purposely bought then that way. There were days that if there HAD been food other than L&G in my house, I would have probably given into it. I know that's not an option for everyone, but if it is - get the junk out or at least away from you.

- Stay busy. Busy busy busy busy busy. Go out running errands (provided you won't be more tempted to drive through somewhere or something). Get your hands dirty. Make a huge list of chores. Whatever.

- Come here and talk about it. Read posts about other people who have cheated (sorry, that sounds mean, but it does help to hear why it isn't worth it).

- Drink water until you feel like your stomach will explode. Add some Crystal Light if you need to or something, but fill up that stomach so nothing else will fit.

- If you're someone who wants to cheat secretively, BE AROUND OTHER PEOPLE. If you're someone who wants to cheat when you're being social - seclude yourself! No going out until the feelings pass!.

The feelings do pass. They totally suck though, and they seemingly can hit out of nowhere even after a lot of success on the plan. It's not something that just happens to weak people or newbies or something. We all need to be prepared for urges that we can't quite explain.

I also read something else today that I thought was great - I wouldn't cheat on anyone else, why would I cheat on myself? If it was someone else doing this, I wouldn't sabotage them, so why feel tempted to sabotage myself? Getting to the root of the feelings is important too, although it may not be as helpful "in the moment" because it can make you want to cheat even more to over-examine your feelings. For me, I also found that when another area of my life felt "out of control" (be it work or how neat my house was or whatever), I started feeling cheat-y. Sort of an avoidance/chaos thing, maybe. Making my plan for the evening and having everything in all areas "in order" to the best of my ability has helped me keep my eating in order too..

Comment #24

One of the main reasons I never cheat is the $$$. medifast is a huge expense and it would be like throwing money away if I were to cheat and gain/not lose any weight. now I have another reason not to new wardrobe I got rid of all of my fat clothes and my closet now has cute clothes in it that I love!..

Comment #25

When I feel bummed and want to "emotionally eat" I just:.

1) remember what a heck of a terrible headache I had the first 5 days getting into ketosis- ouch!.

2) go do something like swim, or if i'm at work just surf my favorite travel, horse rescue or home improvement website.

3) chew sugar free gum.

4) have a crystal light drink.

5) log onto the Medifast discussion boards and read threads until I calm down.

6) eat pickles!..

Comment #26

I have this posted on my fridge. I have one chart already completed and am working on chart number two. It serves as a visual reminder of how far I've come...

Comment #27

This is what I do to remain OP. I also have an interesting discussion in my head, about why do "I THINK I NEED TO EAT SOMETHING OFF PLAN TODAY. I don't need to eat for another 20, 30, 60, 90, 120, etc., minutes. So what's REALLY WRONG?".

Typically I find, it's an emotional response to being angry, happy, sad or even confused... and then there's boredom..

As we continue on this journey and if we want to maintain the weightloss, this kind of personal introspection is going to be very important..

Here's to hoping you and everyone else stays OP!!..

Comment #28

I either go to sleep if I can or just walk away froj the food that is around me if everyone is eating something delish..or I just eat my two fingers lmao!..

Comment #29

I have lots of sugar-free chocolate in the house... On those days where I'm just seriously stressed, I have a few............ (I feel guilty... but I know it's better than hitting real candy/ice cream, etc...).

Also- I keep biggie packs of gum in the pantry......... As soon as my parents break out their crap, I start chewing!.

And- I love, love, love diet cream soda........... that is my treat. I'd rather drink diet soda than bread any day...

Ooh... I loaded up on the Walden farms condiments.... I am a sucker for condiments. I need to order the little individual sized packs so I can bring them with me while eating out...

Comment #30

I don't think I have more willpower than others but the thought of not wanting to be fat anymore keeps me from putting junk in my mouth. Last night I ordered pizza for my son, it was study night and we were home alone. He sat there eating the best smelling pizza ever and I ate my lean and green and was happy. I am determined to get this weight off once and for all...

Comment #31

I just think about the two times my DH (who is also doing MF) cheated and the extreme headaches he had getting back to Ketosis. So far I just haven't seen anything to eat that is worth three days of headaches.

It does help a great deal that we are both doing Medifast together - and I"m a little fearful of when he hits transition months and months before I do. He should get there in another month or so and I will be in 5&1 for a much longer time.

I also save the Brownies for "special" occasions. They are my item to make when I'm getting together with friends for parties with cake, or for those days where I am going to eat out (and not order dessert) - I'll get my dessert after I'm home and ready to eat again..

Finally - I do not normally use the "snack" option - I save that for the days when I MUST EAT something else. I have used snacks maybe twice in the almost 10 weeks I've been on plan. TOM visited me last night and I was sure I"d have to resort to a snack - but I managed to avoid it by drinking lots of water, hot tea, and caffeine-free diet coke.

Thanks for starting this thread - the answers have been very good reading!..

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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