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I thought we needed a thread for people to vent about how bad some hosts are (and there are some terrible ones)..

So, who are the hosts to avoid?..

Comments (29) doesn't suck, but it definitely wasn't that good, quite a bit of downtime when I was hosted with them...

Comment #1

Ill second that, I wasnt real impressed with GoDaddy either..

Ive been with IX for awhile and have only had one major problem with them that was fixed pretty quickly...

Comment #2


When I first got involved with some solo web projects again I decided to go with a cheap host to experiment. We use 1and1 at work and although the support is bad, the hosting was pretty stable and I had much experience with the CP.

Now I regret even touching 1and1. I'm losing money as I type. I was able to kick things into the next gear quickly with traffic and earnings and as soon as I did, problems started popping up left and right..

The sites on one account suddenly started getting constant 500 server errors and despite repeated contact with "support", the problem is still at large. First, they didn't even understand what I was taking about. Then they tried to blame it on scripts that worked fine before (made no changes). Then they started changing my .htaccess files - which did NOTHING to help the situation..

Meanwhile with account number two, they claimed two of my sites were using most of the resources on the server. I was told to either go dedicated or bring my sites elsewhere..

I just signed up with Liquid Web because of their long-standing reputation. 1and1 is now my "beater host."..

Comment #3

Really? I've been with them for about 6-7 months, and they seem fine. =\..

Comment #4

I had a 1and1 dedicated at one time for like 6 months and it worked just fine for me. It was very cheap to boot. Something like $50. The shared hosting sucks, I bet...

Comment #5

Once the posterboy of hosting, Site5 Sucks Big Time now...

Comment #6

I second Site5 being shitty... I used them before I had my own server. I have learned to never pay for hosting in advance no matter what the repuation of the host is..

Lesson learned!!!..

Comment #7

Another one that wasn't too pleased with Go Daddy Hosting, won't be making that mistake again in the future...

Comment #8

I have been using Site5 for a while now, I have no complaints what so ever. Infact I am in love with their control panel...

Comment #9

Canceling domains with 1and1 is a nightmare. But they are cheap as shit. Shared hosting sucks for SEO purposes, but it's so f'ing cheap. I have dozens of domains hosted on one hosting package that costs me nothing..

Sign up with 1 and 1 here..

Comment #10

Im starting to have a change of heart about IXwebhosting, I cant all out bash em because they have been half decent to me, but I have been having allot of problems with them lately...

Comment #11

Many hosts go through the whole bell curve of sucks, good, very good, okay, sucks again :0.

It seems as webhosts grow, there are very few that manage that growth well. That's why it's so hard to give recommendations about which one is best one to go with..

As regards ones that suck... ResellerZoom, AllReseller.... both of these started off good for me, but six months later it's a different story. Avoid..


Comment #12

I had a few sites on a GoDaddy shared server and they were as slow as molasses. Their customer service has been good though...

Comment #13

Go daddy hosting has slow setup and a horrible control panel...

Comment #14

I am not a big fan of Lunar Pages but I hate Go Daddy More...

Comment #15

Shivers to anyone who ever decides to go with godaddy hosting....

I'm also noticing some slowdown times on my dreamhost account to (but who can complain for 20$ for a year..

Comment #16

I work for a webhosting company (which I won't name) and we had a ticket come in last night with a client complaining about why they're paying $200 a month for 1/4th of the bandwidth that they could get at another company for $20/month. He was like "I cant believe how arrogant I've been"...I left it alone and passed it to management. He's being arrogant, if you ask me, by going to a computer that offers dedicated server bandwidth for $20/month. Overselling, that hardcore, is def. not the way to go...

Comment #17

I'm having a terrible time with getting my purchased at 1and1 to resolve. It keeps looping even though I have the proper name servers..

The idiot Tier 1 reps keep telling me it's "propagating" which is bullshit because I use to query and it still loops. (dnsstuff doesn't cache).

I called after 48 hrs. and they said I would have to wait another 48 hrs. since I clicked the 'ok' button on the 1and1 DNS control panel when I checked the settings...

Comment #18

I had a lot of trouble with ANHosting and LunarHosting...They suck in my book, not sure about anyone elses experience...

Comment #19

Whats wrong with godaddy shared hosting?.

They're ok, xcept anything remotely CPU intensive will not work - such as heavy database dependent sites and CMS's..

Comment #20

Don't ever, ever, EVER use Dreamhost. Enough said..

Edit : Unless you want my referal link, if so, PM me..

Comment #21

The only bad experience I had with a hosting company was back in '05 when they oversold and gave me a 5% uptime account that was slow when it was up. But they guaranteed a 99% uptime, the owner was 16 and ended up buying himself a laptop and selling the hosting biz..

Comment #22

Xtechhost is HORRIBLE..

Hah, look at what their page now says:..

Comment #23

Netfirms. Slow, shitty cPanel, customer support needs to stop copy and pasting generic responses...

Comment #24

Damn, sorry to hear people have such a bad time with site 5 - I've had nothing but good to say about them for a couple of years.

Dreamhost on the other hand - I'll second them as the place to avoid...

Comment #25

Hate to plug my own site but after 9,000 votes you start to get an idea whom people dislike: Top 10 Worst Hosts -

Comment #26

I got 1adn1 hosting the beginner package since I am in collage looking to be become a web programmer got it to test my projects for class on. I came across a little problem with .htaccess and .htpasswd files. I wanted to have files to be seen by index so I added into the .htaccess "Options +Indexes" work just fine no problem then when did what they said in the FAQ ( it didnt even work, I know I am not screwing up my own coding I mean it says so on website I think they mess with you just get rip you off money so I asked them kindly was my package for hosting supportive for what I wanted to do ? here is there reply..

Thank you for contacting us. ( Ok, help please ).

I truly apologize for the inconvenience. ( sure you are).

I am sorry it has taken so long to resolve this. ( sure you are #2 ).

That scripts that was posted in our FAQ site is just an example. ( WHAT!, no way).

Basically, as much as I want to support you on this particular case,.

However, it is beyond to our support since it deals with scripting.

Issues already. ( HELLO, your called support).

You need to consult a website developer/designer who knows about this.

Controlling your site. ( DUH! I own it and I know what i'm doing).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.( what's the point you don't help anyhow )..

Comment #27

I'm starting to dislike 1and1,.

The support sucks and sometimes I can't even log into my admin area..

Comment #28

I've been using for over a year now and I've been very happy with them. They have a pretty sweet referral / affiliate program as well.

I've never had major problems with hosting. I currently use this small-time host which isn't great but the price is right, for a few of my sites (where I don't want to buy seperate accounts for each domain). For 10 bucks a month I think I can host like 50 sites. The Prime Host - Multiple Domain Hosting - Reseller Web Hosting..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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