Wait to PMA2008 or buy now?
Hi friends. I'm thinking seriously to buy a DSLR and I almost decided for an Olympus E-510 + 14-54mm. My doubt:.

- I like very much night photography with long exposure and i've read the weakness of Olympus is this aspect- I'm not a professional, only an amateur- I'm a bit confused about crop in 4/3 when I print 4x6 photos.

- I like to blur in portraits, and I think that Olympus have more DOF than the competition- I don't like Canon 400D (it's a toy).

I don't know if is better to wait the news in PMA 2008 (Canon 450D, Nikon D90..).

Thank you for your advices (sorry for my english).


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There will always be a (insert your choice from the following) 'newer', 'better', 'faster', 'cheaper', 'improved', and yes, even 'cooler', camera in the pipeline. You can elect to wait for 'THE' camera to become available, or, buy the camera that is available now, will accomplish what you want to do and as the cruise industry urges "just get out there"...and take some photos..

IMHO you will be happier in the long run if you spend the time 'getting out there'..

Good luck!.

'There is no limit to what a man can do so long as he does not care who gets the credit.'-Philip Hyde (1922-2006)

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Zoomix wrote:.

- I don't like Canon 400D (it's a toy).

I'm just curious...What makes you feel that the 400D is a toy?.


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Playsinthedirt wrote:.

Zoomix wrote:.

- I don't like Canon 400D (it's a toy).

I'm just curious...What makes you feel that the 400D is a toy?.

I actually feel the same way about the Rebel XTi.I just don't like the feel of it in my hands and the layout of the buttons..

Other than is a great little camera!.

To the OP:.

Why wait for PMA to see what is coming out?.

Chances are that anything new that will be announced won't be that much better than what is already available, plus, it will be another 6-8 months after the show before anything announced at PMA will hit the streets!.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

From my E-510:.

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Remember.always keep the box and everything that came in it!..

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In my opinion 4/3 is a mistake. The equivalent of APS in the film days..

The 4/3 sensor is 1.5 times smaller than the sensor on a Canon 400D or Nikon D80. There is inevatibly more noise, which becomes even more pronounced on long exposures. The Canon sensors are superior when it comes to low noise at long exposures, but the Nikon bodies have better ergonomics..


Fred Kamphues

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Here we go again with more of that uninformed 4/3rds BS!.

J. D.Colorful Colorado.

Remember.always keep the box and everything that came in it!..

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Agree 100%. the 4/3 sensor is just to small, though Olympus does make good equipment and have very good optics..

But I personally would not go with anything smaller than a APS sized sensor, and a full frame would definately be better..

I also like the Nikon ergonomics better than any other manufacturer..

But why wait? Today's cameras are excellent. The body won't last more than a few years anyway, so invest in good lenses and don't worry so much about the body. Buy what you can afford and what best suits your needs..

The greatest of mankind's criminals are those who delude themselves into thinking they have done 'the right thing.'- Rayna Butler..

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Thanks for the friendly comment.I guess you didn't pass your physics exam?.


Fred Kamphues

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As others said: No use waiting for news. Get a camera you like to hold in your hands now. The latest models shown will take often several months until they hit the shelves and it can be a good idea to give a new model in addition a few months of production. You will have by then then several reports from testers and other users and eventual wrinkles in production have been ironed out..

I use an Olympus E-400, as well as a Canon 5D. Each has it's advantages - and some disadvantages.Personally I put much store in how a camera feels in my hands: It is a tool..

As to image quality: Sure, there are differences, but all DSLR's, and some of the better small pocketables are capable of very good prints to about A3+ (13x19"). The smaller the chip, the lower the ISO's have to be to remain comparable - as a broad and general rule. In practice though lenses and and your technique can blur those differences considerably. I could claim that my E-400 is about as good as other 10mp DSLR's, and sometimes a bit better in some respects, probably just because the kit lenses that came with it are very good. To prove though such a point conclusively in a print to A3 can be a laborious and difficult undertaking.I posted some commented pictures taken with the Oly on: Alfred

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Yes, get a camera now. There are many great ones out there. Get one. Learn how it works. Take pictures today! Have fun! Show your friends! Tomorrow may never come!  JonGive me something to shoot..

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