Weighing versus measuring during Medifast?

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So, this is my fifth week. It was brought to my attention that I should be weighing my veggies, not using the measuring cup.... I have always weighed my proteins out....

So here's the thing... I have completely been short changing myself on the veggie portions. Infact, I could not finish my meal tonight.... bleh..... So what is everyone else doing?.

Measuring cups (volume)? OR Weighing by actual weight?.

Which one should I be following? I had no greens today until dinner.... I steamed fresh broc for my entire green.... that is a whole lotta broccoli....

Input would be much appreciated.....

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That's why I always put 1 green serving with my lunch! Because I can never seem to eat 3 servings all at once at dinner. LOL!!.

I usually weigh, but if I'm feeling lazy I will just eyeball my portions of veggies. I'd say I always get a bit of extra veggies in each day though...

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I disagree that you should be weighing veggies. The plan materials available at Success Tools: Eat Right, give serving sizes of 1/2 cup. Someone has put together a gram weight chart of equivalents for a typical 1/2 cup of various veggies. But the weight chart is an approximation, a step removed, from the diet's recommended measure of 1/2 cup (or 1C for lettuce/raw spinach). For me personally, I measure unless it doesn't lend itself to measuring. I only weigh for roasted green beans and lettuce..

I think people think weighing is more accurate because it's given in gram measurements. But the plan is based on 1/2 C, so that's most accurate to me...

Comment #2

I never really thought that this would be a discussion point, but to throw my 2 cents in.....

I choose to weigh because of the consistancy issue. On particularly 'hungry' days, I can pack a whole-lotta spinach or <fill in your choice of vegetable> into the measuring cup. Or if I measure frozen broccoli it's about 8 florets, if I let them defrost, I can fit approx 15-20(by mashing them down.) When I weigh, it's always the same. No Wiggle Room!.

That's the choice I made for me. It would be interesting to know NS's take on this 'debate.' Smiles to all!..

Comment #3

I'm with Freya on this. Until maybe a year ago or so, this would have never even been a question. We measured our green and weighed the lean. Worked great for many many MFer's and was still a heck of a lot of food. I crammed my green in a measuring cup and if it didn't fit, I cut it up until it did. Then again, I'm a rule follower.

There was a similar debate recently about the difference in packaging labels for lean. People were concerned about the calories being different from what was in My Plan. Again, the program does not specify a specific calorie amount on any given lean, but rather a weight, after cooking. The guide says 6 oz of chicken cooked, then that's what I ate, not adjusting because the label on the package said I might potentially eat more because it seemed to have fewer calories. 6 oz is still double what most diet plans consider a portion size, which is 3-4 oz depending on the protein..

Sometimes simpler really is better and when you do the program as written, it really is one of the simplest out there. No math involved, just follow the portion size for l&g and eat your 5 Medifast meals. To quote Freya - Easy Peasy!..

Comment #4

Oh dear God I'm sorry I ever said it. TAKE IT BACK, Medifast BOARDS!!! Freya never said easy-peasy, I promise. It NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!..

Comment #5

At least you didn't add "lemon squeezy" at the end, Freya! Could have been worse - hee hee!..

Comment #6

Most foods caloric content is based off of their weight, not volume. I'd prefer to keep it consistent (for myself) and weigh. Hell I'm sure I could throw some 20 lb weights on top of my cup of lettuce to jam more in there on a hungry day, but in the gram scheme of things does it really matter?..

Comment #7

Honestly, the conversion chart I use it's .5 cup = grams. For me it's just easier to weigh than measure. Especially for something like leaves of romaine that I want to have whole. Stuffing a leaf in a measuring cup sort of ruins it. =D.

Honestly, it's a question that should be posted to the nutritionist thread I think...

Comment #8

I also weigh as opposed to using the volume measure. The weights are taken from the USDA Nutrition Database for .5 cup of each listed veggie, and are more consistent, since some of us are better at packing things in measuring cups than others. ;-) According to the Medifast dietitians on their board:.

"I'm Laura, Registered Dietitian. I think it's easier to weigh your veggies. I've attached the veggie measurements list for your review. Make sure you weigh your broccoli after it's cooked if that's how you're going to eat it..




"Here is the bottom line:.

The Medifast 5 and 1 meal plan was designed to be simple and easy to understand. For this reason,volume recommendations for the green portion of the L&G have been provided..

For volume (1/2 cup or 1 cup), you are correct: All vegetable servings (raw or cooked) = 1/2 cup serving size (unless otherwise noted in parentheses next to them)..

If a person chooses to not utilize the ease and convenience of the volume portions given (the 1/2 cup or 1 cup recommendations), and chooses instead to weigh out the vegetable portion in grams (perhaps a more accurate match to the nutritional information found in the MyPlan albeit more confusing and difficult to do so), the gram weight for different vegetables and preparation styles will vary for the same volume serving size...


It may be that the original Medifast plan only specified measuring and not weighing. But there have been other MF-instituted changes in the plan over the years, and it's easier and more consistent for me (your mileage may vary) to weigh, at least when at home...

Comment #9

Oh Freya! Haven't you learned yet that once you put it out on the internet, it's there FOREVER???..

Comment #10

I was trying to remember where I got that chart and that was where it came from, that post...

Comment #11

After reading MF's comments (still chuckling), looks like they are taking the non-committal either way goes stand. That's cool. As with everything else, it comes down to personal choice.

I noticed that Petlady did not bold the more confusing and difficult section of that sentence. OK. Don't slam me for that. It was written with a grin and meant in a humorous way...

Comment #12

I tried to measure my greens by 1/2c, 1C, etc... and it just wasn't working out. Since going back on Medifast last month, I've been strict about weighing my veggies by the gram and my portions are actually smaller than what I was used to. I was eating too many veggies previously. My weight loss has been better since weighing my greens for sure...

Comment #13

For me, I always weighed my lean after cooking and measured my vegetables..

I can't complain, it worked beautifully...

Comment #14

I weigh my food. For me it removes the mental debate and temptation of heaping cups and tablespoons. Besides, I'm lazy and it's one less utensil to clean..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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