GoDaddy reviews : Recommend I go GoDaddy?? Wanting to move, need advice.

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Currently I'm with Dreamhost, after one too many down times, I was informed that I was using too much resources as per the reason for the downtime (despite dreamhost's own domain was also down). So I thought I'd try the free week of the dreamhost VPS to see exactly how much I was taking up (it's showing between 300mb to 500mb, but most of those appear to be DH's own services which I shouldn't be counted against for).

Anyways I'm looking at alternatives, and hopefully seeing if I can get a pro-rated refund from dreamhost for the next 9 months I probably won't use (since I paid yearly).

What I have:.

About 20 domain names, most are either redirects or very small single page test scripts (or placeholders). The only real 'complex' script if you can call em that are wordpress blogs, and the heaviest one gets on average 200 unique visits a day (had over 4K unique, or 8K pageviews since the 18th of last month), which should be next to nothing for wordpress.

I use up about 2gb of storage right now.

My own domain points to DH's nameservers when used as and so forth, so I would need to update godaddy's address to the new hosting's name server. (otherwise some of the other domains will point to the wrong place when switched).

What I'd like to find.

- Preferably VPS (but fat chance at the cost I want to spend).

- Storage between 5 to 10GB (could be a lil less, but not sure I could handle only 1gb).

- Does not need cpanel or such (dh didn't have cpanel). But I'd like the ability to create separate user accounts and spaces for various domains like I did on DH, as well as being able to set quotas to each domain.

- Have mysql service.

- Shell/SFTP access.

- Wildcard DNS support (not needed but would be rather nice for dynamic subdomains).

Preferably would like to keep it under 20/month if possible.

So if anyone has any ideas please post em..

I originally signed up with DH because they had the 500GB/6TB package for their 10th anniversary special, the first year was free, then I paid 119/year thereafter, course now they offer 'unlimited' (and I've always been weary of 'unlimited hosts'), but all that extra just doesn't seem worth it if the tradeoff is unstable performance...

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Yea I noticed them, but can't really afford the 50$ a month for the VPS Basic plan, despite 50 is pocket change for most of you folks. (maybe if they had a 5gb plan for a quarter the cost...)..

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I knew they were shit, but 200 unques a day sites?!.

I'm with servint who are great, but pricey, so I'm in the process of moving to Future Hosting. They seem to have a decent rep, plus they have some deal going on where you get "50% off the life of the plan. Code: DLSW". There's other offers over there too...

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Check out knownhost: Virtual Private Servers - VPS Hosting with cPanel, VPS Hosting with Plesk, VPS Hosting with Directadmin, No setup fees :: KnownHost LLC..

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Yea, I didn't even think that was all that much, it's just a wordpress blog with some static content and banners to push. We're not talking like some big social networking site or such.

And the more I look at the process list, I think dreamhost is trying to bill me for their own processes (ie: root processes running and consuming space, without me even having a site)...

Comment #4

Good call on getting away from dreamhost....

If you can't afford a VPS you could try splitting up your sites between 2 or 3 other cheap shared hosting companies... of course, you could just end up in the same boat a little later down the road...

Alternatively, you could try working a lot harder to make enough money to cover better hosting.....

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I was in denial for a while, but it's going the same way Fuitadnet was going when I had them several years back..

I thought about that, but it seemed to be more of a pain than anything. And as you said, I could risk running into the same problem. Also as a developer reliable uptime and speed, even if I don't use a heck of a lot of storage or bandwidth, is becoming more and more important for appearance sakes.

That plus I can talk to a couple 'freeloaders' I have on my hosting.

As per Subigo's suggestion, I've signed up one of my domains with, in their specials page, they had a KHXMAS deal which knocked 50% off the first two months for Lca or higher packages, plus 10% off the normal price for the life of the account. (so basically 15$ for the first two, and 27$ a month after that).

The one I signed up for gives 256MB of Rams, 400GB of bandwidth, and 10GB of storage. I guess if I ever give another client managed hosting under me (like literally 'managed') I'll probably charge them at the very least 5$ a month to cover the VPS. Most of the folks I've hosted thus far have been on static sites taking no more than 20 to 256 mb of storage, and an extra gig is like 2/month if I need it.

So, +rep to Subigo for finding something within my budget (I'll probably be paying ahead), and to anyone else I can give.

If all works well I'll be busy modifying ns* to the new nameservers, and migrating the sites over, and offering clients to move with me, or find them an accommodation (probably zensix since most of them are under 512mb of storage).

I guess DH definitely bit off more than they could chew with the overselling, and from my co-worker's experience hostgator seems to be the same (except hostgator manages to keep their own site up most of the time).

Thanks again...

Comment #6

Check this one

Satisfy all your requirements and prices are awesome!.

Good luck..

Comment #7

:P Guess you missed my very last post before saying that...

Comment #8

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