What are the side effects of optimum whey protein ?

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And to those who have used it: what is your review on Optimum Whey protein?.

Comments (61)

It's safe to take. It's just an extra source of protein, which is needed to build muscle. If you buy the low quality one, some people experience bloating + gas. Just make sure you buy the higher quality one (WPI), rather than the cheaper one (WPC), and you'll be fine..

Comment #1

I love every single product by ON. You will love this flavor, tastes like candy!.

Comment #2

I have tried almost every flavor. This one is THE BEST ! wow! Amazing!.

Comment #3

Tastes great and easy to mix. Best whey protein on the market! Relatively cheap as well..

Comment #4

Great idea for product. By testing one serving of each flavor, I was able to rule out buying and wasting a big 2 or 5 pound jug of a flavor I would have initially chosen, but ended up hating..

Comment #5

I can't really judge the overall results of using this product, because the rocky road flavor is absolutely horrible. I've never tasted a worse flavor in my life, and I'm a type of person who can drink anything no matter the taste..

Comment #6

Chocolate is one of my favourite flavours. So I rated it high. Mixes excelently, has great taste. Tried not to wash shaker for two days - smells not that awfull like UN Prostar. It definitely an advantage. An it can be washed easily. So I change overall rating from 9 to 10..

Comment #7

All the protein, glutamine, and BCAA's I need in 1 shake twice a day.

Comment #8

One of the best protein powders I've tried. I've yet to be disappointing with any ON protein. This one is especially good post workout when mixed with Low calorie Gatorade. Orange and this make for a nice orange creamsicle flavor..

Comment #9

Great tasting whey protein. None better in my opinion. Owns Bodyfortress and other cheapo brands and really isnt any more expensive..

Comment #10

I love this powder! It mixes well and taste great..

Comment #11

Taste: ONLY buy the white chocolate if you're a Dark Chocolate fan!!! I hate dark chocolate so I have to force myself to chug this crap down. Oh well, back to Cake Batter!.

Comment #12

Can't beat on whey.solid profile good recovery and pick me up during the day, taste is awesome for whey and mixability is great. also scoops well. I like to mix with oatmeal or milk.

Comment #13

Almost a Mocha, It's very delicious with negative scoring of 4gms of carbs. Optimum 100% Whey Protein is not recommanded for those with lactose-intolerance..

Comment #14

This has been a great protein shake. it definately helps with recovery right after a workout. this has helped me put on 15lbs of muscle in the last 4 months. I usually have one first thing in the morning, one after each meal, and one before bedtime. great protein!.

Comment #15

This was my first ever purchase of whey protein. I went through that 5lbs pretty darn quick because it was just so good. I would sometimes drink 2-3 shakes a day simply because it was so delicious. With water, it is meh, not bad but not good. With milk, it is very good! I would highly recommend this. I will buy this again in the future..

Comment #16

This was the second tub of whey I ever purchased. It sounded so "delicious" but it was pretty bad overall. It tasted nothing of strawberries and had a bad chemical aftertaste. It was terrible with water. With milk it was difficult to mix and the top of the mixture was often foamy and disgusting. I will not buy this again..

Comment #17

The chocolate Mint flavor is awesome, I love this protein. It mixes easy in my shaker, and ill say it again, the flavor is unbelievable. the mint just refreshes you after you kill yourself in the gym without giving you any bad after taste you get with some other "wheys", I would defiantly recommend this protein, and I am eager to try some other flavors..

Comment #18

I like the taste and I like the way I am building muscle with it. I can throw this in a blender and mix it with anything as well as just drink it with water in shaker and it still tastes delicious!.

Comment #19

Have been supplementing with protein powders for roughly 10 years; by far the best tasting, easiest mixing whey product i've used to date. If I stray and attempt to use other whey products, I always end up right back here. Would have given it a 10, but I feel the price of the product has to bring it down a bit; there are a few decent protein powders that are roughly $10-15 less (5 lbs), such as MGN Mint-Chocolate or Peanut Butter. Flavor is a very good blend of chocolate and sort of a 'mocha-frap' taste, but it's not overly sweet like I find the BSN syntha-6 flavors to be. Overall, great product..

Comment #20

While this product mixes well and seems to do the job, the "Vanilla Ice Cream" flavor is absolutely disgusting. If it is mixed with any more than 4-5 oz of water it tastes like what I would imagine dirty dish water would taste. The best way to make this powder even tolerable seems to mix it with very very little water. 5/10 solely based on the taste. I love ON whey otherwise..

Comment #21

This supp tastes great and has a large percentage of protein it also has some extra aminos which is nice. I have to say that this product does the job and has a good price for what it does..

Comment #22

Hands down the best protein I have ever tasted.

