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I'm thinking of getting a Wacom 6"X4" tablet but I wonder if this is too small to use with a 24" display. I would be using it with PhotoShop. Does anyone have any experience with this?.


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Screen size and tablet size have nothing to do with each other. Do you honestly believe that if you have a 22 inch screen that you need a 22 inch tablet?STOP Global Stasis! Change is good!.

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Glen Barrington wrote:.

Screen size and tablet size have nothing to do with each other. Doyou honestly believe that if you have a 22 inch screen that you needa 22 inch tablet?.

Of course not but it would seem there might some relationship between the two otherwise they wouldn't be selling big tablets..

Somewhere I saw a note from someone using the small Wacom happily but went to a 24" and was not happy. So before I plunk out the $ I wanted to get some idea if I was headed in the right direction or not..

What size tablet do you use?..

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Hollandm wrote:.

So before I plunk out the $ Iwanted to get some idea if I was headed in the right direction or not..

What size tablet do you use?.

I've had a corded 5"x4" Graphire for several years and, for what I use it for, really like it..

But I've not taken to it as fully as some do and treat it more or less as a more-manageable mouse. I've not activated all it's features (like pressure sensitivity) and certainly haven't felt the need for anything larger or with more features..

I use my ordinary corded IR mouse for everything else - and for some picture work - and only plug in the tablet when I need it..

So, unless you know for sure that you'll definitely be using it an awful lot (and, if that was the case, I guess you'd not be asking these questions!) I think you're going down the right path..

Hope that's of some help to you,Peter.

PS Did Wacom move to 6"x4" because of the spread of wider monitors?.

The work area on my tablet has the same proprtions (5x4) as my monitor, so a pen move of a given amount results in the same cursor movement onscreen vertically as horizontally. But what would happen if I was using the 6x4 version instead?.

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Get the size you feel comfortable with, if it's too or too small it will disturb you..

Also make sure to get the appropriate format: a wide tablet for a wide monitor, etc..

Have a nice day..

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I'm using a 3.5 x 5 Graphire. My only complaint is that it's very small and sensitive. Get a larger size, IMO..

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I have a 4x6 and it's OK for light duty. If you plan to use it a lot, get the 6x8. It's expensive but seems to be the sweet spot. It's large enough to do fine work and small enough that it doesn't take over your work place..

You might try a small one and if you really use it, sell it on eBay and get a large one..


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Thanks for the input everyone. As to the 6x4 being for wide screen, yes I think all of the ones I looked at were sized for wide screen monitors. The active area on the small tablet is 5.8" x 5.3" which is the same aspect ratio as my 24" monitor..

I found some discussions on Nikonians and several people like the 9 x 6 best but that's too much money for me so if I get one it will be the 6 x 4..

Thanks again..

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I had the same questions, have a 24" monitor as well. I bought the 6x4 and it is just fine. For photography, I was told you don't want to go big you don't want to have to move your hand around too much. For painting you want bigger. I bought the Intuous3.terry

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While I'd agree that size is even more important for full time artistry, a larger tablet is also useful for photographers. I use a 6x11 (I think that's the size) and have entirely stopped using a mouse. I love it. I am sure I could get used to a smaller tablet - might even like it better, but I do like this tablet and disagree with any blanket statement that smaller tablets are for photographers....we can use and enjoy larger tablets too...

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I've used a 6 x 8 for several years and find it has the right amount of hand/wrist/arm motion & resolution relative to the monitor. I tried larger tablets and found there was too much appendage motion required for my comfort. I also found, the smaller tablets didn't have enough resolution & required zooming in for detail work..

This is what works for me. The other posters have made some good comments & recommendations relative to tablet size. A lot of this depends on your physical size, appendage mobility and available desk top space..

I don't use a Wacom mouse, I use a cordless Logitech mouse and keyboard. I use the mouse with my left hand for basic point & click stuff, and the tablet + pen with the right. I'm a righty, but taught myself to use both hands for the mouse. It's faster and less tiring, after the learning curve..

I still type with 2 fingers, one from each hand .

Best regards,Doug

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Given that you need some time to get used to a tablet, people tend to like what they have! my objection to large tablets is when you need to put it to one side, if it's a huge drama fitting it on your desk, you'll tend not to use it as much. it's also easier to angle a smaller one to fit your style. or sit right back and place it in your lap. around 6X8 is nice...

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