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Hello All.

I while ago I bought

I put up some adsense with a little script but now Iam trying to figure out what to do with it..

Any ideas?.



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Selll ebooks!.

Seriously though.. I think webmasters might be one of the hardest groups to target with PPC. Because they've probably been around online for awhile, and they know how to ignore ads. So redirecting that to something webmaster related is probably a better idea than just ads...

Comment #1

This is true. The domain does not get as many type-os as you would think. But I guess it's not quantity but quality..

Comment #2

Just resell it, could get a nice little sum for that domain...

Comment #3

Where do you think the best spot would be to sell it and what would you ask for it?.


Comment #4

You know that you're not going to be able to make money from any of the webmasters who visit the site, so forget about them..

However, what about all the ijits who type that in looking to hire a webmaster or need a webmaster's advice? I would go after them somehow...

Comment #5

You could redirect traffic to Scriptlance, where webmasters can post projects. You'd make $2.50 every time a programmer did a project, or $2.50 every time a webmaster accepted a freelancer to do a project...

Comment #6

I agree with most of the other comments. Your not going to get many clicks aiming at webmasters. It's hard to monetize most tech related stuff because most of your more technical people are ad blind. I am still trying though (sig)...

Comment #7

As said above you might try to target those looking for webmasters, I think it's easier to get their typos that actual webmasters, webmasters know which sites they want to visit and don't usually try type ins, specially considering that webmasters dot com is a hosting/domain seller and not a webmaster community or design site.

Maybe you could try to send these visits to something like homestead through linkshare.

Some might decide to create the site theirselves.

It's just an idea.....

Comment #8

Y'all DO realize there's a typo in the URL, right? It's NOT, it's

I think it's pretty worthless, unless you're going for the dyslexic market...

Comment #9

Maybe that is why people haven't been telling him to develop...

Comment #10

Hey thanks everyone for the input.

And yes springer I do know there is a type-0.

I might just put the name up for sale and let it go not really sure yet.

Thanks again for the input..

Comment #11

Like someone else suggested, just make it redirect to an affiliate offer. It's a typo domain targeted at ad-blind people, anyway. You really have nothing to lose since you already bought it...

Comment #12

I purchased 20% Discount on TemplateMonster Templates, Flash, OS Commerce. Snerdey Web Design just a few weeks ago and it has actually increased sales. Odd, but true. People are just distracted, cells, tv, kids, work, etc.. so they go so fast that they just kick it. When they show up, they see something new and stick around..

I highly suggest that you make something on it that you have total control over the sales. Make a directory, put reseller products, services etc...

Hell, make it a complete webmaster supply site.. you just might be surprised..

If you sell it.. don't sell it too cheap!.

I own dozens of typo domains.. oh yeah, they pay off..

Comment #13

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