Comment #23

I love ON Whey Protein. It doesnt really matter which flavor but I prefer vanilla because you can mix a lot of other fruits and what not to the shake. This first thing I do when I wake up is blend some strawberries into my vanilla protein shake and start my day, followed by another shake post-workout. A little creatine mixed in never hurts!.

Comment #24

After reading soo many great reviews about this product and how amazing it is I decided it was safe to buy 5 pounds of this sucker. well to be honest..its OK lol. like the taste of the GNC protein much more. for me the shake itself is very liquidy. mixing it with milk just makes it into chocolate milk. I guess I just wanted a thick protein shake that would fill me up, but overall it's ok.

Comment #25

This is now one of my favorite protein shakes. It has all of the pros of Optimum's 100% Whey, plus it tastes AMAZING! The cookie bits magically appear when you mix it and it is a treat in milk. I almost feel like I am cheating. My only con, as with all of Optimum's other flavors, is the lack of thickness/flavor when mixed with water. Myofusion is still the only one to cut it for me in water. BUT, given the new study by Consumer Reports, Optimum is now proven THE SAFEST in the study overall when it comes to levels of toxic heavy metals in protein shakes.

Also to note, this particular flavor has high fructose corn syrup in the cookie bits, but there is not much..

Comment #26

Pretty good for the price. Taste isn't too bad either. Was replaced by Muscle Gauge Nutrition in my supplement stash..

Comment #27

This product I have used for many years. Protein drinks are hard for me to remember to drink when needed, but it always has been very important in my life. This stuff mixed well with anything and the best part is the price is right. The calories are low and not a ton of fat. My grandpa is 65 years old and she has Diabetes, I got her using Optimum Whey Protein and she has been doing much better. She can make it longer through out the day with not drops or spikes with her blood sugar.

I buy a big bag and share it with my grandma. Thank about this product when shopping for some new protein. You will be very happy with your results....

Comment #28

This is by far the best tasting optimum product I have ever tasted. Would highly recommend this flavor, and I will definitely purchase this flavor again..

Comment #29

Highly recommended! I take a shake in the morning when I get up and some throughout the day. The only thing I am concerned with is the cholesteral count. Its fine for one scoop but if you take 3 or 4 it gets on up there..

Comment #30

Switched from using muscle milk. Taste needed some getting used to since there isn't a ton of sugar and filling in this powder. Two scoops in 16 ounces of water make the taste pretty good. Only issue is the price, but you get what you pay for. Going to try the new 100% whey from the makers of muscle milk. Costco has it for $30 for 6lbs. $90 for 18lbs vs $90 for 10lbs from and they have similar stats..

Comment #31

I haven't been using this very long but I'm in love with it already! The taste is phenomenal even tastes good mixed with water! Texture is pretty good too. Best of all, I have definitely noticed some muscle gains lately it could be from just upping my protein consumption in general, but it could also be in part due to this powder. I'll definitely be buying more when it runs out! I highly reccommend this product..

Comment #32

Great protein without much fillers! Awesome for those dieting or trying to burn some fat off! Fairly cheap too..

Comment #33

I love this stuff. I mix it with some calcium enriched OJ. The Vanilla and the OJ mix well. The stuff does not give me gas and I feel it absorb fast after a workout..

Comment #34

Been on ON's whey protein for a while of the best whey proteins out there for as soon as you wake up, post workout, and any time in between to meet your daily protein requirements. This flavor is there overall, a vanilla bean type flavor and I'm good wit that since I'm a vanilla guy more than chocolate. Overall, great protein, good taste..

Comment #35

Hi...there. this is my first time using protein powder. I decided to buy this base on the review from this site so far so good the test is alot like cho milk, I love it. I been taking it for a month now. Thanks for your review though. I think I should try the coffee fav next time..

Comment #36

Great Product. Def one of the better flavors, even in water!.

Comment #37

This is the best protein powder I've came across so far for the price. It mixes well with ice cold water and tastes better than others. I've gained more muscle mass with this protein powder than any other that I've used. The only drawback is I have to double recommended amount so I get 50 G. protein per shake. Highly recommended!.

Comment #38

I've tried a lot of different brands but I definitely prefer ON. All of the flavors are delicious and they don't have that really strange aftertaste that some powders seem to. Also I usually put in a teaspoon of creatine and it goes down without a hitch. Love this stuff, would definitely recommend it..

Comment #39

Yummy! This stuff tastes great! Not like real cake batter, but still tastes really good. It mixes really well too!!.

Comment #40

I love this flavor. It is delicious and mixes so well. As soon as I eat my first meal, I mix this with water, and put it in the freezer. Every 30 minutes I shake it vigorously until it breaks apart. Repeat that every 30 until it has been 3 hours for my next meal. Tricking the mind that this is a meal, is wonderful. I LOVE IT!.

