What can I add to coffee during Medifast?

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Hi all.I've posted this at the nutrition board but haven't heard back yet so would appreciate your thoughts. Newbie with order arriving early next week. I love my coffee. Is there anything MF-friendly I can add to it in the sugar and cream dept?..

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I use the medifast cappuccino. Make it according to directions. Then add black coffee to it. I have it every morning. YUM!..

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I add splenda to my one cup of morning coffee. Each packet is considered one condiment...

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I use Splenda or Torani sugar free syrups (1 packet or 1-2 tablespoons of syrup are a condiment) and half and half (2 tablespoons is 1 healthy fat)...

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I have one cup every morning - I tried adjusting what I put in it, but couldn't stomach most of it. I use a packet of stevia and half and half. It's a no-no but I don't care - I don't eat the snacks, and I never ever cheat, so I allow myself this one thing. I did change from sugar to stevia, but can't handle fat-free milk or half n half - since it's just one cup a day, it hasn't made any difference to me...

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I agree with RebelMom... I allow myself my coffee the way I like it. Creamer and French Vanilla Splenda! It has not affected my loss.

I have also used the Medifast cappuccino pour directly in to my coffee....stir-stir-stir as you pour the powder slowly...

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I like to blend the hot cocoa packet wth my morning black other sugars or creamers needed. it comes out creamy, and yummy just like that...

Comment #6

Hi Rawhide,.

This was a huge dilemna for me when I first began MF. That is, until I saw that I could have half & half as condiments. I bought the box of creamers that comes with little pre-measured containers, that way there's no cheating, and I make sure it's a flavored variety so I don't need sugar. I have 2 in my coffee and I haven't noticed a difference on the scale. I also do what losn30 does, add it to a package of hot cocoa, add ice and blend it. Yummmm...

Comment #7

I use splenda and FF 1/2 & 1/2 every morning. Hasn't slowed me down at all...

Comment #8

I use 2 TBSP Half and Half and count as my healthy fat for the day...

Comment #9

I drink a LOT of coffee. Apologies for being such a newbie.just trying to figure it all out. Good suggestions. Am I ok in using FF half and half or is that not a good move? Splenda sounds like it's ok - right? I feel so dang dumb. It's like learning a new language...

Comment #10

I drink about 10 cups of coffee each day - three Venti sizes. LOVE/LOVE/LOVE...

Comment #11

As you can see the answer is varied, some will not deviate from the plan even for coffee and others will.

I love coffee and I love creamer in it. I am using sugar free french vanilla. I went the first two days without coffee and one soda and I was miserable!.

I feel that you should have coffee with your creamer, but I understand why others don't think you should go off plan. Really, I think it is up to you..

After a few days, you will find what works for you and what doesn't work for you...

Comment #12

I was told by my life coach not more than 3 caffein servings a day that includes soda, coffe and the essential calorie burns. SO I drink decaf and I use the torani sugar free syrups to flavor.ALL kinds of good tastes...

Comment #13

I don't use any sweeteners, just half and half. I used to drink many cups per day, I have cut back to 2-3. I will never stop drinking coffee, so I have kept it in my diet...

Comment #14

If you click on "success tools", you will find the food lists, condiment lists, meal plan suggestions, everything you will need to be successful...

Comment #15

I drink two cups a day. Each cup I put one packet of splenda and one tablespoon of fat free half and half. I have lost weight every week I was on plan and did this...

Comment #16

Good to know Speech.I'm going to give it a whirl with decaf, splenda and ff 1/2& 1/2. Thanks to all who contributed their answers. Please keep them coming if anyone else has anything to add...

Comment #17

I use one pink packet (sacchrin) and 2 tbsp. half and half. Works for me! But I do limit to one cup because I don't want it to diminish my water intake. I also agree that the cocoa made with coffee is good...can't stand the cappuccino, personally. Also, I read another poster that makes up a vanilla shake and uses a bit in her coffee and it works like cream wonderfully. Then saves the shake for her meal time...

Comment #18

I read that vanilla shake tip too in a "Things I Wish I Knew When I Started MF" (or something similar. It's a great tip and I plan to order that shake when I place my next order...

Comment #19

I like to start the day with one cup of coffee or tea. Normally I just use a tablespoon of low fat milk (for the tea I'm English, that's how we drink tea) or a mini-moo half-and-half for my coffee..

A treat when I'm working at home is to make a vanilla or chocolate pudding shake in my magic bullet with instant coffee. Six ounces of water, a teaspoon (or a little more) of instant coffee, six ice cubes, and blend until it's whipped. Delicious iced frappucino, and no condiments needed!.

As of this morning, I'm only three pounds from goal (that is, a normal BMI for my height), so I guess it's working...

Comment #20

I love my coffee and am unwilling to give it up. I have cut back on the amounts. I have 1 to 2 cups a day with 1 splenda, 1 stevia in the raw and 3 tsp FF creamer..

I used to have 1 to how ever many I wanted cups of coffee, with 2 teaspoons (not the measuring kind, silverware) of splenda/sugar baking blend and enough regular creamer to make it pretty. I had never really given the creamer much thought before MF. The FF/Lite creamer is 10 calories per tsp. I tried to drop splenda and go just stevia, but didn't care for the taste, so I do 1 of each. Also, in the beginning I tried adding the vanilla pudding and vanilla shake, both in powder form and mixed with water to my coffee and really didn't care for the taste. It's possible my taste buds have changed a bit and I might enjoy it now, but just brace yourself, it did not taste like coffee to me..

I've only just started on this weight loss journey, but have been steadily losing. Hope this helps! ~Carrie..

Comment #21

I have two cups of coffee w/h&h in it. Losing 2 something pounds a week is good a enough for me!..

Comment #22

I have cut back to two cups of coffee a day and I use a packet of splenda per cup and also powdered coffeemate. Thats how I like my coffee and thats how I drink my coffee ! I am willing to make lots of changes but I need my coffee and if I cannot have it the way I like it why drink it ? I did cut back from 4 cups to 2 cups and am averaging 2 lbs at least a week loss so I have to live thats the way I look at it.......

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I make an entire pot of coffee in the morning (I'm the only drinker in the house). I'll have 1-2 normal hot cups (with splenda, sf creamer or torani syrup) then I'll use the rest thru out the day in my shakes. Use cold coffee in place of the water or freeze the coffee to make coffee cubes (instead of ice). I like coffee best with the chocolate, cappuccino or mocha shakes. Serious.. it's delicious!!..

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I use a tiny amount of sweetener (Splenda or Truvia depending on what's around) and a tiny amount of fat free half and half and don't count anything towards anything. Caffeine is one addiction I have no plans to take on...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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