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Hello everyone, I will try to keep this short and sweet..

I own a blog, which gives information on Sneakers. My website was stolen and I have designed a new website (and a new domain) and made my self safe from this happening again..

Now the people are copying everything I write word for word (literally) even my internal links they copy..

This is getting annoying very fast, and I know google penalizes for duplicate content (should not penalize me, since I submitted a site map),.

So my real question is, what can I do (if anything). Should I put a copyright at the bottom of the screen? I do not know..

Any help would be appreciated...

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Put your copyright info in the bottom for 1. If this is causing problems with any sales on your site and you have a registered company you can try to file a law suit against them, thats the top end of the extreme.

Unfortunatly you cant do much, well not that I know off anyway.

People are idiots, they go to the extreme of ripping of another users site .... for what, a few pence in adsense...

Comment #1

Do you know where the copiers are located (e.g which country they are in)?..

Comment #2

You could try contacting the host of the site / server owner..

Comment #3

If you are lucky your content will remain as per normal and the idiot stealing your content will see their site in the supplemental results or banned all together...

Comment #4

Couldn't you send his host a DMCA notice?

Comment #5

Is it a feeder site that is using your RSS feed as scraper content?..

Comment #6

Yes, they are located in the United States, east coast.

They are not using a RSS feed, because some of the topics I write they are leaving out.

I can find their hosting company, and find this information out. and I will try the DMCA...

Comment #7

Unfortunately, if you want your rights protected, you have to enforce them. That means legal action (or the threat of if you send a C+D first). As far as I know, there is no copyright police you can call, you need to to protect your work on your own....

Comment #8

Thats why you have, If the servers are located in the US then they will most likely 99% of the time take down the content and or server that is copying you without permission.

You however may be asked to prove it's your original content, I'm sure you can figure out some ways if this is asked by the data center.

If your having trouble finding out where the server is hosted PM me the site and I will get the details for you...

Comment #9

Yes, you have the DMCA, but you need to assert and enforce your rights under the DMCA. There is no DMCA police either lol..

Comment #10

Are you sure?.

*paints DMCA Police on car with sirens and lights and the whole shabang*..

Comment #11

Contact the host, they won't want the legal mess and tell them the owner is ignoring your pleas to remove copyrighted materials. Not 100% effective but it has worked for me in the past...

Comment #12

Brain916 any updates? I would love to hear the outcome...

Comment #13

I have added Copyright (then my website) at the bottom..

Since that, there is a total of 4 topics copied word for word..

I do not understand how to fill out the DMCA. Any help would be appreciated...

Comment #14

Dude..did you read the link I posted. has the solution for you 100%. I hate when I post that link and people don't take the time to read it.

It gives you step my step instructions on how to proceed and help with creating the DMCA notices as well as how to contact the major search engines...

Comment #15

I know exactly how you feel. too many newbies want quick answers right away to the point where they just want you to fix all their problems, buy all the best domains for them, park them, etc. it's okay to ask for help and info for more thoughtful questions, but don't be lazy to the point where you don't read an faq, your registrar's homepage, a posted link, etc...

Comment #16

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