Weighing asparagus during Medifast

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You'd think that after five months of doing this, I'd be a whiz at all the weighing questions, but I pretty much ate salad all summer and now that I'm trying to introduce a few different vegis, I've run into a road block..

A serving of raw asparagus is 67 grams. A cooked asparagus serving is 90 grams. Looks simple enough, but does it seem to anybody else that the cooked weight seems to be assuming that you're going to cook the asparagus in water, thus the extra weight? However, I roast the asparagus which actually removes water..

I wouldn't worry too much about it if I was just having the asparagus for one serving, but I'm going to eat three servings of it and being off by 70-80 grams is going to make an actual difference in my carb count.

It seems to me that when roasting asparagus, or really any other vegi that's normally cooked or steamed in water, that it seems more accurate to use the raw serving measurement..

Yes, I realize I'm overthinking it, but has anybody thought about this? I'll check with Nutrisystem but there's a good chance asparagus season will be over before they answer...

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It's simple chemistry. The water molecules of uncooked aspargus are tightly packed together while the water molecules of cooked aspargus expand when heated. Nothing to do with how you cook them. Just molecule re-organization. Stop over analyzing this, just weigh the aspargus! (totally meant in a friendly way)..

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That makes sense, but why wouldn't there be a tremendous difference in the number of asparagus spears you get to eat based on weight if one pile was roasted and the other pile was boiled/steamed? Wouldn't you get a lot fewer spears of the boiled simply because they pick up so much water during the process?.

I'm going back to lettuce and cuc's...

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I weigh my veggies raw, then cook them. I don't bother with cooked weight, although the cooked weight should also be the same # green servings. The whole weigh the way you eat them always struck me as odd but I'm assuming if you weight the cooked weight as raw and then cook, you're getting too much. I just figued I'm not going to fuss with making extra or not enough just so I can weigh them cooked....

Just my opinion, though.


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You don't get less, cooked asparagus just weigh more because of the re-organization of molecules. You get the same amount which weigh less than the cooked ones...

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They don't absorb water during cooking, even if you boil them...

Comment #5

This is why I was the only girl to drop chemistry and take shop class...

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I never got the "weigh how you eat them" thing either. It seems like if I weigh them out according the the raw measure, log them according to that, and they fit into my eating plan, how can cooking them make them "wrong?"..

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LMAO GGRobin! Try not to get too hung up on that. Just weigh them before you cook them if it makes you feel better. I think it's more important for you to get a variety of veggies in you than the damn weight of it all before or after cooking. Don't shy away from them because of this. Asparagus are your friend! lol..

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Can someone post a message on my board with the link to the weights of the veggies we are allowed to have? I have been using a measuring cup... I think I am done with that... thanks!!!!.

GG.... roasted asparagus is sooo much better than boiled......

Clean fresh asparagus and towel dry.

Heat oven to 400.

Drizzle one teaspoon of olive oil over veggies and S&P to taste.

I use my hands to make sure each veg gets coated.

Roast on a cookie sheet for approx 15mins.... YUMMO!.

I have also just sprayed a small amount of olive oil pam and it's good too! Happy Eating!.

Also add strips of fresh bell peppers into the mix and it's very good.... you can do this with almost any veggie... green beans are great... I add alittle crushed red pepper flake to the beans......

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As a chemical engineer, I'm offended by this explanation..

Here you go, hope this helps!..

Comment #10

Hey! Another scientist! I am a chemist by training.

To the OP: be careful of eating 3 servings of asparagus unless you are constipated...

Comment #11

Instead of screaming high and low that you're offended, why don't you give us the proper explanation then? Would seem more logical than a simple useless comment..

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Roast 'em or boil them,,whichever way you choose,,then cut them up and stuff those babies in a measuring cup! That was the old school way when I did MF,,and it worked! 1 and 1/2 cup cooked veggies,,,,easy peasy! At least I guess it is still 1 and half cups cooked veggies,,maybe I need to read the guide again,,been a long while and they change things often! I realise many like the weight method of figuring how many veggies in a serving,,,but best to keep it simple and one less stress in your life,,,,try not to overthink it!..

Comment #13

Was it my response to the "lead" post that gave me away?..

Comment #14

Good point.

And I am still totally serious about not doing three servings of a new veggie...

Comment #15

I'm with you on this one Schu. I never weighed my green. I crammed it in a measuring cup and just worried about weighing my lean!..

Comment #16

Yep, ands it worked just fine didn't it??No stress,,and pretty soon, I got to where I can eyeball a cup and a half just fine! lol Too much thinking hurts my head!..

Comment #17

Lol,,then do 1 cup of one you are sure of and half a cup of a new one,,time to branch out and learn to love those veggies!! Definately try lots of different ones roasted,,my very favorite way to do veggies!..

Comment #18

Is there anybody on Medifast who isn't constipated???.

If asparagus had that effect on me, I'd eat 12 servings...

Comment #19

<- Raising my hand. Never, ever have had that problem...

Comment #20

True dat! Too much thinking and analyzing not good for head health! I have some Excedrin migraine if you need some..... Just sayin' <snicker>..

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Melanie! I know you are probably already mad at me for my response to your other thread, but come on now... how do you interpret "As a chemical engineer, I'm offended by this explanation" as Eagle "screaming high and low"?.

He's probably the least emotional, and the most dry, deadpan, poster we have! I mean, I picture Steven Wright ( or Paul from Engineer's Guide to Cats ( I mean... really... he probably really likes inorganic chemistry too. It just doesn't get dryer!..

Comment #22

Speaking of Inorganic chemistry, did I ever show you the cabinet I store my Medifast in?..

Comment #23

Ha! I think I meant organic chemistry! What's the one with all those ethyl dethyl benzene carbon chains? Argh! I hated that part of chemistry so much I blocked it out..

Anyway... as a former vegetable sneerer, I have found that I really like asparagus. And I'm envious of Constantgirl's ability to be... err... const-ant when the rest of us are const-ipated..

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I also don't get the "screaming high and low" when speaking of Eagle's response, but Leesa is right. He says bottom line stuff, no fluff and the Mohave desert has nothing on Eagle's dryness. He also is a wealth of Medifast wisdom. He's not the one to go to for a band aide on your finger..unless you are his daughter. Appreciate people for who they are and what they bring. This is a community of many walks of life, experience and ways of communicating. Steven Wright is a great comparison...

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@leesalogic - love the "Engineers Guide to Cats" link! My sweet hubby is an engineer who loves his cat so that cracked me up... still giggling...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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