GoDaddy user reviews : Should I buy GoDaddy?? VPR(.)com is stolen

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I would like to say that the domain name in the title got stolen from us today so if you get this domain offered for sale do not buy it as we are in contact with the registrar to get it back. The thief is a NP member with the username i.domain.

By the way, his tactic is that he goes through in our case EscrowDNS and then he sends you an email which claims to be from the escrow service to push the domain into their account but it holds his account info.

I will keep everyone posted on how this develops...

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Sorry to hear that, I have updated my status on facebook&twitter to let people know about the name. Hope you don't mind..

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Venturefile, this might be the same thing what rockefeller posted about in his warning thread:

As I noticed your domain is also at Godaddy, my advice is to email your situation to and to call Godaddy on +1-480-5058877 as soon as possible!..

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If anyone is offered this domain for sale, please contact me ASAP at bdjufynot [at] gmail [dot] com.

Please notify whoever you can in the industry that the domain has been stolen, and to contact me if the scammer tries to sell it to them.

Thank you..

Comment #3

Wow JagG you have the domains I would have regged if I didn't get snaged up with my ex back then lol!..

Comment #4

Thanks for notifying. it will be good if you can share that email...

Comment #5

If you can substantiate your claim about NP member i.domain being the thief, please post at so that the member can be banned...

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I was not online in 2 days and when I back I saw this.

I paid to escrowdns and got the domain instanly,what are you talking about????.

If they didnt pay you ,or playing with you it's another seems ESCROWDNS IS SCAM.

If you had doubt pm me and I will give you docs...

Comment #7

It would be better if you could show us the proofs right here....

Cause there is no way that ESCROW is gonna scam for XXX amounts.....

Comment #8

I was contacted by him asking to trade a certain domain for "his"

Comment #9

You're a pretty bold scammer to come in here and reply to this thread i.domain, either you're really smart or really damn dumb! You never paid for the domain name, I can prove this because we had all accounts on a manual verification process and the transaction was still in a "wait" status so there was no way for you to even login to your account and "submit payment", you're a scammer and I suggest that this member be banned asap...

Comment #10

Don't buy it and if you see anything, I would appreciate info. He got it the same way with the fake EscrowDNS email...

Comment #11

Domain has been returned to me successfully!.

Thank you, Adam Dicker, and Justin Godfrey (

Everyone, please be VERY careful about these scams in the future. Always make sure to login to the website to confirm escrow statuses, and if anything looks fishy, call or send an email to the escrow companies!..

Comment #12

Great news!!! I also heard that GoDaddy was helpful in getting 4n(dot)net back to the rightful owner. A win for reputable domainers everywhere...

Comment #13

Sadly, the Admins at NP have yet to ban this guy even though I have provided a MOD with ALL of the info needed, he basically indirectly admits to stealing it right in the thread and yet they refuse to do anything? And we wonder why this guy keeps doing it.....

Comment #14

If you provided this evidence to Dave, I'm sure he's investigating...

Comment #15

Hang on, I'm rather confused about something here: I see the domain name is returned to bdjuf. Are you two associates or similar towards the domain?.

Anyway, all involved parties kindly PM me whatever info you have on this here topic. I'll look into it.

Unless another mod is already sent the details and probably still researching? These things are not.

Always that easy to resolve quickly, though, so it will take time...

Comment #16

I have never had a big enough sale to use escrow , so I would perhaps get scammed , for some one like me would using sedo escrow as a service be wise ?

Comment #17

Is "him"..

Comment #18

I dont know who that person is. is mine and was returned to me...

Comment #19

So is this in the closing stages of a return of the domain to the rightful current owner? Was this a misunderstanding?.

Scary to see this sort of email falsification to scam a registrant into transferring a name!.


Comment #20

I cannot speak about the other domains here. All I know is that Godaddy and EscrowDNS played a roll in me getting back. it was not a misunderstanding, the crook used spoofed emails to steal the domain...

Comment #21

In the case of 4N.NET the cheater try to flip it quickly on an ebay auction. The fact that he seem so eager to sell the domain bellow market price and insist on using EscrowDNS for transfering the money rang the bells.

The lesson of this is: you have to be very carefull when the deal seems too good to be true and you better have access to historical whois info for tracking the domain.

By the way, there is currently another big hijack taking place that you may already know about it. many 3 and 2 letter .NET and .ORG were set to delete and are now showing at the drop catchers lists.

This is truly a low thing to do.

Probably the hijackers felt that they were not going to get away with it and set the domains for deletion.

Hope that the owner gets them back, specially because 2 characters .ORG once deleted are gone for good...

Also, there have been some domains sold at Namejet that were payed with stolen CC and which led to the domains being returned to Enom after being sold at Sedo. For me this is even more scary.

These crooks are getting more clever and bolder than ever.



Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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