Comment #41

The taste is good. seems to be very liquid when solved in water, like drinking a strawberry juice. I just take 1 powder and have little improvements. just take a creatine to expand your msucles and whey to complement your daily supply of protein.

Comment #42

I love this flavor and this company's products. I keep coming back for more Delicious Strawberry. Some people might find it too sweet, but I find it to be the perfect blend and it tastes great in water, oatmeal, milk, soymilk, and shakes. This and Extreme Milk Chocolate are my favorites. Wish ON made more protein flavors in the 10lb bags. I have used this brand of whey for over four years now.

Would love a pure WPI, but this does the trick just fine..

Comment #43

Surprisingly good flavour, refreshing and full of flavour mixed with water!! ON has a great ingredients list and list flavour is of good consistency, as always mixes well and helps muscle recovery after working out. Being 100% whey is fast release and absorption too which is an added bonus, would recommend.

Comment #44

Odd flavour, should have been so tasty but unfortunately for me failed to deliver!! It brought back memories of the root beer float flavour which made me gag!! Managed to get it down, but would not drink again, may mix well with oats!!.

Comment #45

Not being a massive coffee fan I was slightly skeptical of this flavour, however, mixed with water it is pretty good, nice consistency and as always with ON mixes easily and well..

Comment #46

My favorite protein powders.The chocolate flavor tastes just like a milk shake I usually drink one shake in the morning for breakfast, and I have another shake after each workout. I stack this with creatine. Highly recommended!.

Comment #47

Great protein, does the job and is at a great price so I can eat lots of the stuff! Taste was so-so though it was a bit watery..

Comment #48

Overall rating is an 8 due to the profile of ON's whey, it can't be beat. As for the taste, I love orange anything so I was very excited about this. It's a bit more "cream" than it is orange, which is semi-disappointing. However, it's still very good. I drink it post-workout, because I enjoy the fruity kinds of drinks moreso than the dessert type proteins when I'm actually thirsty..

Comment #49


Comment #50

So far the only flavor I was not a fan of was the Mocha Cappuccino. Skeptical that the Root Beer Float one will taste good. Love the Vanilla Ice Cream/Cookies n'Cream mixed with greek yogurt...mmm! Mixes great in a shaker with water. Overall great product, good flavor. I like this pack so I can vary flavors instead of having just a huge tub of one kind. A+ ON with this package (just hoping they include the new Cake Batter eventually...been itching to try it)!.

Comment #51

I love it. I like the taste and it makes for great smoothies and "protein coffee" drinks..

Comment #52

Great taste, mixes well as long as you put the milk/water first - sometimes some clumps if you add the powder first. Overall very satisfied. Saw good gains with p90x training program..

Comment #53

I used to not be a big fan of supplements, I thought they were a waste of money and overrated. But I must admit I've become a huge fan of this powder. My recovery time has decreased dramatically and I can see the extra lean muscle I've gained. I'm genetically a pretty skinny guy and have a tough time putting on "good" weight but this product has certainly helped out. Can't go wrong with the Optimum Whey!.

Comment #54

This is a fantastic protein, for best results use milk, and serve it very cold, so it's best to make them the night before so they'll be nice and cold before or after your workout, the protein has helped me recover very quickly from workouts and is an extremely good value. Using this protein has helped me suppress meal cravings and build lean muscle, I have had extremely beneficial results from this product and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about building muscle..

Comment #55

During cutting this protein powder helped me ratain my muscle, it mixes well with supplements. I used it in water, flavor was a little watery, but I didn't mind at all, I consume for "quality" not so much for flavor. If I did consume for flavor I would stuff my supplements into a slice a pepperorni pizza and down that!!! ;) All in all, it's a great product!.

Comment #56

I just started taking this protein after switching from a (very) expensive GNC whey protein isolate with just around the same nutritional content. I love the ON protein shake, but I must say- the Vanilla Ice cream tastes horrible. Otherwise, it seems fine to me..

Comment #57

Good protein blend, but tasted like s**t to me, usually I don't really like the taste of something at first but it always grows on me and I enjoy it, but this I did not it just had a funny taste to me, everyone raves about this brand of protein but it's just like the rest, and I didn't enjoy it..

Comment #58

This is the 1st protein supplement I ever tried and it was great. In the beginning I was very skeptical about taking bodybuilding supplements of any kind, but having read reviews on this site and having it praised by many others I decided to try it for myself and I gotta say, the results were amazing, as expected. Only thing I didn't like about it was the flavor was a little too sweet for me.

Comment #59

Best protien around for the price. Mixes easily and tastes great..

Comment #60

I have been taking protein powders consistently for roughly 5 or 6 years and have found the Optimum brand to be the hands-down best. Recently I tried their coffee flavor, after being hooked on chocolate for quite a while. It is the best tasting and highest quality whey protein I have found and I sincerely hope they don't ever change it because I can't imagine going back to anything else..

Comment #61

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