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Hello, skinny jeans, good-bye love-handles. Okay so, I'm not sure what to expect from this journey, but I do know that I can do it. I've been on many weight-loss programs in the past; everything from LA Weightloss to Weightwatchers and unfortunately, nothing has worked. I'm only 22, but if I don't stop now, I will probably join the long list of morbidly obese, diabetes-riddled family members (on both sides of my family). Not to mention three years ago, I sprained both ankles and the weight that I am only made them worse. I'm nowhere near grocery-store motorized cart, but I'm afraid of going that direction.

I KNOW it won't be easy, and I know that eating at roughly the same time as my boyfriend, just different kinds of foods, will be hard, especially as I watch him make his famous burritos and tuna-casserole. But I don't want to be 197 pounds anymore so, let's get started!!.

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Welcome Kt, you are very wise to do something now. The one concern I have is that you have already tried so many weight loss programs and say nothing works. All of them 'work' if you stick with their plan, at least at first or until you take it off. The old saw is that maintenance is the hardest part but I think it can all be hard if you expect it to be. The thing that appeals to me most about this plan is that it is balanced, good for me but it's easy. the food is prepared already and I can zap something in one and a half minutes.

I love all those but they love me too, way to much, they come and refuse to leave! so when he has pizza, so do I, Nutrisystem style. I love it and am shocked it's enough. I usually have a salad, the same as my honey but his has cheddar cheese and croutons and a ton of dressing, not mine. I fix his and then mine and we eat together. You should do this too.

I can eat anything I want to but I am also tired of being a fat grandma. You can avoid that by doing something now. You are young and now is the time to get yourself healthy and active and try to avoid any hereditary tendencies toward your family history. Believe me, if you do develop diabetes, you will be able to combat it much better and be on low doses of meds instead of in the hospital or worse. My husband is a good example.

but his lab work is terrific because he does exactly what the doctor advises and takes the minimum of just a few meds. the rest of his family is not careful and are all paying for it big time. do something now, you have so much to do besides eat junk. read the boards, post often, call the counselors and ask questions. you will be fine.

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Glad to see someone else with similar circumstances as me. I'm a bit older (30 next week), but haven't had any kids, so that's no excuse, and many in my family are overweight. I've done Atkins very successfully before, and have also done Lean Cuisines with good luck, but I've always yo yo'd a bit and the past year has been a very indulgent one. I've packed on 30 pounds for no good reason. I was worried about going into the holidays with this weight still on and coming out even heavier. So here I go! Good luck to us both!.

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Good luck! I've been on the plan for a month, and it is working for me so far. Just follow the instructions; eat all of your foods; and drink all of your water, and then drink some more water!.

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Good morning to all and conrats to all the NSV ! I have been on for just over 3 weeks and so far so good. I am learning alot, especially portion control! I have always loved fruits and veggies, just did not eat enough of them..

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I just started Aug.4 so I can't give lots of advice, but what I can say is that most any "healthy" plan works if you can stay with it. That is the trick. What I like about this is that it says you can eat out,,,it doesn't say that you absolutely have to be perfect. I've belonged to WW many times and have many success & it's changed a lot, but in the early days it was VERY restrictive. I was out of town staying with a friend all last week and still managed to eat out and stayed within my program and still lost weight!! .

Being prepared is so very important. And writing down & checking off as you eat is very important. I just love my little book!!.

Best Wishes!.

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Thanks for the tips and advice, everyone I sincerely appreciate it! :-). We're all in this together, young and....slightly more mature (I'm NOT going to say 'old' one is truly 'old' at heart)...we all need to stick together. So, thank you for welcoming me. I'll keep ya all updated, and ask for advice when needed. Thanks again!!.

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Participating in the community is an excellent idea! Many members agree that the advice, information and support they gather here helps to keep them on track and accountable, so be sure to check in often! In addition to Newbies, you may find ii beneficial to visit the Age Groups to meet members your age, Local Connections to find Nutri-buddies in your area and the General forum to bond with those who share similar goals and interests! Also, try joining in on a weight loss challenge! Located under Challenge Central, not only are they fun and exciting, but also excellent ways to help give your routine and results a boost!.

If you need any assistance at all while navigating the site, we are here to help, and can be contacted via email at , or in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes on your weight loss journey!.

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