What are you looking forward to while doing Nutrisystem?

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What NSV's (non-scale victories) are you most looking forward to as you lose weight? I'd love to hear from my fellow newbies and the 'old pros' alike. Personally, I would love to see my own face again, instead of blobs of fat. I was never Catherine Zeta-Jones or Salma Hayak, but I had a pleasant, heart-shaped face with nice cheekbones. I also have a certain pink sweater I want to fit in. It's these little things that keep the bacon and doughnuts out of my mouth.

So, how about you?.

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I would like to be able to climb steps more easily as I have a knee problem. For each pound overweight, that one pound translates into the equivalent of four pounds force on the knee. Losing just ten pounds is the equivalent of losing 40 pounds of force on the knee..

Comment #1

Not to see a fat lard-ass staring back at me from out of the mirror!.

Comment #2

Seriously, I want to feel comfortable in clothes again. I want to be able to pass a mirror and not cringe at my big belly! I don't want to go down the path of high blood pressure, sugar, etc.


Comment #3

Hearing the word petite again. Being comfortable again. Avoiding health issues that run in my family. And lastly I would really like to never have a muffin top again!.

Comment #4

I am looking forward to getting off BP medicine, not being out of breath and having as much joint pain, seeing a less bloated face and shopping in ANY store - not just the PLUS size ones!.

Comment #5

My husband was joking with me and said that the more weight I lose, the faster my scooter will go. He was joking but I really caught on to that and am using it as a motivation. The scooter doesn't have a whole lot of horsepower so the less 'me' it has to haul, the perkier it'll be! Can you say VROOM VROOM??.

Comment #6

Seeing the new/old me looking back in the mirror! Being able to keep up with my grandchildren w/o being out of breath..

Comment #7

#1 Goal : I would like to be able to walk without having constant ankle pain..

I have never been skinny and was always a big don't ever want to hear "Your face is so beautiful" (ie: too bad you're fat)!!!.

Comment #8

I'd like to be able to get dressed in the morning without wondering which of my clothes no longer fits and whether or not my top is long enough to cover my "bumps"..

Comment #9

I want to fit back in a roller coaster seat!.

Comment #10

I'd like to fit in my Fall clothes before I have to buy new (bigger) ones!.

Comment #11

I would like to feel comfortable looking at myself in the mirror and not be ashamed of what I have let happened to myself...

I want to be healthy and able to keep up with the grandkids....

Comment #12


And this......

And this......

And finally....this....

Photos from 2007 Boundary Waters trip..

My 2010 Boundary Waters trip is only two weeks original motivation for losing 53 lbs over three years ago...

Comment #13

I can't wait to lose 12lbs! It is going to be hard. I just have to buckle down and do it!.

Comment #14

I want to look amazing (or at least fit) in a tiny string bikini next time my BF and I go on vacay!.

Comment #15

Great thread! These goals are encouraging.

I'm looking forward to looking even better than I did when I got married..

I'm looking forward to going to the 'misses' section...not the plus or women's..

I'm looking forward to wearing my short skirts and tall boots in winter..

I'm looking forward to the absence of back fat in my tank tops and dresses..

I'm looking forward to not feeling the need to put my husband out of the room while I'm getting dressed/undressed..

I'm looking forward to not needing to tilt my head down to avoid seeing the double chin in pictures..

I'm looking forward to just feeling totally good about myself..

Come on NS, send my food already will ya!?.

Comment #16

Looking forward to my Dr telling me no meds needed. Also having my waist be smaller than my hips and being able to tuck my shirt in and having it look good..

Comment #17

I'm looking forward to fitting in a few tops that I wore 5 years ago. Plus, I'm very much looking forward to NOT being able to wear my current skirts/pants because they are too big.

Comment #18

I am looking forward to shopping in any store I choose to shop in & not having to find the plus size section of a store. Being able to wear skinny jeans again And finally getting rid of the dreaded muffin top once and for all. (I hate it so very much) LOL.

Comment #19

No more plus sizes!!!! I'm tired of buying fat clothes......

Comment #20

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