Weight loss slowing down on Medifast?

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So........ the weight loss has slowed down. It's not unusual (or particularly slow .... but seems slower than I'm wanting it to be). I'm staring at the calendar. 4 Birthdays, Three separate Christmas gatherings, One International trip for two weeks......

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Top it all off with a new job for me , three teen kids and a very busy DH. I've already declined many offers of parties, events etc. I can't get anything else off of the calendar!.

I guess I'm just looking for a couple of examples of people ROCKING their success that I can piggy back on. I need to read all the good stuff people are doing!.

Thanks everyone...

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You sound like a busy busy gal! Make sure to take some time for *you*!.

You have done amazingly well and if you just continue to work the plan it will come off steadily. You are ALMOST THERE! Stay strong until you reach goal!..

Comment #1

I will admit, these next upcoming weeks are going to be HARD!!! This will by my first holiday season OP....but I am determined..

Here is what I am going to be doing:.

1. Bring my Medifast meals where ever I go. I ordered more bars than usual because they take absolutely no prep time, and they are easy to eat. This way, I can always have something and no excuses..

2. Bring a Lean or a Green to all the parties/gathering I attend. Then I know that there is something I can eat!.

3. Plan what I am going to eat ahead of time. Find out menus and get a game plan so I know what I am going to eat and how much..

4. Keep on the boards. These boards help me stay motivated, and are here to support me during these stressful times! They also kick my butt when I am trying to make excuses for eating things not on plan!.

5. Remember that it is not about the food. This one is hard for me, because everything has always been about the food!! This year, I am going to focus on my family, friends, and myself....not on the food..

6. I know that if I give into one cookie, or one bite of is all over! I am going to work hard on not tasting everything that comes my way!.

This season, I am giving myself a gift....the gift of being healthy and losing this weight. I have struggled for so long, and I have worked so hard, that I am letting myself make my choices, not the food!.

I needed this pep talk as well!! Here is to a HEALTHY holiday with family and friends! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!..

Comment #2

Ringbearer, you have lost 54 POUNDS! That's incredible! And just think, all the family and friends that you only see during the holidays are going to see a 54-pound lighter version of YOU! Keep your head held high because you have a lot to be proud of..

Use this business as a celebration! You are less than 10 pounds from your goal - that's a very, very big deal! Each birthday, each holiday party, and New Years - think of them as little mini parties for you and your success! Don't go to the parties hungry - make sure you eat right before, and bring a bar or cheese puffs with you in case you get the munchies seeing all the food everywhere. If it's a dinner, bring a little tupperware with your Lean and Green - there are some great holiday recipes in the forum. I would go out and buy yourself one GORGEOUS dress - use the money from your new job (congrats!) to deck yourself out for these gatherings. And do one more thing....

...Once a week, take an hour. Just ONE hour. Just you. A cup of nice Cocoa, a good book. Maybe go get a pedicure and relax. Or kick everyone out of the house and take a nice long nap.

To do anything you want. Even it's just sitting in the corner and thinking about what an amazing change you've made in your life..

Keep it up! <3..

Comment #3

Hmm well my schedule isn't quite as busy as that! I'll say this. You can do it. If you're feeling overwhelmed take it one day at a time and if that's too much - one meal at a time. Like you have been doing every single day you've rocked this program. I have two thanksgivings that I'm a tad concerned over, but I've got a plan. Bringing side dishes and things that I can enjoy with them! And so can you! Birthdays, easy - I'm sure you've encountered them before while staying OP.

Bring things you can have too! Make it about spending time with your friends and family and not about food. And for your trip, pack your meals with you. I did this for my trip to Canada last month and it can be done and easy! I enjoyed delicious L&G meals each day and didn't gain weight - even lost! Or switch from 5&1 to 4&2 so you can enjoy more meal time with your family. You've done great so far and will continue to!.

Take a deep breath and take it one day at a time!.



Comment #4

Thank you so much for all your kind words everyone. I really appreciate the boost. It's what I've been needing!..

Comment #5

Just remember that your journey with Medifast is about *you* and your *health.* You don't need to eat anything for anyone else - you are making new choices for you and that needs to be most important. Let the time with family/friends be about the social time, and enjoy the feeling of control you get from not eating. Wear tight pants.

Have a great time and hang in there - you're so close to goal!!!!..

Comment #6

You can do it! I survived my first of the season potluck today by bringing OP dishes to share and planning in advance how much I was eating. A little bit tougher if it is not a potluck but definitely doable and worth doing. The work crew gobbled up my cauliflower mac and cheese and my OP deviled eggs (used WF Honey Dijon dressing in place of the usual recipe add ins and no one had a clue it wasn't mayo). I second the advice to wear something fabulous, put the focus on looking good and feeling good and secure usually follows...

Comment #7

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